Am I Too Old to Learn How to Sing? Our Honest Reasons for Saying No

By James  •  Updated August 12, 2022

Too Old to Learn How to Sing

Is it too late to learn how to sing

Not exactly. Singing is something anyone can do, regardless of age. If you’ve reached a point in your life when you want to learn how to sing, then you should. There are a lot of famous singers who started late in life, so that’s proof that no one is too old to sing and make it big. Read more to to find out!

Too Old to Sing?

A huge number of people think that you have to be “born with it” to be a good singer. You either have the talent or you do not. 

The truth cannot be farther from this.

While some people are born with a knack for singing or the ability to learn and improve musically, all hope is not lost for those who lack natural skills. People who are “born with natural talent” can sound awful if they refuse to cultivate the skill. 

Nobody knows how to play the guitar right off the bat but, with proper training, a handful of lessons, and lots of practice, anyone can be an expert! This means you can too!

Can We Learn Singing at any Age?

Sing at any ageMany people, especially those who are in retiring age, want to adopt new hobbies. They are interested in taking on singing but fear that it might be too late. I will not lie to you and say age has absolutely no effect towards your voice whatsoever because it most certainly does. Anyone can learn how to sing!

People who have started vocal training from a younger age has had years of training before you did and are probably going to have more skill and experience than you. The key here is to stop thinking about what others can and cannot do but instead focus on what you can.

Your vocal cords are also composed of muscles. Just like every muscle in your entire body, it can get weaker and more worn out over time.

Male voices tend to increase in pitch as time goes by, while female voices get lower. A weaker sense of hearing, which is associated with growing older, also has a great effect on the pitch and tone of your voice. This does not mean singing is out of the question, however. This is where the importance of voice lessons and vocal coaches come in handy

What Can I Do to Sing Better?

Can you learn how to sing at any age? What can you do to sing better? First, learn awesome singing tips to get you started! Aside from that, here are additional tips on how you can get started!

1. Banish Preconceptions

First of all, destroy all preconceptions you had before deciding to learn how to sing. There is no age limit to being a good singer, nobody is too old to sing! However, it is important to understand that everyone’s voice has a limit. You cannot expect to sing as well as Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

Not only do they have a distinctive voice type than you do, but they are also professionally trained singers who started cultivating their talents and vocal skills at a young age. Singing like them right off the bat is extremely unrealistic and can even be dangerous to attempt to achieve for a beginner. Take gradual steps to improve and enjoy the learning experience.

2. Adopt a Workout Routine

Like any muscle, a consistent workout routine geared towards improving your vocal cords will help improve your singing voice. There are proper breathing exercises to follow when you want to sing and more exercises for your daily training. 

However, if you find these exercises difficult, there are workout routines specifically intended for people who are a bit older when they started to learn how to sing. Here’s a great example:

Straw Phonation
1. Take a straw and put it between your lips.
2. Do the same steps as the humming exercise
3. After going up and down the scale, hum your favorite song through it.
4. You can also try blowing bubbles into a glass of water. This video is a perfect guide for this vocal warm-up.

3. Practice

Even at an older age, practice makes perfect. Luckily for you, you can do this almost anywhere–while driving the car, cooking, taking a shower, and every available opportunity to sing. Listening to songs and singing along is also extremely helpful in keeping up with your vocal practices. Not only will it help you train your voice, but it will also help you train your ears so you can listen and determine the correct pitch and tone.

4. Take Vocal Lessons

Voice lessons are even more valuable when you’re older than when you are younger. By now, your voice may have taken an older quality

Good thing you have more time in the day to commit to your lessons! Go ahead and check your local classes to see if they are the right fit for you! If you are not too keen on leaving your house for voice lessons, then do not worry. There are plenty of vocal lessons on the internet as well! Here are 9 of the best online singing lessons you can choose from and the associated cost should you enroll in one.

5. Join A Choir

Joining a choir is great because not only will you get a steady supply of vocal lessons with free coaching at least once a week, you will also be exposed to fellow singers around the same age as you are! A helpful community built to support and uplift each other is always helpful, especially when you are doing something you love together.

Can I Still Make Singing a Career?

Singing CareerSo, you’re not too old to sing but is it still possible to make money out of it? Of course.  You don’t need to be a pop artist and appear on billboards worldwide to make money singing. Small gatherings like weddings or parties can be your source of income. The same is true with joining singing competitions and side gigs. 

So keep your hopes up and start learning because it is never too late to pursue your passion for singing!