30 Best Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players in 2022 (+3 to Avoid)

By James  •  Updated August 10, 2022

Best Gifts
So, you have an event coming up. You are probably reading this article because you want to find a special gift for someone in your life who loves playing the piano. Whether it be the holidays, personal celebrations, or simple surprises, we have the most suitable gifts for a piano lover or a keyboardist.

It is understandable that when you give a gift, you want the person to be impressed. And while it is the thought that counts, you probably would want to give only the best. 

We’ve compiled the best gifts for piano & keyboard players and those that you should avoid.

Small Piano Lover Gift Ideas

The size of the gift does not determine the thought and care that went into picking it. However, if you are pressed for time, then you have no choice but to pick something quick. Perhaps you like giving small tokens of affections? If you are looking for darling gifts that are small but thoughtful, here are our top picks:

1. Piano-Themed Business Cardholder

Piano-Themed Business CardholderThis can be a perfect little gift for your piano teacher. This piano-themed cardholder is a fitting place to put their business cards in. The slim design allows it to fit perfectly in their pockets. The best part? You can customize the design!

Now, every time they hand out their business card to a potential student, they will be reminded of you and your great gift!

2. Grand Piano Pop-up Card

Grand Piano Pop-up CardFeel like writing down your most heartfelt thanks? A card has always been one of the best options. However, this card is not just any card. Once they open it they would not just find your lovely letter, but a delicate grand piano made out of paper!

3. Gift Cards

Gift Cards
If you do not have enough time and you simply cannot decide what to get someone, then a gift card is your safest bet. Plenty of stores–both online and physical–offer gift cards that you can purchase and give to someone else. You can get someone gift cards from their favorite music supply store.

Another option is to get them gift cards for traditional lessons. There are music schools that provide gift cards for those who would like to give someone a couple of lessons as a gift.

4. Piano Song Books and Music Sheets

Piano Song Books and Music Sheets
Pianists are always looking for songs to add to their repertoire. If you know the type of music they love to play, you should think about getting them a songbook. 

Luckily for you, songbooks and music sheets are not very expensive and are quite easy to find. There are plenty of songbook genre variations including classical, pop, musical, holiday, gospel, and even Disney!

5. Squishy Piano Stress Reliever

Squishy Piano Stress RelieverPianist fingers are delicate. They are a piano player’s most valuable asset. However, every pianist’s fingers undergo a lot of tension whenever they play. This soft and squishy piano-themed stress reliever will help alleviate some of that tension!

Gifts For Young Piano Players

A lot of professional pianists start at a very young age. Nurturing the gift and talent of a child clearly pays off. Perhaps this gift is to reward someone for a job well done? Is the recipient still young? Or perhaps someone young at heart? 

Either way, here are some great gift ideas for young piano players and those who are young at heart:

6. Online Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons
If the person you are giving a gift to is still very young, chances are that they are not expert piano players yet. Why not show interest in their studies and improvement by signing them up for some online piano lessons? 

There are plenty of online piano courses on the internet. Many students who have tried learning from them are pleased with the results! They are cheaper than traditional lessons and you also get to learn in your own time and within the comforts of your home. 

If you are interested in looking through online piano lessons but are not sure which to choose, you can check our helpful list! You may also check the review of the best online piano learning apps to learn more.

7. Traditional Piano Lessons

Traditional Piano Lessons
Not too keen on online lessons and want to keep it traditional? No worries, we are here to help you find the perfect tutor too! If you go to
TakeLessons, they can help you search for screened and qualified piano instructors. They even provide you with a map in case you would like to give them a visit.

What is great about this site is that you can see other people’s ratings on every instructor. If you prefer a private tutor that comes over your home whenever it is time for lessons this site has them. If you would like an online private tutor, this site has them too! 

8. Grand Piano Music Box

Grand Piano Music Box
Here is something sweet and memorable! A beautifully detailed grand piano music box that plays Für Elise. It is an elegant addition to any bedroom and is sure to lull the person you will be giving it to a nice, fitful sleep every night. And who says this gift is just for kids? 

Due to the quality of this gift, many reviews about this product talk about how they have chosen this item as a gift for wives and friends!

9. Portable Beginner Electric Keyboard

Portable Beginner Electric Keyboard
Their very first instrument will always be a pleasant memory for a young musician. A beginner keyboard is specifically made for this purpose, to aid pianists who are just starting on their journey. Perhaps it is time to give them their very own keyboard? Whether it is a 61-key standard beginner keyboard, or an 88-key one, one thing is for sure, they will love you for it! 

10. Piano-Themed Desk Caddy

Piano-Themed Desk Caddy
If the person you are going to give a gift to is already taking piano lessons, chances are they will have an abundance of paper. Modules and music sheets need a place to be kept in. This piano-themed desk caddy is the perfect storage!

