Updated August 1, 2022

50+ Best Gifts for Singers of All Ages & Genres in 2022 (+3 to Avoid)


Gold Microphone Label Pin


Silver Microphone Ring


Portable Audio Interface

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Whether it be birthdays, holidays, or you simply find yourself in a gift-giving mood, it can be difficult to find the perfect gifts for singers

Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Here are over 50 gifts for music lovers in your life!

Small Tokens That Are Best For Every Singer

The first list of music-themed gifts is fit for any and all singers. These are little tokens of affections guaranteed to bring a smile on any artist’s and musician’s face.

1. Gold Microphone Lapel Pin


These tiny lapel pins in the shape of a vintage microphone are hand-casted from pewter and dipped in gold, giving it that fancy, classy feel. This is best for male vocalists. You can get them packed in elegant gift boxes.

2. Silver Microphone Ring


This gift is made of sterling silver, handcrafted by the jeweler who created it. Aside from the uniqueness of each piece, you can make it even more personal by asking the shop owner to engrave up to 25 letters on the inside of the ring.

3. Portable Audio Interface

With this gift, anyone can record songs on the go! The best part about this gift is that you can simply connect it to your smartphone or tablet and you are ready to capture high-quality audio!

4. Online Voice Lessons

Online Voice Lessons

This gift is made of sterling silver, handcrafted by the jeweler who created it. Aside from the uniqueness of each piece, you can make it eve

Another gift that will surely delight any and all singers are voice lessons. Even if you cannot find a vocal coach in your immediate vicinity, there are dozens of voice lessons online that you can avail of. If you need help choosing which one is perfect for that special singer in your life, you can check our list of singing classes online.

5. In-ear Earphones


This gift is made of sterling silver, handcrafted by the jeweler who created it. Aside from the uniqueness of each piece, you can make it

While this is not a unique gift for musicians per se, it is will be well appreciated. The design is sleek and modern and the sound quality is amazing. These in-ear earphones also have a noise-cancellation feature and, on top of it all, they are waterproof!

6. Tea Blend For Singers


For singers, the throat is their strongest weapon. Therefore, it is extremely important to protect it and keep it in top shape. This gift is perfect to let any singer in your life know that you are looking out for their health. 

This singer’s tea is a blend of slippery elm to soothe, licorice for an antibacterial effect, lemongrass to prevent cough and to add a lovely flavor, fennel to help with breathing, mullein for healthy lungs, red raspberry for sore throat, marshmallow root and leaves for a soothing effect, and cinnamon for added taste and protection from bacteria. 

It is everything a singer needs in a cup of tea and more!

7. Microphone Isolation Shield


Any singer would definitely appreciate this gift! The ability to turn any mic into recording quality is possible with our very own isolation shield!

8. Vinyl Record Cufflinks


Are you having a hard time finding a gift for your music-loving boyfriend? This gift is a bit more modern but it is still very practical. These vinyl record cufflinks are best for any young man looking to stand out in a formal gathering.

9. Music-Themed Keychain


Not only are keychains a universally liked gift and easy to find, this one is especially unique because you can change the charm connected to it and choose from the many music-themed ones they have available on their shop.

10. Treble Clef Hair Clip


This elegant hair clip is best for female singers and musicians of all ages. It is simple, beautiful and allows you to customize the metal used as well as add a short message! It is truly a special gift for musicians.

11. Shortcut to Hit Songwriting


Does your singer also enjoy writing songs? This book would be of great help to them!

Best Offerings for a Rockstar

If you think finding a gift that most singers will like is difficult, then you should try looking for gifts for people who are into specific genres of music. Lucky for you, this article is here to help 

Here are the best gifts for rock lovers.

1. Guitar Hooks


Sure, you can give someone clothing hooks easily. Give a rock-loving musician these awesome guitar clothing hooks for their home and they are sure to love it!

2. Musician’s Dice


These musician’s dice are perfect for anyone who is into rock music and a bit of a geek as well. Each facet of a die contains a chord that is very useful for improvisation and even songwriting!

3. Drumstick Pencils


This is a perfect gift for kids who love music. Specifically, it is best for kids who love rock music! Not only will they be the talk of the classroom, these fun, novelty items are also perfect for everyday practical use!

