Updated August 19, 2022

13 BEST Digital Pianos & Keyboards For Beginners 2022


Yamaha P-45


Hamzer 61-Key


Casio CTK-2550

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One of the most exciting things you will experience as a new musician is getting your first instrument. It’s something you will remember for as long as you live! I still remember the very first guitar my parents got me when I was twelve. 

Back then, I remember having a difficult time choosing the best one for me, and that is what inspired me to write this article. The goal here is to bring the new pianist a selection of digital keyboards to choose from—one that will satisfy their needs as a beginner and stay in their memories forever.

Compare Best Digital Pianos & Keyboards

Rank Products Feature Website
Best Overall

3 types of touch sensitivity

Multi-dimensional Morphing Air Sound Source

Best Premium

Available in 88-key, 76-key, and 61-key variations

Pressure-sensitive, weighted keyboard with action hammer system

Best Cheap Option

88 Semi-weighted keys with touch response

Built-in 20W speakers

Best Training and Practice Features

192-note polyphony

Progressive Harmonic Imaging

88-note piano sampling

Best for Versatile Use

Fully-weighted keyboard

Ivory touch keytops

Best Home Console

Simulated Ivory and Ebony keytops

3 Types of touch sensitivity and the option to turn it off

Best for Professional Pianists

88 fully weighted keys

Realistic simulated Ivory and Ebony keytops

Best Weighted Piano Keys

3 different touch settings

30 voices and instruments

Best Stage Piano

9 touch sensitivity settings

Up to 240-key polyphony

Best for Studio Use

88-key digital piano with wooden keys

Triple-sensor pressure point simulation

Best for Live Performances

88 weighted keys

5 types of touch sensitivity

Best Beginner to Intermediate Piano

AWM Stereo sampling

Capable of 64-note polyphony

Best Build Quality

88 fully-weighted keys with hammer action

4 types of touch sensitivity

Top 3 Best Digital Pianos and Keyboards for Beginners

If you are looking to spoil yourself a little with feature-rich high-quality microphones at affordable prices, then this section is for you. These microphones are a step expensive for the microphones listed above but their features more than make up for the price.

1. Yamaha P-45

Yamaha P-45

Price: $499.99

Hands-down, this is by far the best on my list. The Yamaha P-45 looks sleek and compact, but it has full-sized, fully-weighted keys with actual hammers that ensure a realistic feel whenever you play. With this keyboard, you will not have any problems transferring to an acoustic piano.

Despite being fully-weighted, the P-45 is still lighter than many digital keyboards of this type so if you need to move it to and from your piano lessons, you won’t have a hard time doing so. One gripe many people have about this system is that you will have to purchase most of the accessories separately as it comes pretty bare. Still, these should not be too expensive.

The control system is pretty simple and straightforward, so beginners should not have a hard time figuring out how to apply the different functions and modes available. Plus, the auto-off function is a nifty addition to anyone who is looking to save energy consumption.

The set comes with a built-in 6W speakers (built-in speakers are not too common in professional digital pianos and keyboards) which is perfect for a fairly decent sized practice room. This system does not have a lot of effects but it has enough for anyone who is just starting.


  • 88-key fully-weighted keyboard
  • Keys with Graded Hammer Standard action
  • 4 Different Touch Sensitivity options
  • AWM Stereo sampling
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 10 Instrument Sounds including 2 piano sounds
  • 20 songs (10 preset and 10 demo songs)
  • 2 Modes (Duo and Dual)
  • Functions such as metronome, transpose and fine-tuning
  • 2 Built-in 6W speakers
  • Decent connection options such as USB to Host, Sustain pedal jack, and headphone jack
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Black matte finish looks modern and elegant
  • Portable and perfect for anyone who goes to a music school for their lessons
  • The Control panel is very simple and straight to the point which is perfect for beginners
  • The keyboard is velocity-sensitive and responds to the pressure of your fingers
  • Despite the Graded Hammer Action, the piano is not as loud as most digital pianos with similar features
  • A basic but decent set of sounds and effects
  • One of the few digital keyboards with built-in speakers
  • Great for beginners to intermediate players
  • The auto power-off function conserves energy
  • Does not come with a stand
  • No other color except for matte black
  • Not a lot of variety when it comes to instrument sounds and effects
  • Does not come with a built-in recorder

