Hi there and welcome to Sound Fro!

I’m James and I am the owner and editor of this site.

As you can probably see from the content from my site, I’m really into music and so I decided to create this site to share my experiences with other people who have similar interests to me.

Where it all began…
It all started when I was just 12 years old (starting high school). I first became interested in girls and thought that girls would love guitar players (I wasn’t wrong by the way). So I begged my parents to let me start guitar lessons. I showed them how committed I was by practicing every day for the first month they decided to buy me my very first second-hand guitar. It was not an expensive guitar but I felt on top of the world.

My interest in music grew over time and I created my own band with a group of friends from my high school. I had taken up singing in the middle part of my high school years so I was the lead singer/guitarist of my band.

Fast forward to today (I am in my late 20’s now) and our band are still going out and doing gigs every weekend. I also do some solo gigs on my own too which I like for a change of scenery.

So you can see, my years of experience and passion for music led me to start this blog as a way of providing genuine, first hand, unbiased information about all things music. I aim to help you from picking the right music equipment to learning how to become a better musician. I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you and thank you for stopping by my website.