Updated August 2, 2022

11 BEST Electronic Drum Sets in 2022: Top Picks & Reviews


Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-50KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-50KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

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While some drummers will always believe that an acoustic kit is better than an electronic kit, others remain a believer of the latter. 

However, having an electronic kit does not necessarily mean you will be turning your back completely from acoustic drum kits. It just means you are open to another variation. That’s what musicians do, anyway.

So, if you are already thinking about getting an electronic drum kit, it can be hard to choose from so many types and brands out there. This article is written specifically to help you make your choice. I will be writing about eleven of the best electronic drum kits out there to narrow your selection down. 

I will be including their price, their best features, pros, and cons to help you choose which among them is the right kit for you. Let us start!

Compare BEST Electronic Drum Sets

Rank Products Feature Website
Best Overall

Dynamic, comfortable mesh heads for great feel and natural response

8-inch high-quality rubber drum pads for snare and toms

Best Premium Electronic Kit

Flagship electronic kit with unrivaled expression

TD-50 module featuring Prismatic Sound Modeling plus all-new onboard sounds

Best Cheap Option

Immersive stereo drum samples

10 preset drum skills that can be edited or overwritten

Best Versatile Kit

Strike Performance drum module with a 4.3” full-color LCD screen

110 preset drum kits

Over 1,600 sound effects

Best All-Mesh Kit

Includes an 8-inch mesh kick drum tower with a kick drum pedal

Includes a 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare and three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads

Best Sound Engine

SuperNATURAL Enhanced Sound Engine with Behavior Modeling creates extremely natural sounds

Best Responsive Kit

Blended Poplar and Asian Mahogany shells

SST shell construction

Best Coaching Features

DTX502 drum module

Over 691 high-quality drum sounds

Best Practice Kit

Tunable two-ply mesh heads on snare and toms

15 preset kits

Best Electronic Cymbals

The realistic size that is equal to an acoustic set

Includes a sturdy 10” double mesh drum pad

Best Drum Engine Features

Includes 22×18” bass drum

Includes 10×18” and 12×9” rack toms

11 BEST Electronic Drum Sets

1. Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Nitro Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $348.68

If you are looking for a decent entry-level kit, then the Alesis Nitro is for you. This electronic drum kit comes from a well-known manufacturer and is perfect for beginners and intermediate drummers.

If you have tried looking for mesh kits, you would realize that they are pretty expensive. However, Alesis combines high-quality rubber with mesh heads for a semi-realistic but affordable electronic drum set. 

Unfortunately, the Alesis Nitro cannot load custom samples, but the drum module of this kit is fairly decent for the price. It boasts over 385 unique sounds, 40 drum kits, and 60 backing tracks that you can use when playing. 

One issue other users find with this kit is that the drum pads are small. Despite this, the sound quality of this kit is good for its price.


  • Dynamic, comfortable mesh heads for great feel and natural response
  • 8-inch high-quality rubber drum pads for snare and toms
  • Includes dual-zone snares and three single-zone toms
  • Includes kick pad tower with a bass drum pedal
  • Includes 10-inch cymbals (ride, hi-hats, and crash with choke)
  • 4-post aluminum rack for stability and flexibility
  • Mesh heads at an affordable price
  • Compact and fairly easy to set up
  • Alesis is known to manufacture great quality instruments
  • Perfect for beginners to intermediate level drummers
  • Decent drum module
  • The mesh heads are tunable
  • Good sound quality
  • AUX input
  • Dual-zone snare
  • Over 385 unique sounds
  • Inability to load custom sounds and samples
  • Pads are rather small
  • Hi-hat needs more realism
  • No mesh on bass drum tower

2. Roland TD-50KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-50KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $8,099.99

This drum kit is a beast in every way, from the top-notch material quality to the features. The TD-50KVX is truly one of the best electronic drum kits in the market. 

The set includes high-resolution multi-sensor systems for each drum and cymbal that ensure realistic playing, sounds, and resonance. The material used for this drum gives you the same experience as if you’re playing on an acoustic set.