2. Casio Privia PX-770

Price: $749

This digital piano may be the priciest on the list, but it is for good reason. The keys are fully weighted with hammer action and have three types of touch sensitivity. They respond to how fast or slow you play. If that does not impress you, then perhaps the 128-note polyphony and built-in 8W speakers will!

The sound quality of this keyboard is amazing as expected from Casio’s infamous Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source. You will surely enjoy the 19 different built-in sounds that come with this system. 

Not only is the build quality of this system great, but it is also compact—perfect for an any-size apartment. Unfortunately, because of the hammered, weighted keys, this digital piano is pretty heavy so it might be difficult to lug around in places.

This system does not come with an LCD screen, but the controls are pretty neat, minimal, and easy to get used to. 


  • 88 fully-weighted keyboard
  • Simulated Ivory and Ebony keytops and Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II
  • 3 Types of touch sensitivity
  • Built-in 8W speakers with Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 5 Piano sounds and 14 other instrument sounds
  • Acoustic Simulator with Damper Resonance and Hammer Response features
  • 60 Preset songs with an additional 10 User songs
  • 3 Play Modes (Split, Dual and Duo)
  • Has Lesson Functions
  • Concert Play features
  • 2-track MIDI recorder
  • Metronome, Transpose, Fine-tuning, and Octave shift functions
  • Comes with 17 types of temperament
  • Allows for the ability to practice each hand separately
  • Equipped with 3 pedals for sustain, soft and sostenuto
  • Comes with an integrated stand with a sliding cover to protect your instrument from dust and UV rays
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact and perfect for small apartments
  • Available in 3 finishes (black, white, and brown)
  • Controls on the left side are simple and make the overall piano look less cluttered
  • Has a tuning function that allows you to adjust the pitch of the entire keyboard
  • Has an Octave Shift functions that let you change the pitch per octave
  • Steep price tag compared to the others on this list
  • Not for moving around
  • Does not come with a display but still pretty easy to navigate

3. Casio CTK-2550

Casio CTK-2550

Price: $109

At a little over $100, you would not be expecting a lot from this keyboard. In truth, the keys are not weighted, not full-sized, and do not have a touch response. However, the amount of built-in music in this system is incredible. 

Despite the 61-key arrangement with a lower-than-average 48-note polyphony, the device has 400 built-in tones. This huge number is enough for many pianists, especially beginners, to have fun with their instruments. The CTK-2550 also has 100 built-in rhythms, half of which are dance music rhythms. 

As for anyone who wants to use this piano for lessons, you will be pleased to find that it is integrated well into Casio’s Chordana app and has amazing functions, such as scoring systems and voice guides, so you can have fun even during practice. The speakers are weak in terms of volume, but you can connect it to speakers or headphones for more private practice. 

While it does not have built-in recorders, the ability to connect to USB and the integration to Chordana makes it easy for you to record and store your songs there instead.


  • 61-keys with 48-note polyphony
  • 400 built-in tones
  • Includes sound effects such as hall, reverb, and dance music
  • 100 built-in rhythms including 50 dance music rhythms
  • 30 Song expansions
  • Includes lesson functions such as scoring systems, lesson lite, and voice fingering guide
  • Chordana app integration
  • Includes functions such as transpose, tuning control, and metronome
  • Includes 2 2W speakers
  • Plenty of connectivity options such as damper/sustain pedal jack, phone output, Mic line-ins, audio ins, and USB to host
  • Affordable
  • Allows for single-hand practice
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy music creation with plenty of tones to play around with
  • Phenomenal lesson capabilities
  • The LCD makes it easy to navigate through the controls
  • Comes with 110 built-in songs but allow for song additions
  • Play around with Chordana
  • Optional battery power
  • Allows you to store and play your MIDI songs with the app that comes with the system
  • Awesome lesson features
  • Keys are not weighted
  • The piano is not full-sized
  • Keys do not have any sort of touch response

