Updated August 1, 2022

The 9 Best Online Singing Lessons of 2022


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Today, there are so many options to learn to sing. Vocal lessons are a lot more accessible with the rise of online singing lessons taught by prestigious vocal coaches. However, with so many of these singing classes online, what are the best ones out there? 

How do you choose the right online vocal coach to help you power through a singing program

Look no further because we are here to give you the 9 best online singing lessons of 2020!

Compare Best Online Singing Lessons

Rank Products Feature Website
Best Overall

The lessons are extensive and perfect for beginners. Some of the lessons can even be ideal for intermediate and advanced learners.

Best Course Outline

You can send a recording of your voice and Roger Love will review it and provide feedback.

Best for Beginners

Aside from the thorough lecture about techniques, different exercises and warm-ups are provided for different genders.

Best for Advanced Learners

Learn tips and industry secrets straight from a world-class singer.

Best for Intermediate Learning

Aside from having a fantastic presence in front of the camera, Dr. Dan is able to explain techniques in a fun and easy way.

Best Value

A scientific approach to singing technique, this course’s arsenal of lessons just keeps growing.

Best Teaching Style

A growing number of lessons for this pioneer online singing course that has been around for more than a decade.

Best Warm-ups and Exercises

It comes with a workbook and fun free singing software that will help you as you study.

Best Mixed Voice Training

Lectures, exercises, and warm-ups focused on the most difficult singing technique: the mixed voice.

9 Best Online Singing Lessons Review

1. 30-Day Singer


If you are looking for the best online singing classes that have it all, then your best bet is 30-Day Singer. This singing course has an impressive course outline and a variety of vocal coaches that you can choose to learn from to ensure that you are perfectly comfortable and happy with the teaching style. 

Despite being advertised for beginners, 30-Day Singer has content that is suitable for advanced learners.

These online vocal lessons also boast of an incredibly active online community so you can interact with fellow learners and your vocal coaches! Additionally, for an extra fee, you can experience having your own personal coach. 30-Day Singer offers one-on-one sessions with their instructors either in person or via Skype. Finally, this online course is available on many different platforms and has extremely affordable singing lessons.

Check out the 30 day singer review to learn more!

  • Choose from several different coaches
  • Extremely affordable
  • Extra advanced lessons
  • Active and helpful community
  • Hire coaches for a one on one
  • Subscription-based
  • No downloadables

2. Roger Love Singing Academy

This 10-week program ensures that you do not strain your voice and are pacing yourself correctly. The lessons have three parts, all targeting to give you the best vocal training at every skill level.

Roger Love is an online vocal coach that explains techniques in a way that aspiring singers, even beginners, can easily understand. The exercises and warm-ups he provides are not just educational but also incredibly fun.

Granted, the price is a little too high, but the fact that you get a comprehensive and effective singing training and the best voice coach in one makes it worth it.

Check out the roger love singing academy review to learn more!

  • Teaches you to sing in 10 weeks
  • Learn from Roger Love himself
  • Separate exercises for male and female voices.
  • Free software that will help you as you learn to sing online.
  • Send a recording to Roger Love for feedback
  • Expensive compared to others
  • Video quality is not great

3. Superior Singing Method

Superior Singing Method Reviews

Superior Singing Method has one of the most extensive lists of lessons, exercises, and warm-ups. The singing lessons for beginners are set up in a way that makes it easy to follow. The way the information is discussed ensures those who are only starting out are not overwhelmed. 

The coach, Aaron Anastasi, started out as a hopeful, much like most beginners. Through proper training, research, and perseverance, he was able to teach himself how to sing and land himself on the professional stage as a performer. 

He posts singing tutorials on his YouTube channel (1) for new singers. Now, this online course offers a more extensive and intensive discussion.

Check out the superior singing method review to learn more!

  • Covers all important techniques
  • There is something in here for everyone
  • Affordable
  • A section after each lesson that allows you to ask questions
  • A fun and active community for members
  • One purchase gives you lifetime access to the whole course.
  • Aaron Anastasi does not have a captivating camera presence
  • No visual aids

4. Christina Aguilera Masterclass

Christina Aguilera Masterclass

This course has been criticized for the lack of techniques that beginners can use. Many advanced singers are sure to benefit from it, however.

Who else would be the best voice coach to teach you the ins and outs of the music industry as well as her experience as a world-class singer than Christina Aguilera? She has lived half her life as an internationally recognized pop star, after all. 

For a very low price, sit down with Christina Aguilera as she shares her experience and knowledge as your vocal coach in this one-of-a-kind Masterclass!

Check out the christina aguilera masterclass review to learn more!

  • Learn under the tutelage of Christina Aguilera.
  • The videos and sound recordings are high-quality
  • Affordable considering you will be taught by Christina Aguilera
  • Advice from someone who has lived through it all
  • Does not allow you to get one on one coaching
  • Lack of technical knowledge

5. Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials

Dr. Dan has that charming music teacher vibe in his video lessons that are all easy to understand and pleasant to look at, with its high quality and fun visual aids.

The video lessons shot in high definition are extremely useful for intermediate learners, although beginners can benefit from then as well! The course comes with exercises, warm-ups, fun and easy quizzes, and homework that will truly help boost your learning. All for a very low price! 

If you still are not convinced, you can check out Dr. Dan’s YouTube channel where he posts videos on how to sing for beginners (2).

Check out the dr dan’s voice essentials review to learn more!