Gifts For Piano Players

Is the recipient an owner of a lovely acoustic piano? Acoustic pianos need a lot of care and attention. Owners of acoustic pianos take great care of their instruments. It tends to be a source of pride! 

So, if your answer is yes then perhaps one of these gifts could be ideal for them:

11. High Gloss Piano Polish

High Gloss Piano Polish
A piano always looks its best when it is freshly polished. This piano polish is meant to bring out the elegant shine in every acoustic piano. By getting them this, it will almost seem like you are helping them take care of their instrument as well!

12. Comfortable Piano Stools

Comfortable Piano StoolsEvery piano player knows the true value of a great piano stool. The sitting posture of a pianist can affect their playing. It is important to remember that the posture is greatly affected by the type of stool they are sitting on. 

There are plenty of options for piano stools online. Do some research and get them the perfect one! 

13. Piano Themed Cheese Board

Piano Themed Cheese BoardHow does piano music, wine, cheese, and cold cuts sound? This adorable piano-themed cheese board even includes a cork to open your bottle of wine with and some cutlery for your cheese. With this gift, you can listen to them play the piano while you dig into some finger food.

14. Piano Tuning Kit

Piano Tuning KitRegular piano tuning can be costly. Additionally, it can also be quite a chore and even dangerous to the instrument without the right tools and knowledge. Not everyone who owns a piano knows how to tune them. However, If they already know how to tune an acoustic piano, then giving them this piano tuning kit will surely be of great help! 

15. Vintage Piano-Themed Jewelry Box

Vintage Piano-Themed Jewelry Box
If you are thinking about a gift for a lady who likes vintage stuff, check out this antique piano-themed jewelry box. The old weathering effect makes it seem like it has been an heirloom handed down from generation to generation. Is it not the perfect place to put pretty little trinkets in?

Gifts For Keyboard Players

Keyboardists are a little bit more modern than lovers of acoustic pianos. This is not to say that they do not appreciate acoustic pianos, of course.

Often, the people who use keyboards are aspiring artists and music producers. Since electric keyboards provide them the ability to control and modify every bit of their music, it became their instrument of choice. 

If you need to come up with the perfect gift for them, check out these items:

16. MIDI Keyboard

MIDI KeyboardWhether or not they already own a standard keyboard, a MIDI keyboard is still a great thing to gift a keyboardist. It allows them to connect their instrument to a computer. In turn, this ability gives them better access to piano editing software that is perfect for music creation.

17. Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing SoftwarePiano software gives pianists and keyboardists more control over their music. If the person you are planning to give a gift to is into music production, then they are probably already looking for great piano programs! One of the best music software out there is Adobe Audition. You can check their website here (2)! 

18. Padded Keyboard Bag

Padded Keyboard BagKeyboard players often bring their keyboards with them when they go to gigs, practice, or jamming sessions. This padded keyboard bag prevents the jostles of commute, walking, or car rides from harming the keyboard inside. Help them keep their instruments safe by giving them this padded bag!

19. Keyboard Cover

Keyboard CoverKeyboards tend to collect lots of dust. Dust getting into the digital chips within can cause a keyboard to break. This gift may seem simple but it shows that you care about their beloved instrument. Help them protect their instrument by giving them this keyboard cover!

20. Keyboard Stand

Keyboard StandIf the keyboardist you are finding a gift for still does not have a keyboard stand, then you should consider giving them this gift. Getting them a keyboard stand will greatly improve their playing and help promote good posture.

Funny Gifts For Pianists

If you are a funny type of person then you are probably interested in finding hilarious gifts for piano lovers. You might be looking for gifts that will make sure that the person you will be giving it to fondly remembers you. If so, then perhaps one of these silly gifts will tickle your fancy:

21. Chopin Bored Chopping Board

Chopin Bored Chopping BoardWho says classical piano references are not allowed in the kitchen? Not only is this useful, but it is sure to give them a little bit of a chuckle every time they see it. Spice up your cooking with this funny piano-themed chopping board. 

22. Too Hot to Handel Oven Gloves

Too Hot to Handel Oven GlovesIf you are thinking about getting them the chopping board, why not pair it with this oven mitt? These oven mitts are just as practical and just as silly as the Chopin Bored. Still, be careful! Two funny classical-themed items in one kitchen may truly be too hot to Handel!

23. Piano Shaped Chocolates

Piano Shaped ChocolatesDoes this not seem like a figurine? It is actually chocolate modelled to the shape of a piano. Why not send this to someone as a gift? Maybe you can pass it off as a figurine…before telling them to take a bite!

24. Piano-themed Door Mat

Piano-themed Door MatThis is not exactly a funny or silly gift but it is super adorable! Not only does it look great, it will also keep your home or studio clean. This piano-themed welcome mat is the perfect addition to any piano player’s home or studio!

25. Piano-Themed Wall Art

Piano-Themed Wall ArtThe best thing about wall art is that they tend to be pretty versatile! It is highly customizable so you can put anything you want on it from funny quotes to actual artworks. It makes for lovely decorations around the home or in the studio! 