Best Budget Microphones Under $200

If you are looking to spoil yourself a little with feature-rich high-quality microphones at affordable prices, then this section is for you. These microphones are a step expensive for the microphones listed above but their features more than make up for the price.

4. Yamaha PSR-EW300

Yamaha PSR-EW300

Price: $269.99

Looking at the EW300, there does not seem to be a lot of features. Unlike other digital keyboards, this unit only comes in either 61- or 76-key variations. The keys are unweighted, the speakers are decent (but not impressive), and the headphone jack is at the back of the keyboard, which makes it hard to reach.

However, this is not where the Yamaha PSR-EW300 shines. This keyboard has arranger keyboard functions and is perfect for any beginner pianist who wants to do a bit of music production. The 48-note polyphony does not sound impressive, however, the amount of effects, preset tones, styles, and preset songs that comes with this device is so immense that you would not have any problems incorporating the sounds you want. 

With over 40 effects, 500+ presets, 300+ styles, and 150+ preset songs, you will never get tired of making music with this device. 

If you are a total beginner, no problem! The system also includes Keys to Success Lesson Mode which will help you greatly through your studies as well as different play modes for your lessons.


  • Option for 61/76 full-sized unweighted keys with 3 Touch Sensitivity types
  • AWM Stereo Sampling on built-in 2.5W Speakers
  • 48-note polyphony
  • Modes such as Split, Dual, and Duo
  • 12 types of Reverb effects, 5 types of Chorus effects, 6 types of Master EQ effects, and 26 types of Harmony effects
  • 574 preset tones, 165 Accompaniment Styles, and 150 Arpeggio Types
  • Includes Keys to Success Lesson Mode
  • Includes over 150 Preset Songs
  • Has arranger keyboard functions
  • A hefty amount of voices, rhythms, and effects
  • Affordable price tag
  • Unique grey finish
  • Created with beginners and intermediate pianists in mind
  • Plastic finish and rubber buttons make this digital keyboard durable
  • Has an LCD screen for easy navigation
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Option to use batteries
  • Velocity-sensitive keys with 3 intensity levels
  • Comes with a 2-track song recorder
  • Store up to 5 songs
  • Not available in all regions
  • The headphone jack is located at the back of the keyboard
  • Does not come with important parts such as sustain pedal

5. Casio CDP-S100

Casio CDP-S100

Price: $449.99

The Casio CDP-S100 is one of the cheapest digital keyboards out there with full-sized, fully-weighted keys with hammer action. It has 3 types of touch sensitivity including the ability to turn it off and simulated ebony and ivory keytops. So, if you have a case of sweaty hands, the surface will not get slippery due to the texture.

This unit may not have a lot of effects or instruments, but it has all you will ever need as a beginner plus a bit of extra. The functions and play modes you need during lessons are all present in this system as well. 

Another gripe most users have about this keyboard is that it does not have recording and playback functions. You have to use external methods to properly record your songs and samples. However, with the Dual-Element AHL II, Sound Engine implemented on 2 built-in 8W speakers, the recording will sound crisp and clear.


