55+ Best Gifts For Drummers of All Ages & Genres In 2022 (+3 To Avoid)

By James  •  Updated August 17, 2022

Best Gifts For Drummers

Drummers just exude that cool guy/gal energy, don’t they? If you have someone special who plays the drums, then it can be difficult to find a great gift for them–something that will surprise them and they surely will appreciate. 

Worry no more, as I’ve listed down the 55+ best gifts for drummers of all ages and genres! I have also included 3 types of gifts you should definitely avoid.

Let us get started!

Gifts Ideas for Drummers Under $20

Even if you are a little bit tight on budget, there are still fantastic and thoughtful gifts that you can give a drummer in your life. Some of the gifts I have listed are great additions to their kits if they do not have it already. 

Understandably, giving someone drumming necessities isn’t everyone’s gift-giving style. That is why I will also be including some novelty stuff that you can get if you want to go for a more light-hearted approach.

1. Drumstick Bag

Drumstick Bag one the Best Gifts For Drummers

Drumstick bags are always good to have. If the recipient does not have one yet or have an old one that they’re waiting to get rid of, this is a great gift. You simply cannot go wrong with a drumstick bag!

If you are looking to make this extra special, I am certain that you can find some that are customizable too.

2. Drum Multitool

Drum Multi Tool one of the best gifts for drummers

This multitool is not only affordable, but it has everything a drummer needs to keep their instrument in top shape! It is also a bit bigger than the tiny keys that they keep losing so maybe this one has a bigger chance of surviving a little longer.

3. Promark S22 Sizzler

Promark S22 Sizzler Best Gift For Drummers

This small gadget gives the cymbals the “sizzle” sound without having to drill it. All you have to do is replace the felt on your top cymbal and that’s it! If the drummer you will be giving a gift to is into jazz then this is a perfect addition to their set. Additionally, it is also a great gift for a drummer who is into a variety of playing styles.

4. Evans Torque Key

Evans Torque Key

This particular torque key has a rubber grip for easy turning. However, this is not its best feature. Its best feature is the fact that you can set it to automatically release once it reaches a specified tension! No need to worry now if their drums are being tuned way too tight.

5. On-Stage Drumstick Holder

On-Stage Drumstick Holder

Drummers break drumsticks A LOT. That is why many of them bring extra drumsticks, especially during gigs. Give them a place to store them by giving them this nifty drumstick holder as a gift. Not only is it useful but it is easy to install too! All they need to do is clip it onto their hardware and they’re good to go.

6. Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

Zildjian Drummer Survival Kit

This kit has everything a drummer needs to fine-tune their equipment. It contains 6 cymbal felts, 3 cymbal sleeves, 2 HiHat clutch felts, 1 HiHat cup felt, 3.8mm wingnuts, 8 tension rods, 12 nylon washers, 2 snare drum cords, and a drum key!

When Zildjian said that “this is a drum survival kit”, they were not kidding at all. It has everything a drummer needs whether they are staying at the studio or going on gigs.

7. Zildjian Cymbal Polish

Zildjian Cymbal Polish

Cymbals are great. They are supposed to be shiny though. If you notice your drummer’s cymbals getting dull and scratched up, this would be a great gift idea for them. 

Help the drummer in your life keep the original sheen and shine of their cymbals. This one is perfect for any drummer who likes to set their presence on the stage! 

8. Zildjian Drumstick Wax

Drumstick Wax

Any drummer is aware of the fact that drumsticks can so easily slip from your hands while you are playing. This drumstick wax is amazing because it helps drummers get a better grip on their drumsticks. It does not feel sticky on the hands and actually leaves it feeling clean. Plus it’s got a lovely tropical scent. There is also not much need to reapply this every time, as the wax normally heats up and reactivates with natural body heat!

9. Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper

Evans EQ Pad Bass Drum Damper

If your drummer is currently playing with a blanket on their bass drum, perhaps it is time for you to get them a bass drum damper. This one is perfectly hinged to bounce off of the drumhead upon impact, which greatly helps with overtones and resonance. It is also very easy to install.

10. Moongel Resonance Pads

Moongel Resonance Pads

Another great gift for any drummer, Moongel pads helps get rid of the ringing when playing the drums. Installing them is hassle-free as you only need to stick them onto your drum to get a better sound. 

Moongel’s creators advise drummers to cut them into smaller pieces but lots of drummers just slap them onto their drums. Still, these gel dampeners are reusable and easy to move around.

Plus, they are easy to clean with just soap and water!