Gadgets for Piano Players

More and more musicians mix traditional instruments with digital technology. While some will turn their noses and say that traditional instruments are harder to learn and master, others disagree at all. You need to be very tech-savvy to produce great music using modern means. At the same time, you need to be good at an instrument, even several.

Therefore, if the person you will be giving a gift to loves both playing the piano or keyboard as well as technology then these gifts are perfect for them! The gifts here can vary from actual gadgets to things that they can use on their gadgets! Here are our best choices:

26. Headphones

HeadphonesKeyboardists would benefit the most from this gadget. Most modern-day keyboards include an audio jack. This will allow them to listen to their music closely in a more private arrangement. Additionally, if the keyboardist you are gifting loves to produce music, then they are probably looking for great headphones, anyway!

27. Headphone Stand

Headphone StandFinding the perfect set of headphones–especially ones you can use for music production–is pretty difficult. Now, imagine finding the perfect pair and then having the wires all twisted until they’re broken and unusable.

That is where headphone stands come in. These simple gifts provide great help to preserve the lifespan of a great pair of headphones. Help your recipient protect their gadget by giving them a lovely headphone stand. 

There are plenty of designs to choose from too so you can pick the one you think they will like the most.

28. Speakers

SpeakersSpeakers are a staple in any studio. However, good speakers can be expensive. If you can afford it though, you should consider giving someone high-quality speakers. They will surely make the recipient happy. I assure you, if the person you are gifting does not already have one then they want one!

29. Universal Sustain Pedal

Universal Sustain PedalOne precious gift that you can give a keyboardist is the gift of authenticity. By giving them this universal sustain pedal, you can add that authentic acoustic piano feels to their electric keyboards! Not just that, but these will also allow them to have more control over which notes to sustain without tampering with the settings in the middle of playing.

30. Metronome

MetronomeMetronomes are a staple for both keyboardists and pianists. However, this one is not just any metronome. This metronome is a hybrid. It can help with timing and tempo and has a feature that will help any pianist or keyboardist with rhythm and beats. All you need are 3 AAA batteries and you are good to go.

3 Piano Gifts to Avoid Giving a Piano Lover

Now you have an idea what items many pianists and keyboardists are interested in. However, in the off chance that you still could not find the one you are looking for, you should at least take note of the things you should avoid. 

If you truly want to give a memorable and thoughtful gift, then it is best to stay away from these:

1. Generic Music Themed Items

Generic Music Themed ItemsWhile some may think this is a good idea and downright hilarious, the truth is that there is not much use to them. Additionally, if you are giving a gift to a pianist then perhaps it is better to stay away from generic music-themed items anyway. 

You already know what instrument they are passionate about. Why not give them something related to their preferred instrument? Why not get them something that they can use instead? 

Practical gifts are much much appreciated. Plus, they will likely think of you and your generosity whenever they use or see them!

2. Roll-up Pianos

Roll-up PianosThis item has been very popular as of late. However, unless the person you are planning to give it to does not own a keyboard, or an acoustic piano, and is desperate to get some practice in then you should not bother giving them this. 

Roll-up pianos are nothing but toys. You will be wasting your money on them as they are not as durable as a standard keyboard. They do not sit on a stand which means they either go on a desk or on the floor which can lead to bad posture. They do not even have “keys”, only a simulation of it printed on the material. This can affect someone negatively once they transition to an actual piano or keyboard.

If you want to give someone their instrument, it is better to opt for a MIDI keyboard or a beginner keyboard.


RingsIt is very likely that during your search on the internet for the best gifts you could give a pianist or keyboardist, you have found several accessories. Specifically, you probably have found music or piano-themed rings. Unfortunately, while no law prevents pianists from wearing rings, there are far better gifts out there than a ring.

Think about it, pianists use their fingers to play their instruments. Rings can throw off the balance, especially if they are heavy. Additionally, if they are the wrong size, it could also affect their playing. A ring that is too tight will cut or impede the circulation of blood through their fingers. A ring that is too loose can only serve as a distraction. 

Altogether, it is better to avoid giving pianists or keyboardists this gift.

Final Words

There you have it, 30 best gifts for piano and keyboard players as well as 3 that you should avoid. You have reached the end of the article!

Hopefully, you have found the perfect gift for the special piano lover in your life! Now you have the option to choose between small gifts and gifts for young piano players. You also have plenty of gift options for acoustic pianists and electric keyboardists. If you are looking for a more light-hearted gift, we have also included five great gifts that show off your great sense of humor!

Last but not the least, we also included several awesome gifts that anybody–both pianists and keyboardists– can surely appreciate! 

Always keep in mind that when it comes to giving gifts, it is the thought that counts. However, this should not prevent you from splurging a little bit on the best gifts for piano & keyboard players on your favorite pianists or keyboardists!


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