  • 88 full-sized, fully-weighted keys with 3 types of touch sensitivity
  • Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard
  • Simulated ebony and ivory keytops
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 10 instrument sounds 3 of which are acoustic pianos
  • Dual Layering mode
  • Functions such as Metronome, Transpose, and Master Tuning
  • Dual-Element AHL II Sound Engine on 2 built-in 8W speakers
  • Several connection options such as USB to Host, Headphone jack, Sustain pedal jack, and stereo mini-jack
  • Unique futuristic look
  • Traditional buttons and knobs
  • Slim and portable keyboard
  • Can run for up to 10+ hours on 6 AA batteries
  • Solid and sturdy build
  • The beep sounds when making changes
  • Touch sensitivity is accurate making changes
  • High-resolution sound quality
  • Front-facing speakers
  • Chordana Play integration
  • Comes with a music rest, damper pedal, and AC power adapter
  • Not a lot of color choices only come in black.
  • Not a lot of built-in sound options
  • No built-in MIDI recorder

6. Yamaha Piaggero NP-12

Yamaha Piaggero NP-12

Price: $199.99

This keyboard is extremely affordable, and with Yamaha’s brand name on it, you can be sure that it is one durable instrument that will last you for many years.

The NP-12 comes in variations of 61 or 76 unweighted keys with 3 types of touch sensitivity. The 64-note polyphony is, at this price, incredible. Unfortunately, this does not have any other effects, such as the reverb effect, but this is all you will need as a beginner and this keyboard is made with the beginner in mind. 

Additionally, this instrument comes with playback and recording functions as well as built-in 2.5W speakers which does not seem like much but is still good enough for practicing in a small room. 


  • Options for 61/76 unweighted keys with 3 types of touch sensitivity
  • AWM Stereo Sampling on 2 2.5W speakers
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 10 preset tones, 1 dual layering mode, and 4 reverb effects
  • 1-track MIDI recorder
  • Comes with 20 built-in songs (10 demos and 10 piano preset)
  • Connections include a headphone jack, a sustain pedal jack, and USB to host
  • Very lightweight and portable piano
  • Affordable price
  • Can last up to 16 hours with alkaline batteries
  • The front panel looks clean
  • The keyboard comes in black or white finish
  • Compact set of controls are straightforward and simple
  • Velocity-sensitive keys with dynamic control
  • A decent amount of good quality sounds
  • Has a built-in MIDI recorder
  • Unweighted keys
  • No other effects aside from reverb
  • MIDI recorder can only save a single recording
  • No sustain pedal included

7. RockJam RJ761

RockJam RJ761

Price: $259.99

The RJ761 is a complete, affordable piano with 61-keys. Upon ordering, the set comes with a pedal, a chair, a stand, and a headset, which means you can start playing right away! It also comes with a free 3-month membership to Skoove. Unfortunately, Skoove is only available on Apple products so if you are an Android user, this is a letdown.

Despite some flaws, this keyboard can be powered by batteries, so it is perfect for musicians on-the-go. It has a touch panel display that is modern and easy to navigate as well as recording and playback and teaching functions. 

The amount of voices, rhythms, and demo songs in this instrument is also incredible in size and gives you plenty of options when playing.


  • 61 full-sized keys
  • Comes with a free 3-month membership to Skoove
  • Optional battery power
  • Touch panel display
  • 200 voices, 200 rhythms, and 50 demo songs
  • Record and playback functions
  • Has teaching functions
  • Comes with a music stand, padded seat, headphones, and sustain pedal
  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable price tag
  • Durable and sturdy build quality
  • The stand is adjustable in height
  • Comes with complete accessories
  • LCD screen for easy navigation
  • A hefty amount of sounds, rhythms, and songs
  • Customizable controls
  • Has playback and recording features
  • No option to connect via USB
  • Does not work with android devices
  • Seat and headphones have a flimsy feel

Best Keyboards for Learning

If you are looking to spoil yourself a little with feature-rich high-quality microphones at affordable prices, then this section is for you. These micropho

If you currently have piano lessons or if you are planning to have them soon, then this section is meant for you! These are the best digital pianos and keyboards to use while you are studying. These keyboards have tutoring modes and cool practice functions that you will find very useful as you improve. The best part? The digital pianos and keyboards listed in this section are cheap, so even if you are on a tight budget, you will not have to compromise your learning or your first instrument.

nes are a step expensive for the microphones listed above but their features more than make up for the price.