11. Online Drum Lessons

Online Drum Lessons

If your drummer is only starting on their musical journey, consider giving them a premium subscription to online drum lessons. These lessons will definitely help them get better at their instrument. 

Most online drum lessons also have fun activities and exercises that any beginner level drummer would find entertaining!

12. Clip-on Drink Holder

Clip-on Drink Holder

It is physically taxing to play the drums. Getting hydrated is important after any physical activity. Having water nearby is very useful especially for drummers. 

So, giving them a place to put their bottles or tumblers in is a fantastic gift! 

This cup holder is not only easy to install, but it is also usable during gigs as it is clip-on. All you have to do is clip them onto a stand and you will have water available in between sets.

13. Cymbal Mate Wingnuts

Cymbal Mate Wingnuts

While wingnuts are not the most impressive gift, they are certainly one of the essential ones. Nobody really asks you for wingnuts, but they are a necessity if you want to keep your cymbals secure. 

Help the drummer in your life to keep their cymbals from flying off with these secure wingnuts. It comes in a 4-piece pack.

14. Drumstick Cooking Spoons

Drumstick Cooking Spoons

Who says music only has to stay within the four walls of a soundproof studio?

Keep them drumming into the kitchen with these novelty drumstick cooking spoons. Make great food and maybe a racket by drumming on those pots and pans (careful with that grumpy neighbor)!

15. Light-Up Drumsticks

Light-Up Drumsticks Best Gift for Drummers

If the drummer in your life is young or someone who is really into the cyberpunk scene then this is a great gift! These drumsticks light up and have 12 color options to choose from.

It is eye-catching and pretty awesome to look at when they are playing on stage.


16. Vintage Bomber Bass Drum Beater

Vintage Bomber Bass Drum Beater

This one is a great gift for jazz drummers. This bomber beater is specifically designed in collaboration with Otis Brown III to replicate the soft boomy bass of the jazz era.


17. Personalized Drumsticks

Personalized Drumsticks that is the Best Gift For Drummers

There is truly something special about receiving personalized items. Personalized drumsticks are not an exception. 

This shop offers laser engraving for drumsticks. There is also an option to have them sent in a nice-looking box so they’re ready for gifting.

Heck, if you want to go the extra mile, you can engrave the box too!

18. Bass Drum Hoop Protector

Bass Drum Hoop Protector

These may seem too little to matter but they are a great gift to help protect the metal frame of any drummer’s bass drum.

Just like wingnuts, nobody asks anyone for hoop protectors. However, if your drummer recently got a new set or a new bass drum to add to his pre-existing set, then it might be a great idea to get them these hoop protectors.

These tiny gifts will surely help in prolonging the lifespan of any bass drum!

19. Drum Books

Drum Books

There are plenty of drum books out there that could prove endlessly entertaining for many drummers. Of course, you have to be careful in selecting them as not everything is enjoyable for everyone. But if you know the skill level and the interests of the drummer, books can make a fantastic gift!

20. Drummer Mugs

You Are Fantastic Drummer MugI Destroy Silence Drummer Mug

Aside from holding coffee, water, or even alcoholic drinks (if you prefer so), mugs can either be a funny or cool gift. Check out these totally opposite designs! Which one do you think is something your drummer would like more?

21. Drummer Towel

Drummer Towel

With the physical exertion drummers experience on stage or even during practice, drummers sweat like dogs. This cool towel is big and features a hook that you can use to hang it by while playing. You can either use it to wipe the sweat away or use it to muffle a drum.


22. Control Clips

Control Clips Best Gift For Drummers

Is your drummer known for losing drumsticks while playing? Then this might be a great gift for them! By slipping the drumsticks into the stretchable silicone clip and wearing the rings on their fingers, they will never lose a drumstick again. It is 100% reusable and will also help them avoid getting calluses on their hands.

23. Desktop Drum Set

Desktop Drum Set

This desk topper can be a great gift for a drummer who lives two lives–corporate and rockstar. It’s an adorable addition to any office workspace and a fantastic way to annoy coworkers by non-stop drumming.


24. Stick & Finger Tape

Stick & Finger Tape

This multipurpose tape is great both for a drummer’s drumsticks or their fingers. They are perfect to wrap around the drumsticks to help prevent calluses and provide a firmer grip. 

Additionally, they are also good to wrap around spots on the fingers where a drummer feels pain.

If you notice your drummer complaining about hand pains then maybe it is the perfect time to give them this as a small gift.

Best Gifts for Drummers under $50

Taking a step up from affordable gifts, these are mid-tier gifts that you can give any drummer. Not only are these gifts useful but they are sure to be appreciated by all drummers!