  • A fun teacher with a passion for teaching others
  • A well-paced course outline
  • Fun exercises, quizzes, and homework
  • High-quality audio and video for each lesson and exercise.
  • Affordable price for all three lessons
  • Advanced learners may not find much in this course.
  • Does not have a one on one coaching or review feature

6. The Four Pillars of Singing

While there are plenty of cheaper alternatives for online singing courses, we are confident to say that The Four Pillars of Singing has the best value for your money in terms of content. Depending on the package you avail, you will be given up to 500+ hours of video lessons, exercises and warm-ups that you can use any time you want. The inclusions just keep expanding as well. 

Also, you will be provided with a digital and physical copy of Robert Lunte’s book as a reference as you go through his lessons.

If that is not enough to convince you, Lunte has a very active online presence. You can even talk to him via his website’s Live Chat function.

Check out the the four pillars of singing review to learn more!

  • A huge amount of lessons
  • One time payment, full-time access
  • Consistently adds newer lessons to the list
  • Scientific and detailed
  • Active presence online
  • The number of lessons can be overwhelming
  • Some terminologies used might be confusing for beginners.

7. Singing Success 360

Singing Success is one of the most popular titles that pop-up when you search how you can learn how to sing online; and for good reasons too! 

This vocal course has been around for a decade and as one of the pioneers of online singing lessons. The teaching style in this course is clear, concise, easy to follow and flexible, easily making it one of the best vocal lessons for beginners

However, it is not just beginners that can benefit from this. 

Experts find something useful in Singing Success, in the form of industry advice from one of the biggest names in the industry–Brett Manning.

Check out the singing success 360 review to learn more!

  • It starts from the very foundation and goes up from there
  • A lot of exercises available for both genders
  • Manning’s 26 years of experience compiled into a useful singing program
  • Concise and easy teaching style
  • One-time one-on-one teaching session with Brett Manning on Skype
  • This online course is more on the expensive side
  • Skype vocal lessons are only great if you have a decent microphone

Singorama has the best exercises and warm-ups we have ever seen. Armed with several free software as bonuses, it can truly help beginners and intermediate learners perfect the exercises. 

This course also tackles the non-technical parts of singing. Coming from a singer who started at the bottom and paved her own way to the top, Melanie Alexander helps her students deal with the emotional parts of singing as well.

Check out the singorama review to learn more!

  • Lessons are well-paced and not overwhelming
  • Lots of extras and free software
  • One of the lowest prices out there for singing courses online
  • Gives additional advice for writing your own songs
  • The user interface is quite dull and boring
  • No one-on-one coaching lessons

9. Mastering Mix

So you have done all the exercises and warm-ups needed to progress from the beginning stages of your singing lessons. Are you still having trouble managing your transitions and mixed voice? 

This is where Mastering Mix comes in handy. Its entire focus is centered on one aspect of singing, which is considered the hardest part, transitioning and mixed voice.

It provides exercises, warm-ups and lectures you will need to further develop this important aspect, making it the perfect fit for an intermediate level singer.

Check out the mastering mix review to learn more!

  • Focused on one of the hardest parts of singing
  • Easy to navigate and straight to the point
  • Digital download allows you to take it anywhere and study anytime
  • Taught by a coach who is behind some of the biggest names in the music industry
  • This online course is a lot more expensive than most
  • No extras like workbooks or PDFs

How To Choose The Best Online Singing Course For You

1. Assess your needs

Every singer is unique and so are you! Whether you are a beginner, who knows little about vocal techniques, an intermediate level learner who knows some but needs refining, or an advanced learner who is looking for some extra lessons to perfect their vocals, there is a perfect lesson for you out there. 

To find the perfect fit, you need to ask yourself what level your singing is. Make sure to answer honestly. There is no shame in being a beginner, every master starts as a novice, after all!

2. Research

I cannot stress enough the importance of research. It is one of the things that keeps you from wasting your time and money. 

  • Pick a course outline that fits your needs and learning level best.
  • Read reviews to help you weigh the pros and cons (e.g. elite singing techniques review, etc).
  • Find a good coach that fits your learning style will give you the best results.
  • Know which course has the best value for your money in terms of content and resources.

3. Prepare yourself

Prepare Yourself
Training for anything is a grueling task. It might not seem that way but singing is a physical activity as it includes your vocal cords. Because of this, training yourself to sing will take some time out of your day. 

Clear out your schedule and organize your time for your lessons. Keep notes if you learn better this way. 

4. Begin

Sometimes, starting out can be intimidating and overwhelming, this can lead to doubts. Don’t put off your lessons until you realize that it has been weeks and you have not started yet. Set a schedule and stick by it.

5. Keep Going

I would not lie to you and say singing is easy. It is not. Even if you are taking lessons and have a good voice coach does not mean your singing will improve overnight. 

Like any skill worth keeping, singing is something you have to keep doing in order to improve. Do not allow yourself to get distracted by your mistakes and keep pushing forward.

6. Keep Practicing

set-five-isolated-male-female-young-people-characters_98292-3132 (1)Even after you have finished your course, it is crucial that you keep practicing. Like most skills, if you stopped practicing, your voice will become stagnant and it will take a great effort to train it back to how it used to be. Spend a few minutes a day going through the exercises in your old lessons, these exercises will help you maintain your vocal quality.

7. Consider taking advanced lessons

After your basic lessons, perhaps it is time you consider getting more challenging courses? If you plan on singing professionally, there are plenty of courses out there that will continue to help you refine and improve your voice plus some extremely useful tips and advice that you might need as you progress through your journey as a singer.

Now that I have given you some advice that will help you choose the best vocal lessons for yourself, as well as some recommendations that you might be interested in looking into, the next part is up to you. Keep working hard. Aim to improve. Happy singing!

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