4. Vinyl CD Coasters


Vinyl has always been a point of great interest for people who like to look through musical history. These cool-looking vinyl coasters make for a great housewarming gift for any rock music lover.

5. Recycled Record Bookends


Any punk music lover will tell you that it is totally punk rock to care for the environment. Hence, these recycled record bookends make a perfect, environment-friendly gift not only for rock lovers but for any musician!

6. Amp Doormats


These amplifier doormats are the perfect welcoming piece to a rock music lover’s home. The best part? You can totally personalize it! Change the name on the mat to let their guests know which rockstar’s home they are visiting.

7. Cassette Business Card Case


Looking for something suitable for business use but still punk-rock theme? This cassette business card case is the perfect gift you are searching for. Business does not have to be plain and dull for your rock music lover!

8. Headphone Amplifier


Nowadays, amplifiers are not just huge boxy things you carry around to plug your electric guitar into. Even headphones have amplifiers to make the sound quality of any song even better. This gift is sure to delight any rock-music enthusiast in your life.

9. Vocal Dampener


This gift serves an important purpose for singers! It helps them dampen their vocal cords giving them an easier time singing. A vocal dampener is definitely a must-have for any singer, not just rock-music lovers.

10. USB Recording Mic


What home studio would be complete without a good microphone? This microphone is not only known for its high quality but also its easy set-up! Being a USB Mic, all anyone has to do is plug it in and they are ready to record!

Best Blessings for your Chorale

Anyone who is in a chorale knows the feeling of camaraderie that stays within the group. It is true what they say, singing brings people closer. It is no surprise if you want to give your chorale group a little token of affection.

1. Manuscript Tape


You might be asking: why on earth would I give tape as a gift? You would actually be doing your conductor and even your choir mates a favor. This simple gift can easily help block out notes they do not need to sing, making it easier for them to focus on their parts alone. The best thing about it? It is completely removable so you do not have to worry about ruining your sheet music.

2. Handy Recorder


If you think hand recorders are old news, you are wrong. They are especially useful if you want to record something your conductor says so you can remind yourself at home or even listen to your own singing to find out how you can improve! These make the best gifts for choir members as it serves many purposes.

3. Music Door Sign


These door signs are best for any member who is proud of their chorale group! The signs are made from aluminum and can be personalized to contain your choir group’s name!

4. Choir Themed Shirts


Shirts are great gifts because they are timeless, universally liked, and useful! This one boasts of choir humor that is sure to be appreciated by chorale group members.

5. Travel Mugs


Hydrating yourself is extremely important when you are singing. So, why not give your chorale group members a travel mug that they can put their favorite beverages in? This one is customizable. You can have it personalized for every single member.

6. Music Sheet Storage


Every choir member needs a music sheet organizer. This appropriately-themed storage is sure to be appreciated by a recipient.  

7. Singing-Themed Mugs


Singers have always been loud and proud of their skills. This mug is almost an obligatory item to have not just for choir members but for anyone who can sing.

8. Personal Humidifier


Keeping the temperature ideal is important for singers. This personal humidifier is best ensures that they will always have the perfect humidity to keep their throats and voice healthy.

9. Music Sheet Bookmark


This lovely, aluminum bookmark, complete with a tassel, is perfect for marking the music sheet for the song you need to sing. Bookmarks are a small and simple gift but this music-themed one is best for choir members.

10. Monogrammed Clipboard


Here is a cool gift for vocal coaches and choir conductors. Their very own, monogrammed clipboard complete with music-themed prints!

Presents That Are Best for Popstars

Pop is one of the hardest singing genres out there. It is also one of the most loved genres. It is likely that you have a popstar-in-the-making and you are here looking to find a gift for them. You will not be disappointed. 

Here are some of the great gifts for singers and songwriters in the pop genre.

1. Recording Bundle


A great add-on best for a beginning singer who is only starting to put together a studio. This set comes with a great quality mic, headset for recording, an audio box, and even Studio One software for recording artists. This bundle has everything that makes a perfect voice recording gift idea.

2. Songwriter’s Journal


This journal is one of the best gifts for songwriters. It includes prompts, tips, and quotes that are sure to inspire your muse.

3. Compose Yourself


This one is a fun way to encourage even kids to write music. Compose Yourself is a fun game that allows you to flip, rotate, and combine cards to make your own score. The perfect music gift for kids!