The gifts in this section are ideal for intermediate to expert level drummers. However, they can also make a great gift for beginners who are improving rather quickly!

Once again, it is a good idea to check what your drummer already has before going ahead and getting them some items on this list. Just make sure to do so subtly so they don’t catch on that you are planning to get them something nice!

25. Evans Realfeel Practice Pad

Evans Realfeel Practice Pad

This practice pad is one of the best ones out there. It has a soft gel underside for the perfect drumstick rebound it is almost like you are playing the real thing. The other side is made from eco-friendly recycled rubber that is perfect for greater output and articulation.

This practice pad fits in most snare drum stands so drummers can easily use it while sitting or standing. 

26. Vic Firth Steve Gadd Wire Brush

Vic Firth Steve Gadd Wire Brush

These wire brushes are the wire brushes used by pro drummers. Similar to drumsticks, these brushes are sold in pairs. The tips of these brushes are angled upwards to keep them from snagging on drumheads. Not only will you be giving them a high-quality product, but you are also keeping their instruments’ well-being in mind so it’s a double win!

27. Drummer’s Gloves

Drummer’s Gloves

These drummer gloves are perfect because not only are they well-ventilated and comfortable, but they also help with getting a sturdier grip on the drumsticks. Now, your drummer can play without hurting their hands!

28. Drum Mute Pack

Drum Mute Pack

This drum mute pad comes in a pack of 4 pieces. They fit 12”, 13”, 14”, 16” drums and are easy to simply slip on.  Once you do, you will dramatically decrease the volume of your set!

This is especially ideal for drummers who cannot always play on full volume.

29. Bass Drum Enhancer

Bass Drum Enhancer Best Gift For Drummers

This handy tool is designed specifically for the bass drum. Giving a drummer this item as a gift will improve the low-end of their bass sounds and adds more power to it. It also comes in a variety of colors so you can choose their favorite!

30. Gift Cards

Music Store Gift Card

If you cannot really think of a great gift and you are short in time, a gift card would be a great solution. With gift cards, you are also giving them the option to select what they truly want. Gift cards can vary in prices as well so you can choose to give them even more money to spend if you are feeling a little bit generous!

Simply research about their favorite music store or at the very least, the best ones near them. Some stores allow the purchase of gift cards online. However, if you need them right away, it might be a better idea to go in person.

31. Drumming Wine Bottle Holder

Drumming Wine Bottle Holder

This adorable wine bottle drummer might just be the thing your drummer’s kitchen needs. It is made from sturdy metal that is perfect to add a touch of music to any home bar or kitchen and is shipped in a protective casing that is ready for gifting!

32. Drum Set Dust Cover

Drum Set Dust Cover

Drums are expensive! However, did you know that you can prolong its lifespan just by this small gift? 

A dust cover prevents dust from getting into the hard-to-clean nooks and crannies of any drum set. 

This particular cover is made of waterproof nylon and helps protect drum sets from harmful UV rays!

33. Steel Cowbell

Steel Cowbell

If your musician is looking to experiment on their music, then it might be a great idea to get them a steel cowbell. This one, in particular, is hand hammered and hand brushed with a copper finish which means it is very sturdy. It is also very easy to mount and adjust on any drum set so you can rest assured that installing it will be hassle-free.

Great Gifts for Drummers under $100

Wanna give the drummer in your life a really cool gift but still very usable? This shortlist of items is perfect for you! Even though there are not many items on here, the items here are still great gifts to give to any drummer. Whether it be a gig necessity or something to add to their studio, these are some great gifts for drummers under $100.

34. Ear Monitors

Ear Monitors

Not only are these in-ear monitors able to block out outside noise, but it can also help your drummer focus more on the sound of their playing. These sound-isolating earphones are sturdy and comfortable–perfect for everyday use! The best part? If your wires break, it is easy to simply detach and replace them!

35. Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Metronome

Drums are LOUD and that is a fact. Therefore, it is easy to miss the beat of a metronome. This metronome solves that problem. You simply have to wear it around your wrist like a watch and instead of hearing ticks and tocks, you will be feeling them! This watch vibrates to remind you of the tempo and rhythm you need to be playing at and is perfect even when you are wearing ear-protecting headphones.

36. Drummer Wall Art

Drummer Wall Art

These cool art pieces are the perfect addition to a drummer’s studio! Gifting them something like this almost feels like an art-meets-art situation! There are many options for you to choose from as well and so many available designs all over the internet. 

If you have the time, you can even hire an artist to make you a custom piece!

