Can Anyone Learn to Sing? MYTH BUSTED on Teaching Yourself to Sing

By James  •  Updated August 24, 2022


Time and time again, people assume that in order to be a great singer, you must be born with the correct genes and talent. This insinuates that if you are not born with this innate skill, then you have absolutely no chance to make it out there as a singer. 

Is there a truth to this or is it possible to train your voice to sing? Keep reading this article and we will find out!

I Love Singing But…


But? Nothing. If you love singing and you want to learn how to sing, then find yourself a coach, invest in some lessons, practice, and keep singing. Being born a singer is nothing but a myth. 

Of course, there is something like musical intelligence (1). However, this only contributes to how fast and how easy it is for you to improve your singing. It does not decide whether or not you can actually sing. The process might take longer for you if you have lower musical intelligence, but it will not prevent you from learning.

Can You Learn How to Be a Good Singer?


If someone can train themselves to dance well or play an instrument elegantly, cook, paint or any other skill that people view as artistic talent, you can teach yourself to sing too. Anyone can learn to sing!

There are thousands upon thousands of ways to teach yourself. Scour music websites for tips and tricks on how to get better. Peruse the long list of YouTube videos meant to improve your singing. Invest in online singing lessons. These are just some of the things that you can utilize to learn how to be better at singing.

Is It Possible to Train Your Voice to Sing? If So, How?


It all starts with understanding the fact that you cannot expect yourself to match every singer you have ever liked. As a singer, you will develop your signature voice. It will be different from everyone else. Unique! 

This does not mean you are “not as good” as other singers. You are simply NOT other singers. Learn to love your voice, make sure to commit to practice sessions and vocal care, and invest time and effort in useful resources.

1. Resources Online

Since you are reading this from my website I am sure you are already aware of the online resources that you can use to improve your singing skills. The thing is, many people are just like you. They want to learn how to sing but do not know how or where to start. Some of them have looked for answers to these questions earlier than you have. Many, just like me, are here to provide you with advice from our own experience whether it be in written form such as articles or YouTube videos.

2. Voice Lessons

There are two types of voice lessons, one involves searching for nearby schools and coaches. You can either take lessons in private or with a group. The second type of voice lessons are ones you can take online. Often, these lessons are created by top vocal coaches. Here is an article that contains our top 9 online singing lessons. Go check it out, and see if there is anything that strikes your fancy. 

It all boils down to a matter of preference. If you prefer to learn in person, then the first option is ideal. If you prefer to learn from your own home, then the second is a more viable option. If you would like to find out about the cost of voice lessons in 2020, check this out.

3. Practice

When you start practicing and training your voice, your muscles begin to change into something that makes it easier for you to sing. Daily practice is important to maintain and retain what you’ve already achieved. 

4. Committing to Daily Exercises

Daily warm-ups and exercises are the keys to vocal improvement and to safe vocal improvement. It is extremely important that you know what exercises develop what aspect of your voice so you can focus on the parts you find yourself struggling with. Make sure to cool down after every exercise. Doing so spares your vocal cords from strain while you continue to speak throughout the day using your normal speaking voice. 

5. Find a Community

A community filled with fellow singers just like you, especially one with people at the same skill level would prove invaluable. Not only will it serve as a support pillar for your own struggles as a singer, but it can also be a source of knowledge and inspiration to help you better understand singing and what you can achieve with your voice.

Do Singing Lessons Work If You Can’t Sing?


With all the free resources online, you might be tempted to skip paying for professional singing lessons or hiring a vocal coach. If you’re serious about singing, however, you need to invest in these tools. 

If you simply would like to sing for fun, then there is no immediate need for you to take voice lessons. However, if you want to pursue a singing career and perform on stage, then taking voice lessons becomes a necessity.

The advantages and benefits that come from doing so and employing a vocal coach are endless. Singing lessons are definitely worth it!