Now you might wonder why you should get this set if it is so similar to an acoustic set. First off, this electronic drum kit includes one of the best drum modules of all time. It has hundreds of pre-existing sounds and effects that you can use as you play. 

Additionally, it allows you to upload your personalized samples, making it ideal for professional recording. 

This set also allows for multi-track recording and is highly customizable. You can play anything you want as long as it’s in a WAV format and fits in an SD card. The sound quality of this kit is phenomenal and is truly something to marvel about. 

One of the issues people find in this kit is its price. This kit never drops below $4,000. Another thing, this kit is bulky and heavy, so moving it around and bringing it to gigs can be an ordeal. Fortunately, the kit includes a large, solid drum-stand to keep it steady and secure.


  • Flagship electronic kit with unrivaled expression
  • TD-50 module featuring Prismatic Sound Modeling plus all-new onboard sounds
  • This set Includes a 14” multi-sensor system PD-140DS digital snare
  • Comes with an 18” CY-18DR digital ride cymbal that, similar to the snare, also has a multi-sensor system
  • Additional cymbal pads for VH-13 V-Hi-hat, CY-14C Crash, and CY-15R Ride cymbals
  • Includes one PD-108-BC rack tom pad and two PD-128-BC floor tom pads
  • Includes KD-220 Bass drum with a 22” acoustic shell
  • Play your own WAV via an SD card 
  • USB 10-Channel audio output for multi-track recordings on a single cable
  • Stereo XLR master output and eight TRS outputs for balanced PA connections
  • Quiet-count metronome with audio playback functions
  • Includes large MDS-50KV drum stand
  • Includes KD-220 Bass drum trigger
  • Incredible tech features for perfectly realistic playing and sounds
  • Fantastic recording and playback abilities
  • Comes from a well-known manufacturer
  • A professional kit through and through
  • Perfect for all levels and has a reliable practice system
  • Allows loading of personalized samples
  • Extremely customizable
  • Pricey
  • Bulky and heavy so it’s hard to move around

3. Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $499

If you are a beginner looking for an electronic set or a mentor looking for a set that is ideal for teaching, then I highly recommend this set. The Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit is made for beginners. 

It has features suitable for training and practicing methods, such as timing checks, improvement in stroke speed, notation, metronomes, and tone generators. 

However, this set is not just for beginners. If you are an intermediate drummer looking for a highly customizable set, then this set is a decent one you can get. 

You can easily upload audio and MIDI over USB. The set also contains preset drum skills that can be edited and/or overwritten. It also comes with an app available for both Android and iOS users that allows for easy sound modification as well. 

The app is also helpful for recording. If you are a beginner, you’ll benefit from the helpful tutorials it features to help you get started. 

Being made by Yamaha, this electronic kit is durable and made to last for years. However, many users truly feel the lack of a bass drum tower and the difference in hitting rubber pads instead of mesh heads.


  • Immersive stereo drum samples
  • 10 preset drum skills that can be edited or overwritten
  • Over 415 onboard drum sounds
  • Includes 10 play-along songs
  • Includes training functions
  • Has 9 types of reverb to choose from
  • Includes metronome and tone generator
  • Comes with a stable 4-post rack stand
  • Responsive rubber pads
  • Cymbals with choke included
  • Audio and MIDI via USB
  • Advanced features can be found in the free app that is available for Android and iOS
  • Allows for YouTube-ready drum cover sharing via iOS app
  • An electronic set that is budget-friendly
  • Made with beginners in mind
  • Has amazing training and practice functions
  • Comes with an accompanying app with access to helpful tutorials, recording systems and customization
  • Includes 10 built-in drum kit sounds
  • Durable and meant to last for years
  • Manufactured by a well-known company
  • Comes with a DTX module that has over 415 sounds
  • Does not include a bass drum tower
  • Rubber pads instead of mesh heads

Best Budget Electronic Drum Kit

One thing that is important to consider when getting an electronic kit (or any type of drum kit for that matter) is the price. It is not just because of budgeting reasons but also because some affordable kits can rival the sound and material quality of premium electronic kits. 