37. Tablet or Phone Holder

Tablet or Phone Holder

Whether during a gig or simply practicing at home, there are times when your drummer needs to be near their tablets or smartphones. This tablet and phone holder is the perfect addition to their set as it is easy to simply clip onto one of their stands. The adjustable head is perfect for any drummer’s viewing pleasure and the grip keeps all gadgets safe and secure.

38. Drum Tuner

Drum Tuner

This is a quicker way to tune drums. Finally, a way to make sure that your set is in perfect shape without whacking it over and over! With this drum tuner, you no longer have to worry about tightening your threads too much.

The dial shows exactly how tight your threads are, giving you a perfect visual guide.

Best Gift to Give A Drummer under $200

Getting into the pricier stuff, these gifts are perfect for drummers who travel a lot for gigs and those who experiment a lot. These are items that would help them expand their musicality or help perform better during their gigs.

Some of the items here can still be considered drum kit necessities so these could be useful to get even for beginners!

39. Drum Throne

Drum Throne

A drum throne can help make or break a performance. Drummers generally spend a lot of time sitting behind their set either to practice or play for a gig.

This drum throne is especially good because it is foldable, adjustable, and easy to travel with, and is extremely comfortable to sit on! 

Additionally, the backrest is perfect for lower lumbar support which is especially good for long sets or practice sessions.

40. A Cajon Drum

A Cajon Drum

You might be wondering why you should get a drummer with something that is made to replace an actual drum set. The reason why is because a Cajon drum is easier to move around and is also helpful for drummers who are looking to explore a more acoustic side of playing!

41. Drum Rug

Drum Rug

If you have played drums then you might know how annoying it is when your drum set skids along the floor. This rug is a perfect solution for that! 

The underside of this rug is created with silicone to prevent your set from creeping across the stage no matter how aggressively you play. 

It also comes with a travel bag that makes it easy to roll up and take with you on your gigs.

42. Padded Drum Bag Set

Padded Drum Bag Set Best Gift For Drummers

This is a great gift for any drummer who often goes on gigs! We already know that drum sets are expensive. Help your drummer transport their equipment from one place to another without worrying about its safety. This padded drum bag prevents their drum set from getting jostled by travel.

43. Cymbal Case

Cymbal Case

The perfect thing to match a padded drum case is a padded cymbal case!  Similar to the padded drum case, this padded cymbal case is perfect for the traveling musician. It comes with a layered system to ensure a compact design while storing all your cymbals in one place!

44. LED Drum Lighting System

LED Drum Lighting System

Want to give your drummer a little bit of stage presence? 

If they are into cyberpunk subculture or if they get easily amused by lights (like me) then consider giving them this gift. 

This bass drum lighting system gives off a certain mood that is sure to catch the attention of the crowd!

45. Snare Utility Rack

Snare Utility Rack

Does your drummer like to collect snares for some reason? If they are running out of space in their studio then it is time to get them something to help them organize.

This snare rack is a great addition to any drummer’s studio. It makes storing snares a lot easier and safer! 

It is also very easy to assemble!

This will make it easy to keep their snares organized in one place!

46. Steel Drums

Steel Drums

Similar to Cajon drums, another interesting thing to get an experimental drummer is a steel drum. Not only does it come with a stand and is fairly easy to move around, but it can also help your drummer explore their musicality and branch out to other types of percussion.

47. Drum Hardware Bag

Drum Hardware Bag

This drum hardware bag is perfect for storing stands and other hardware used for your drum set. It is slightly padded to help keep your stands and other hardware safe from the jostles of traveling.

It is great for the gigging drummer and even comes with its set of wheels to help with the weight. No need to carry everything everywhere!

48. High-Quality Recording Device

High Quality Recording Device

This recording device is one of the best out there in terms of quality. This is the perfect gift for any drummer who wants to record themselves during recording sessions, gigs, and even practice sessions.

Having a recording of yourself playing can help you celebrate your play style after a successful gig. If your drummer is someone who likes to keep track of mistakes and points they need to work on then this is also great for them!

Cool Gifts for Drummers $200+

This section is all about bringing out the big guns. If you are truly looking to spoil that special drummer in your life and have the funds for it, then these items are top-shelf drum stuff.

From recording items, cool techie gadgets, to the best drums and cymbals set out there, the items here are perfect for drummers of all levels. 

If you are looking for the gift that would surprise them and give them that rare eye-twinkle, these are the stuff you should be looking at.