8. Alesis Recital Pro

Alesis Recital Pro

Price: $379

Many professional pianists would scoff at the Alesis Recital because of its affordable price compromising the quality. However, if you are a beginner looking for an instrument to practice on or an intermediate to an advanced pianist who is simply looking for a budget instrument then the Alesis Recital does this job incredibly well.

At a price below $500, the Alesis Recital provides you with an instrument that has 88 full-sized, fully-weighted keys with real hammer action and 3 types of touch sensitivity. The keyboard also comes with an amazing 128-note polyphony which is almost unheard of at this price range. 

The system also comes with lots of preset tones and songs as well as different modes for your lessons or duet playing. It has functions like metronome and transpose and several effects for you to play around with. Furthermore, you can power the unit with 6 DCell batteries that allow you to bring it anywhere. Unfortunately, the Alesis Recital is not very lightweight so most users prefer using the AC adapter.

The speakers that are installed in the Alesis are pretty solid too. The 20W woofers and 10W tweeters offer a crisp, clear sound quality.


  • 88 full-sized, fully-weighted keys with hammer action and 3 types of touch sensitivity
  • 128-note polyphony
  • Built-in effects include Reverb, Chorus, Modulation, EQ, and Pedal Resonance
  • 12 preset tones, over 20 preset songs (10 piano and 12 voice)
  • Play in different modes such as Layer, Split, and Lesson (Duo)
  • Built-in transpose and metronome functions
  • Built-in 20W Woofers and 10W Tweeters speakers
  • Available connection options include 2 line outputs, a headphone output, a sustain pedal input, USB to Host port, and MIDI connection
  • Affordable price
  • Decent build quality
  • Backlit front-panel display
  • Comes with a sturdy music rest
  • Comes with a decent set of sounds
  • Fully-fledged reverb effects
  • Optional 6 D cell battery power
  • Has a built-in recorder
  • The faux-metal front panel is a fingerprint magnet
  • When playing a key, the sound does not last very long
  • Not very lightweight

9. Hamzer 61-Key

Hamzer 61-Key

Price: $102.99

Hamzer may not be as well-known as Yamaha or Casio, but this 61-key digital keyboard from that company is something to consider. Costing barely above $100, this instrument does not have weighted keys; in fact, it is not even touch-sensitive. However, it has an LED screen, built-in 4W speakers, and hundreds upon hundreds of timbres, rhythms, sounds, and demo songs. 

If that is not enough to impress you, this instrument has recording and playback capabilities as well as a split keyboard mode that is perfect to use for piano lessons. The auto-metronome, tempo, and auto-bass functions will allow pianists of any level to make music quick and easy.

You can power this unit with 6 AA batteries which can last for up to 10+ hours of use. So, if you are someone who enjoys bringing your instrument outside then this one is definitely for you. Furthermore, the unit comes with a complete set of accessories including a microphone, a stool, a music sheet stand, headphones, and a stand.


  • 61 unweighted keys
  • LED screen
  • Comes with built-in 4W speakers
  • 255 included timbres, 255 included rhythms, 61 percussion sounds, and 24 demo songs
  • Has recording and playback capabilities
  • Headphone and microphone connectivity
  • Split keyboard learning with auto-metronome, tempo, and auto-bass functions
  • 46 level tempo control
  • Built-in transpose, vibrato, ensemble, and sustain effects
  • Optional 6 AA battery power
  • Comes with a detachable music sheet stand, a microphone, headphones, a metal keyboard stand, and a foldable stool
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Affordable price
  • Plenty of instrument presets to play around with
  • The auto-bass function makes learning songs easier
  • The split-mode keyboard is perfect for piano lessons
  • Made with beginners in mind
  • Marked keys make it easier for beginners to learn
  • Despite the limited connection options, allows for external speaker connection via the headphone jack for a louder output
  • Keys are not weighted
  • Keys are not touch-sensitive
  • Keys are not full-sized
  • Not a lot of connectivity options

10. Casio SA-76

Casio SA-76

Price: $54

This may not be a piano that is suitable for pianists who are looking to take their lessons seriously. However, this instrument is specifically made to encourage young kids to develop their musical abilities.