This section will give you several options for affordable but high-quality electronic drum kits.

4. Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Strike Pro Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $1,799

Here is a kit that is perfect for advanced drummers. The Strike Pro’s price seems steep compared to other drums in this section. However, the quality of the whole set (looks and module included) is only often found in electronic drum kits that are above and beyond the $2,000 mark. 

The drum module is of great quality and has many features, boasting 110 preset drum kits and over 1,600 sound effects. However, many find it a bit of a downer that the drums cannot be customized individually and each preset must apply to the whole kit.

Just like the rest of the kit, it also looks awesome with its 4.3” full-color LCD. The kit comes with an 8GB SD card which can seem small if you are someone who likes to upload custom samples although can easily be swapped with a bigger one. It also allows for the connection of VST instruments. Unfortunately, many users find these instruments to be difficult to use with this kit. 

This kit comes with regular-sized wooden shells that make it look incredible and incredibly similar to an acoustic kit. The red sparkle finish is sure to catch the eyes of any audience when you play on stage. 

Its pads are made from nylon mesh with triple-zone cymbals and dual-zone drums for versatile play. The drumheads are also tunable using a drum key, so you can fiddle with it to fit your tastes. 

One thing to take note of is the piezo plates. Many users find these a bit wonky which makes the responsiveness of the kit plummet. Another issue of the Strike Pro, according to many users, is its hi-hat cymbals. Fortunately, Alesis released a firmware update to help with this issue.

This kit comes with a sturdy chrome rack for you to mount the drum kit on. However, the kit comes incomplete with missing hardware, such as a kick drum pedal and a hi-hat stand, which you will need to buy separately.


  • Strike Performance drum module with a 4.3” full-color LCD screen
  • 110 preset drum kits
  • Over 1,600 sound effects
  • Comes with an 8GB SD card
  • Dual-hoop pads with wooden shells
  • Includes 4-post chrome rack
  • Comes with a free software editor
  • On-board sampling features
  • USB/MIDI output for importing and exporting of sound files and use with VST instruments
  • Genuine wood shells look incredible
  • Red sparkle finish is sure to catch the audience’s eye
  • The low price tag for all of its features and quality
  • Pads are made from nylon mesh
  • Regular-sized shells with a similar feel to an acoustic kit
  • Tunable drum heads to help with increasing and decreasing the kit’s responsiveness
  • Cymbals are chokeable
  • The drum module is not just quality-rich but also looks great from a design standpoint
  • Amazing versatility and dynamicity
  • Durable and sturdy chrome rack
  • Does not include hardware such as kick pedal and hi-hat stand
  • Unable to customize individual drum or cymbal
  • Despite the ability to connect to VST instruments, they are difficult to use on this kit
  • Needs some quality improvement on the piezo plates to avoid a dramatic decrease in responsiveness
  • Some issues with the hi-hat cymbals but can easily be fixed with a firmware update from Alesis

5. Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $738

All-mesh kits feel incredible to play on, but they are also incredibly expensive. That is not the case for this electronic drum kit from Alesis. The Alesis Command Mesh Electronic Drum Kit features tunable, dual-zone snare and toms complete with mesh heads.

As expected with any kit, there is some setup required. This kit comes with a photographic manual to help you with setup. Additionally, it also comes with everything you will need to start playing, including a rack, connection cables, sticks, a drum key, and even a power supply.

It also has a decent drum module that includes over 600 sounds for you to play around with. It makes recording and uploading custom samples easier for you as it allows USB connection. 

The only problem users seem to notice with this kit is the hardware. Some think that the hi-hat is far too springy. Fortunately, many users were able to remedy this with some minor adjustments.