49. Double Bass Pedal

If your drummer is looking for more speed when playing their bass, this is the perfect gift for them. The pedals can give them the speed boost they need. Not only that, but these bass pedals are also easy to install and provide extra support to keep drums from creeping while at play.

50. Drum Microphone Kit

Drum Microphone Kit

This five-piece microphone set is perfect for any drummer who is looking to build their own studio. The microphones are sturdy for aggressive use and capture sound perfectly in case your drummer would like to dabble in music production.

51. Electronic Drum Set

Electronic Drum Set

This electronic drum-set is perfect for any drummer. They can use it as a substitute set when at home or recording. It is much easier to record and transfer music from an electronic drum set to a computer than using a classic drum set.

52. Yamaha EAD 10

Yamaha EAD 10

The Yamaha EAD 10 makes it easier to record, boost, and share drum performances. Aside from the top-tier recording system, it also comes with a microphone specifically for drum use and its own amplifier. 

Giving this as a gift will ensure that every sound your drummer makes is captured in clarity!

53. Aerodrums Air-Drumming Instrument

Aerodrums Air-Drumming Instrument

Now, who says air-drumming does not compare at all to standard drumming? With aero drums, you can drum on air and get the same experience as the real thing! 

All you need to do is clip these sensors onto your hands and feet, turn your laptop on anllod you’re good to go.

You can also drum quietly by plugging a headset in. You get no complaints from others while enjoying high-quality sound on your own.

Aerodrums also fit perfectly in a bag so they are very portable!

54. Drum Hardware Package

Drum Hardware Package

If your drummer’s hardware is getting too rusty, or if the signs of age are already showing then it is probably time to give them a new hardware set. 

This particular package comes with a snare stand, a HiHat stand, a boom stand, a straight stand, and a single pedal!

All of these are, of course, collapsible and easy to store in travel bags if they need to pack them up for a gig.

55. Zildjian Cymbal Set

Zildjian Cymbal Set

Not a single drummer in the world would say no if you give them a set of Zildjian cymbals. Not only is this brand leading in quality worldwide, but this specific set of cymbals is also custom created! 

If your drummer is thinking about switching from their current cymbals to a lighter one then this is a perfect choice.

This set of cymbals offers a sweeter, brighter, crisper, and more sophisticated sound that is perfect for making modern music.

56. Ludwig Snare Drum

Ludwig Snare Drum

One of the best snare drums out there, this Ludwig snare drum might just be the perfect replacement or addition for your drummer’s set. It is sensitive, easy to tune,e and has a cool dark chrome finish!

Any drummer who receives this will be over the moon!

3 Gifts For Drummers To Avoid

1. Drum stuff that is way below their skill level.

Drum Stuff that is way below skill level

When you are giving gifts, you want to make sure that it is useful to them. With that being said, you should not give expert drummers something like a beginner’s book to drums. 

You might think this is ridiculous and that no one would do this but there have been cases of dads giving their kids beginner’s guides when they have been drumming for the past twelve years or so.

Giving someone gifts like this would be a waste of money and effort. Additionally, it will only make you seem like you simply do not care about the amount of time they spent learning and mastering their instruments.

2. Items they already have in their kit.

Drumstick already have by the drummer

While drumsticks are a great gift because they get lost a lot, you might want to check in on other gift-givers. 

Try to imagine this situation. It is your birthday, you are excited to get some nice gifts. You open the first box and you get drumsticks. It’s fine, drumsticks are great, you appreciate them. You go onto the next box, again, drumsticks. You just got new ones but spares don’t really hurt so it’s fine. The next box also contains drumsticks, and the next and the next–you get it.

It is better to check their things for stuff they might already have. Unless you are giving them a better version of something they already own, it is best to find something that is unique. I promise you it will make your gift memorable and exciting!

3. The wrong type of drum stuff.

The wrong type of drum stuff

This tip relies heavily on the type of drummer your person is. 

All I am saying is that you do not want to give, say, a heavy metal drummer a bongo or taiko. Not only are these percussion instruments not the right type of instruments a heavy metal drummer would be using, but your money will also generally be going to waste.

They will not use it. I am absolutely certain.

It is much better to spend your money on something they are actually coveting or is useful for the type of drums they play.

Take note of the interests of your drummer and you can easily gauge the type of things they would be happy to receive as gifts!

There you have it, over 55 of the best gifts for drummers of all ages, plus three types of gifts that you should avoid at all costs. Good luck on finding the perfect token of appreciation and I hope your drummer loves whatever it is you have picked for them. Happy gifting!

55+ Best Gifts For Drummers of All Ages & Genres In 2021 (+3 To Avoid)