I would not normally include this here but, for something that is marketed as a “child’s toy” this little piano still has some decent specs. The unit comes with an LCD screen to allow children to navigate through 50 rhythms and 10 demo songs with ease. It also comes with a surprisingly decent sound quality for its purpose and price.


  • 44 unweighted keys
  • 8-note polyphony
  • Made with children in mind
  • 50 rhythms and 10 demo songs
  • LCD screen for easy navigation
  • Made specifically with kids in mind
  • The design looks attractive to children
  • Surprisingly decent amount of rhythms, tones, and songs
  • Straightforward simple controls with LCD screen
  • Decent sound quality
  • Will surely keep kids entertained for hours
  • Demo songs are good for practice without a tutor
  • Extremely affordable
  • Only comes with 44 keys
  • If you want your kid to take piano lessons seriously, this is not the piano for you
  • Battery operated only and does not come with a power adaptor

Best Keyboards with Weighted Keys for Beginners

The number one problem of people who learn to play the piano in a digital keyboard is the difficult transition to an acoustic one. With most digital keyboards, there is a lack of weight on the keys that do not help at all in developing your fingers. This is what makes it a nightmare to get used to acoustic pianos. 

This is why I have decided to include this section of digital keyboards with weighted keys! With these keyboards, you will find that there is very little difference playing on them and playing on acoustic keyboards. Transitioning to an acoustic piano has never been easier!

Furthermore, these pianos are also fairly cheap considering that the keys are fully-weighted and the brands are from well-known piano makers all over the globe.

Casio CDP-350

Price: $549.99

Aside from being fully weighted, this keyboard comes with a decent 64-note polyphony. At this price range, you might be thinking it is normal or maybe even a little bit on the low side however, that is not the part where the CDP-350 excels. 

The CDP-350 is known best for its extensive customization options of over 1000+ tones, rhythms, and songs. While not all of these sounds are unique, there are still so many options that you will likely never tire of them.

The controls of this instrument are easy to navigate through with specific buttons made for a built-in Arpeggiator, and Auto-Harmonize plus a Pitch Bend Wheel for on-the-fly effects. It can also run on 6 AA batteries, so you can play music while you are outdoors. The compact and lightweight design also make it easy to carry around.


  • 88-fully weighted keys with hammer action and 3 types of touch sensitivity
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 700 preset tones, 200 rhythms, 152 preset songs
  • Built-in Arpeggiator, Auto Harmonize, and Pitch Blend Wheel
  • Has Reverb and Chorus effects
  • Built-in functions such as Metronome, Transpose, Octave Shift, Fine-tuning, and 17 preset temperaments
  • Dynamic Stereo Sound Engine and built-in 8W speakers
  • Includes connection options such as USB flash drive port, USB to Host, MIDI, Headphone, Audio in mini-jack, pedal jack, and Damper jack
  • Capable of recording and playback
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Affordable and portable
  • Unique futuristic finish
  • Can run on 6 AA batteries for 10+ hours
  • The matte black plastic finish keeps the unit fingerprint-free
  • The material feels sturdy and durable
  • Has an encoder wheel and pitch bend wheel
  • Comes with a backlit LCD screen
  • Integration of Chordana App
  • A versatile instrument with lots of instrument tones
  • Made with a “one-man-band” in mind
  • Amazing recording and playback functions
  • Comes with a damper pedal, AC adaptor, and music stand
  • Keys are not very realistic despite being weighted
  • Despite the huge amount of sounds not all of them are unique

12. Korg B1SP

Korg B1SP

Price: $599.99

This keyboard is specifically designed to be a portable keyboard. It is compact and lightweight, so it is easy to move around and fit in an any-size apartment. 