  • Includes an 8-inch mesh kick drum tower with a kick drum pedal
  • Includes a 10-inch dual-zone mesh snare and three 8-inch dual-zone mesh tom pads
  • Includes three 10-inch cymbals with choke
  • Drum module boasts 70 preset kits, 60 play-along tracks, and over 600 sounds to play with
  • Allows for easy custom sample loading via USB connection
  • Affordable price for an all-mesh kit
  • Dual-tone snare and tom pads
  • Ready for USB MIDI connection
  • Includes photographic instructions for easy setup
  • Durable and sturdy
  • User-friendly command module with LED display
  • Big sound library
  • User-friendly command module with LED display
  • Hardware is good but not great
  • Hi-hat feels a bit too springy but can easily be solved with some minor adjustments

6. Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $900

The Roland TD-11K Electronic Drum Kit is one of the most versatile and dynamic sets out there for a fairly low price. It is also known for the incredible features of its sound engine. 

The sound engine involves features, such as easy preset swapping during live shows with the use of the engine’s dial. The sound engine’s Behavior Modeling creates incredibly natural-sounding audio. It includes 25 drum kit presets that can easily be modified using the LCD screen and a huge library of professionally recorded songs that you can use for practice. 

One thing users admire a lot about the TD-11K is its ambiance effects. You can choose from several different ambiance effects, such as a small room, live venue, studio, and many more.

The looks of this kit are fairly decent and the build is comfortable. so if you are thinking about bringing it to a gig, then there should be no problems. The set also allows the use of a double bass pedal for those aiming to increase the speed of the bass drum. 

This kit has plenty of practice and training features, so if you are a beginner or an intermediate drummer looking to improve your skills, then this is also a good set for you. Additionally, it is created by Roland, so you can be certain about the set’s durabilityit will last you for years!

The snares and bass drum have tunable mesh heads. However, the toms have rubber heads. Many users believe that the hi-hat needs some work but is something that can be solved with some adjustments.


  • SuperNATURAL Enhanced Sound Engine with Behavior Modeling creates extremely natural sounds
  • Includes three PD-8A tom pads
  • V-pad snare with mesh head
  • Icon-driven LCD user interface
  • Compact, well-positioned 4-post drum stand
  • USB connectivity for easy data back-up, custom sample uploading, and recording
  • Has coaching functions which are great for beginner to intermediate level drummers
  • Onboard professional backing tracks from many genres
  • Natural-feeling mesh kick pad
  • 25 configurable drum kit presets
  • Easy connection to your computer via USB
  • Great for home recording and live shows
  • Tunable mesh heads for snare and bass drum
  • Great ambiance effects
  • Decent looks
  • Great practice features such as a quiet-count metronome, time check, warm-ups, etc.
  • Manufactured by a well-known drum company
  • Amazing sound engine features and quality
  • Allows the use of double bass pedal
  • Versatile and dynamic
  • Rubber tom heads
  • Hi-hat needs some adjustments

7. Roland TD-1KV Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $1,199.99

If you are looking for a drum that would fit perfectly in a small apartment or studio, Roland TD-1KV Electronic Drum Kit is for you. 

Considering the number of features this drum has, the price is still pretty low. The set boasts mesh tom and snare pads, realistic cymbals that swing when you hit them, and pedals that you can adjust simply by moving it around. For advanced players, the pedals may seem too sensitive and do not feel realistic at all, but beginners would not be able to feel any difference at all. 

This electronic kit is sensitive. Its cymbals and drums respond well to pressure. This means if you hit the drums and cymbals softly, the sound will be soft. Alternatively, if you attack the drums and cymbals hard, the louder the sound would be. 

The set is also made to be very sensitive as it is made with dual-zone features. This means if you hit the drums and cymbals on the bell, rim, edge, or bow, they will respond just like an acoustic kit. 

The sound module is also pretty great with a simple USB dock for easy recording and uploading of custom samples. It also has quite a lot of coaching features, which is great for beginners and intermediate drummers who are looking to improve their drumming skills. 

If you live in a fairly busy house and your housemates do not like noise, then you will be glad to find that this has a headset/headphone jack for sound isolation. 