4. Karaoke Mic


If the person you want to give a gift to loves karaoke, then this gift is the best for them! Have fun singing karaoke anywhere with this portable mic.

5. Bluetooth Speaker


A high-quality speaker and a groovy lantern in one, this gift is the best for aspiring pop stars who want to light up the night.

6. Stereo Microphone


This microphone may look small and simple, but its quality is definitely not something you can overlook. This small microphone is portable and the best for anyone who wants to be able to record songs on-the-go.

7. Pocket Synthesizer


If you are looking for great music gifts for students, especially teenagers, then this one is best for the aspiring drummer in your life or a singer who desperately needs a beat anytime and anywhere. This portable pocket synthesizer makes rhythm easily accessible!

8. Concert Tickts


Any pop-music loving person dreams of seeing their idols perform on stage. This gift is great for anyone interested in attending a live concert.

9. USB DJ System


If you are looking for cool music gifts, then this one is especially best for the aspiring DJ in your life. It is easy to connect to a computer or laptop and making music can start immediately!

10. Ticket Stub Diary


This is one of the best gifts for concert lovers. This will allow them to put all those precious ticket stubs in their collection in one place so they can look back on all the fun and exciting memories of all the concerts they have been to.

Surprises Best for Classical Singers

Classical singers have the ability to fill people with all sorts of emotions with just their vocal prowess. Such special people deserve special gifts! 

Here are some of the best gifts for classical music lovers.

1. Music SheetPage Holder


This item may be little, but it is classy, elegant and useful! A lovely gift idea for musicians.

2. High Fidelity Ear Plugs


For any singer who wants to have their full focus on their vocals, these are the perfect auditory shield!

3. Sleep Headphones


This gift is not just the best for classical singers, but also the best gift for musicians in general. It allows them to relax with their favorite music playing as they settle in for bed.

4. Piano rug


This cozy rug is not just the perfect addition to any classical singer’s home but also a great gift for piano lovers! The plush texture of this rug makes it fitting for the bathroom where amazing performances truly start!

5. Private Lessons

Private lessons are very valuable, especially for classical singers. Nothing beats having a vocal coach who can help develop your voice. Try looking up vocal studios around you and see if you can get private lessons for your special classical singer.

6. Gold LP Record


This one is one of the best gift ideas for music lovers. I mean, who would not love their own LP Record, framed, and finished with gold! This record is from upcycled vinyl and can be personalized and ready to make any singer, classical or otherwise, feel appreciated.

7. Musical Sleep Mask


For the musician on-the-go, this is the best gift! Not only does it block out light to make slumber more comfortable, but it also plays your favorite tunes as you sleep!

8. Sheet Music Scarf


Adorable and music-themed. Plus, it keeps a singer’s neck warm and protected from the elements! This scarf is a perfect music-themed gift!

9. Scented Candle


Scented candles are a delight to have in any home. This specific candle, however, is perfect for classical singers as it transports their sense of smell to an opera house!

10. Acting Classes


For any classical singer who has a love for musicals and aspire to perform in Broadway one day, acting classes and singing lessons are the perfect gift! Look for acting classes in you area. Bonus points if the class shares your singer’s interest in musical acting!

Giving A Gift To A Singer? Make Sure to Avoid These Gifts

There are lots and lots of pleasant gifts to give a singer. Some of these, however, are best avoided. 

  • Wine – Singers and wine look like a good combination from a distance. Wine, or any type of alcohol, however, irritates the mucous membranes in the throat and can potentially dry out the voice, making singers incapable of hitting high notes.
  • Chocolates  – Everybody loves chocolates. This is a triple threat for singers, however. Chocolates contain artificial sweeteners, dairy, and caffeine, all of which are bad news for singers who want to care for their voices.
  • Coffee – Not only can coffee dry the throat because of caffeine, but it can also spike anxiety which is bad for any performer, singers, artists, and the like. Some coffee concoctions also contain dairy and artificial sweeteners that can cause acid reflux, which can burn the vocal cords.

Knowing these things that can potentially harm a singer is important before trying to find the perfect gift for them. If you would like to read more about things you should not give singers, especially before a show, then check out this website (1).


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