With its 9W built-in speakers, the sound can be heard well in a decent-sized room. The sound quality is crisp, clear, and realistic because of Korg’s Stereo PCM sound engine. 

There are not a lot of variations when it comes to effects. The unit also does not come with playback and recording functions or a USB connection, so recording songs can be a bit of a challenge. It does have great built-in functions like a metronome, transpose, and fine-tuning, and the unit comes with a good-quality sustain pedal.


  • 88-fully weighted keys with natural weighted action and 3 types of touch sensitivity (light, normal and heavy)
  • Stereo PCM sound on built-in 9W speakers
  • 120-note polyphony
  • 8 instrument sounds 3 of which are pianos
  • Duo Partner Mode
  • Built-in functions like Transpose, Metronome, and Fine-tuning
  • Connection options include a headphone jack and sustain pedal jack
  • Lightweight and easy to move around with
  • Compact design can fit in any apartment
  • The headphone jack allows for quiet play
  • Controls are simple and straightforward
  • Available in either black or white
  • Realistic feel and key response
  • Made from durable plastic with synthetic ivory and ebony keytops
  • The good, realistic sound quality on speakers with Motional Feedback technology
  • Includes high-quality sustain pedal
  • Does not have a built-in recorder
  • Not a lot of connection options
  • Few instrument-sounds included
  • A USB connection is not available

13. Casio Privia PX-160

Casio Privia PX-160

Price: $549

Casio’s Privia series has been making rounds in the piano community, and for good reason! Let us take a look at this digital keyboard from the Privia series. A glance and you will realize that it has everything you need: weighted keys, hammer action, touch sensitivity, and a decent 128-note polyphony. However, the PX-160 delivers more than that.

The PX-160 comes with 18 instrument sounds, 17 temperament types, and a whopping 60 preset piano songs. Any music you make in the PX-160 can be recorded because of its built-in 2-track MIDI recorder.

If you are wondering if you can use the PX-160 for piano lessons and tutorials, the answer is yes! It has lots of lesson functions and even allows for different types of play modes to accommodate any type of playstyle including tutorials and lessons. 

While the system does not come with an LCD screen to help you navigate through the effects, it does come with a user manual to help you get used to the buttons, which you will find to be pretty simple and straightforward. 


  • 88-fully weighted keyboard with Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II, simulated Ivory and Ebony keytops, and 3 types of Touch Sensitivity
  • Multi-Dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source on built-in 8W speakers
  • 128-note polyphony
  • 18 instrument sounds (5 of which are pianos) and 60 preset piano songs
  • Allows for different play modes such as Split, Dual, and Duo
  • Comes with lesson functions and a built-in 2-track MIDI recorder
  • 17 Temperament types
  • Connectivity options include USB to host, 2 headphone jacks, line out, and a sustain pedal jack
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The plastic finish is of good quality and feels durable
  • Available in 3 different finishes (white, black, and champagne)
  • Controls may seem complicated but the user manual makes it easy to navigate through the functions and effects
  • The Control panel is not cluttered and fairly straightforward
  • Keys feel realistic
  • 8W front-facing speakers are of clear and detailed
  • Several modes that are useful for those who are taking lessons
  • Allows for the ability to practice each hand separately
  • Comes with an AC Power adapter, Music rest, and a sustain footswitch
  • The sustain pedal that comes with the system seems a bit cheap
  • No LCD screen
  • The keys are a bit noisy

This is just about it for the best digital piano for beginners. Did it help you find the perfect digital keyboard for you? I sure hope so! If you are looking for more options, you can check this article I wrote on The 13 Best Digital Pianos. While the pianos here are for all skill-levels, you might be able to find one that catches your fancy!