The kit has about fifteen preset kits. Unfortunately, these presets cannot be edited manually. Some users also complain about the fact that it is not very friendly towards jazz drummers since you cannot use brushes to play on the snare. 

Some people also think the setup can be quite complicated and the hi-hat and bass pedals are far too sensitive which can frustrate advanced drummers. Luckily, both pedals are easily replaceable.


  • Advanced SuperNATURAL sound engine for hyper-realistic sound
  • Simple user interface
  • Includes a PDX-100 10-inch snare
  • Includes three mesh-head tom pads: two PD-85BK 8-inch pads for the rack toms and a PDX-100 10-inch pad for the floor tom
  • The VH-11 V-Hi-Hat is mounted on a standard acoustic hi-hat stand
  • Includes a CY-12C 12-inch crash cymbal with a natural swinging motion, edge/bow sensors and choke control
  • Includes a CY-13R 13-inch ride cymbal with a natural swinging motion, and edge/bow/bell triggering
  • Includes a KD-9 kick pad with a cloth head
  • USB connection for easy recording and uploading of custom samples
  • Has plenty of coaching functions for beginners and intermediate players
  • Compact and lightweight for easy travel
  • Sturdy, adjustable frame
  • Mesh snare and tom drum heads feel natural and comfortable
  • Pedals are easy to move around
  • Tunable, sensitive hi-hat
  • Chokeable cymbals
  • The drum kit is sensitive to pressure
  • USB connection for even more drum configurations and easy recording and uploading of custom samples
  • Has a headphone jack for sound isolation
  • Decent sound module for both practicing and teaching
  • Very little resistance on bass and hi-hat pedals
  • Cannot use brushes to play the snare
  • Volume for each drum cannot be adjusted separately
  • Slightly complicated setup
  • Cannot customize preset kits

Best Electronic Drum Sets for Beginners

Another incredible aspect that comes with some electronic drum sets is the coaching or practice features. These features are an invaluable resource for beginners and even intermediate drummers who are looking to improve their skills. 

While many of the newer ones have these features, this section will go over the best of the best kits that are especially useful for beginners.

8. Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $1,499

When talking about drum kits that have incredible coaching features, the Yamaha DTX562K Electronic Drum Kit comes to mind. This kit from Yamaha has one of the most in-depth coaching features that can provide real-time feedback with only a few tweaks on the drum module.

The drum module itself is not something to scoff at either, boasting hyper-realistic sound quality and over 691 drum sounds for amazing playability. The training functions on this are incredible, with lots of features that will help improve skill, speed, and rhythm or timing. 

The set also has modes that allow you to track your progress, almost like a full course within the set.

The kit is durable as expected from anything Yamaha-made. The drumheads are silicone and allow for the use of headphones, which is perfect for those who would like to be able to play drums any time of the day or night. Some users do not like the positioning of the headphone jack, however, as it seems to get in the way of playing the hi-hats pretty often.

The silicone drum heads are comfortable to play on and the rebound is simply perfect, but they cannot be tuned with drum keys. The set does not come with a kick pedal, so you will have to hash out a bit more money to get one. 

Fortunately, there are good kick pedals out there being sold at an affordable price.


  • DTX502 drum module
  • Over 691 high-quality drum sounds
  • XP80 3-zone snare pad for head, rim-shot and, side-stick
  • Realistic hi-hat system
  • 3-zone 10” ride and crash cymbals, 10” hi-hat with 360-degree choke function
  • HH65 remote hi-hat foot controller for half-open, pedal and, splash strokes
  • 7” silicone drum pads for incredible playability and durability
  • Training functions with voice guidance
  • One of the best drum modules out in the market to date
  • Sound quality is crisp and clear without any need for editing
  • Sounds from the kit are highly realistic
  • Considering this kit’s sound-quality and training features, the price range makes it pretty affordable
  • Smooth playability
  • User-friendly sound module with LCD
  • Includes coaching features for skill, speed, and timing improvements
  • Has modes that help beginners track their progress on the kit
  • Has features that provide instant feedback
  • Comes from a world-renown drum company
  • Versatile and durable for prolonged use
  • The headphone jack is close to hi-hat which can be a liability during play
  • Silicone drum heads cannot be tuned with a drum key
  • No kick pedal included

9. Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $699.99

The Roland TD-1DMK Electronic Drum Kit is an all-around kit that is perfect for users of all levels. It has built-in coaching functions and training elements that are good for total beginners and advanced drummers who are looking for an affordable practice kit. 

The set is durable, with tunable two-ply mesh heads on the snares and toms. It is fairly lightweight and easy to move around, with its sturdy four-post metal rack system. It is also compact and has a pretty straightforward setup. 

Its drum module is decent for its affordable price and comes with 15 pre-set kits. However, you cannot modify these presets at all. On the plus side, the set allows USB and phone connectivity to make it easier for you to record and upload your custom samples.


  • Tunable two-ply mesh heads on snare and toms
  • 15 preset kits
  • 10 onboard coaching functions and play-along tracks
  • Includes recording function and built-in digital metronome
  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • USB and phone connectivity
  • A durable four-post metal rack system
  • Stereo mini-jack input for connecting your preferred music devices
  • Affordable
  • Allows the use of double bass pedals
  • Comfortable and easy to set up
  • Great for drummers of all ages and skill levels
  • Made with beginners and young drummers in mind
  • Durable and will last you for years
  • Two-ply mesh heads allow for responsive and dynamic play
  • Presets cannot be configured
  • Not a lot of features on the drum module which is fair for its price

10. Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $1,799.99

The Roland TD-17KVX Electronic Drum Kit is one of the top dogs when it comes to coaching features and sound quality. If you are looking for a drum kit to last you for a very long time, this is your best bet. 

Not only is this kit durable, but it is also perfectly sized, which can be rare in electronic kits. This means, should you ever want to transfer to a traditional acoustic set or vice versa, you would not find any difficulties during the transition.

The kit does not come with a hi-hat stand (which you do need to mount the hi-hat cymbals from this kit) or a kick drum pedal, but it is worth noting that it allows the usage of double bass pedals for high-speed drumming.

The build quality of the components is top-notch. The set comes with durable, tunable double-mesh drum heads that will surely last you a very long time. The tunable feature is extremely important here because, in the off-chance that your drum heads break, you can easily replace the heads without getting rid of the whole drum. 

The bass drum tower and cymbals are of excellent quality. The cymbals feature chokeable three-zone ride cymbal and chokeable two-zone crash cymbal. They are built with high-quality rubber for low-volume drumming. Therefore, if you are the type who likes to drum throughout the day or night, you can do so without disrupting your housemates or neighbors.

You would be pleased to know that the sound engine of this kit is just as phenomenal as the rest of it, with 310 different sounds and 50 customizable preset drum kits. The sound quality is crisp and clear and the engine provides lots of customization options as well as on-board editing options. The great ambient effects and layering functions are also something that you would only usually find in more expensive kits.

The built-in storage is pretty small at 32mb but you can expand the storage space by putting your own SD card in the slot available.

There are plenty of connection options for this kit, such as the headphone input, aux input, USB/MIDI connection, and even allows for a 4.2 Bluetooth connectivity, which is unusual to find on electronic drums.

The module comes with exemplary coaching and teaching functions, such as timing checker, warm-up routines, a built-in metronome with different voices and time signatures, and tempo training. 

You are also given modes to increase your motivation as well as features that help you track your technique and measure your progress. Additionally, this drum set is compatible with Roland’s Melodic software for more in-depth drumming lessons. 

The sound engine is also extremely user-friendly, with dedicated buttons for popular features.


  • The realistic size that is equal to an acoustic set
  • The 8” double mesh tom heads that comes with this set has 6 tunable lugs and the 12” double mesh snare head comes with 8
  • Includes a sturdy 10” double mesh drum pad
  • Includes a 13” three-zone chokeable ride
  • Comes with a 12” two-zone chokeable crash
  • You can use a standard acoustic stand to mount the 12” two-zone hi-hat cymbals
  • Sturdy 4-post chrome rack
  • Dedicated buttons for common features
  • 310 different drum sounds
  • 50 customizable preset drum kits
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Coaching and practice functions are included
  • USB/MIDI connection as well as aux and headphone input
  • SD Card slot
  • The expandable set allows you to add an extra crash cymbal or a second snare
  • Good-sized drum set
  • Durable and tunable double-mesh drum heads
  • Built with low-volume drumming in mind
  • Allows for the use of double bass pedals
  • Incredible quality cymbals that are chokeable, realistic and detects hit pressure
  • Lots of connectivity options like headphone and aux input, USB/MIDI connection, Bluetooth connection, and SD Card slot
  • Great drum engine with top-notch ambiance effects and customizable drum kit presets
  • Features coaching and learning functions that are compatible with Roland’s Melodics software
  • Has a layering function that allows you to mix your custom samples with built-in samples
  • Nifty on-board audio editing functions
  • Durable and perfect for prolonged use
  • The great quality kick drum tower
  • Not compatible with brush playing
  • Some missing hardware such as a traditional hi-hat stand and pedals will have to be bought separately
  • The small built-in storage of 32mb which can easily be solved by getting an SD Card

11. Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Kit

Price: $2,999.99

The Roland TD-27KV Electronic Drum Kit is on the high-end spectrum since it is coming from a drum company that is known to produce feature-rich, high-end quality drum kits. It has incredible coaching features that are similar to the TD-17KVX from the same company.

What sets this kit apart from the TD-17KVX is the improved quality of the components. Unlike the TD-17KVX, the TD-27 KVX’s biggest asset is its 14” 8-sensor snare drum. This is, by far, the most realistic and most sensitive snare created, playing everything from soft ghost notes to loud rimshots. The cymbals are of similar quality, with 5-sensor triple-zone capabilities that allow for the use of its edge, bow, and bell. 

There is no need for an AUX input for this kit as it boasts a wireless Bluetooth audio streaming feature, which is novel and convenient. The sound engine is also incredible, with lots of ambiance effects and features like virtual microphone positioning. 

As is expected from most high-end kits, this one does not come with a complete hardware set. You will need to buy your own snare and hi-hat stand as well as your pedals. This can be a bit disappointing because the TD-27KVX is already pretty expensive.

On the plus side, this electronic kit has Roland quality all over it. It is durable and perfect for prolonged use, built with drummers of all levels in mind.


  • Great sound engine that is similar to the infamous TD-50
  • Latest digital Roland pads
  • This set comes with a 14” 8-sensor PD-140DS snare drum pad
  • Comes with an 18” 5-sensor CY-18 ride cymbal pad with edge, bow and bell zones
  • Prismatic Sound Modeling
  • PureAcoustic Reverb Technology
  • MDS-series black rack
  • MIDI/Audio over USB capabilities
  • TD-27 Sound Module with wireless Bluetooth streaming
  • Snare feels extremely realistic
  • Reflective snare shell that will look good on stage
  • Incredible 8-sensor snare pads allow realistic play strokes from ghost notes to rimshots
  • Possible to play cross sticks and buzz rolls realistically
  • Three-ply mesh heads provide great rebound and amazing durability
  • Replaceable drum heads with tunable tension rods
  • Aesthetically pleasing kit overall
  • Three-zone ride and two-zone crash and hi-hats
  • Feature-rich drum module with ambiance emulation including virtual microphone positioning
  • Plenty of practice and learning features as well as progress trackers, perfect for beginners and intermediate drummers
  • The USB connection makes it incredibly easy to record and edit your audio samples
  • Virtual instruments are compatible and are a delight to use with this set
  • Allows Bluetooth audio streaming
  • Durable build quality
  • Hardware not included
  • Pretty steep price

That’s it for our top 11 of the best electronic drum sets. I hope I was able to provide you with some top-notch choices for your next electronic kit. Good luck!