Christina Aguilera Masterclass Review 2022: Is It Worth The Hype?

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Professional and exciting, the amount of lessons and extras you will get for the Christina Aguilera Masterclass is top-tier. The fact that you get to be coached by a world-class singer, learn her secrets and gain singing tips and tricks from here is pretty exciting. Additionally, you will get invaluable advice from Christina Aguilera about singing as a career as well as some advanced tips regarding performing, recording and even industry secrets.


Course Outline

The Christina Aguilera Masterclass course is professionally shot, making it look pleasing to the eyes and ears but the content of it focuses more on personal advice rather than tried-and-tested techniques.


Value for Money

Considering the fact that you are going to have Christina Aguilera as your vocal coach, plus the number of lessons and exercises in this course, the price is still surprisingly low.


The Christina Aguilera Masterclass is available online and is therefore accessible on-the-go from your phones, tablets and/or laptops.


Student Feedback

While there are a lot of reviews about the Christina Aguilera Masterclass, you will see very few positive ones in threads as a majority of the positive ones are hidden in the discussion section at the end of each class.

  • Learn under a world-class singer
  • High-quality sound and video recording
  • Unique tips and tricks from Christina Aguilera
  • Affordable lessons
  • Handy workbook with exercises included
  • Interactive lessons
  • Christina claims that technique is not important on her trailer (5) which can be misleading to beginners
  • Lessons lack technical knowledge
  • Some of the advice given is only relatable if you are a world-class pop star too
  • No one on one sessions

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Aspiring singers and bathroom divas alike know who Christina Aguilera is. Ever since her debut in the 90s, she has produced songs that hit the worldwide billboard charts again and again. Now, partnered with Masterclass, she teaches you the techniques that she herself uses as a world-class singer in 23 comprehensive lessons.

If you are a fan or someone who wants to learn through the tutelage of an experienced singer, you should check out this masterclass online singing class review and find out if you will gain plenty from it. 

What Is the Christina Aguilera Masterclass & How Does It Work?

Before we answer what the Christina Aguilera Masterclass is, first, we have to ask the question: how does masterclass work? Masterclass (1) is a website that provides online learning courses from cooking, acting, singing, fashion and much, much more. 

The twist? 

These classes are taught by industry professionals like Gordon Ramsey, Samuel L. Jackson and many others. For one of its many online courses, Christina Aguilera teaches Masterclass on singing. 

Signing up for the masterclass provides you with an app that will help you find your vocal range. It contains 23 high definition video classes with the world-famous Christina Aguilera as your mentor, and a printable workbook containing activities and different schedules that span for about 6 weeks. The lessons start with an introductory video of Christina Aguilera singing and then a quick briefing of what you could expect from the rest of the course.

Who Is The Christina Aguilera Masterclass Suitable For?

Many glowing product reviews for the Christina Aguilera Masterclass will tell you that this is a good online singing course for anyone who wants to learn how to sing. Plenty of professional singers and even vocal coaches who have taken the class as well sing praises to how they could learn many tips and tricks from Christina from industry secrets to useful advice that helps them improve their stage performance on top of their singing.

However, masterclass review Reddit has something else to say. 

According to a specific thread (2), several people who have participated in the class find Christina Aguilera more of a natural-born singer than someone who has perfected their craft from honing in and improving their techniques. Because of this, they believe that Christina Aguilera lacks the technical knowledge to make her a good teacher and that one should delve into this Masterclass if and only if they already have a solid understanding of singing techniques (3). 

Despite this observation, many still agree on the fact that Christina Aguilera makes a good coach for advanced learners.

What Makes The Christina Aguilera Masterclass Unique?

There are plenty of online vocal lessons out there that hark on about their approach to singing styles and techniques. The Christina Aguilera Masterclass goes over its own share of technical singing lessons. A majority of them stick to useful advice, such as performing on stage, duets, industry advice, and even how to set up your studio so you feel comfortable while recording. 

Aside from that, the movie-like quality of videos and sound in every single one of the 23 lessons truly sets the Christina Aguilera Masterclass apart from plenty of vocal courses that simply supply audio recordings of the course. 

The high quality of the videos and audios, as well as the exercises that come with it, makes them not only pleasing to the ears but also easy on the eyes.

At the end of every lesson, there is a discussion section where you can interact with other people taking the class. This section is a huge help in promoting unity and community within the members of the industry. In a world where competition is fierce, it helps bridge connections with people who share the same passions. Priceless. 

Lastly but definitely not the least, how many vocal courses online can you find that are taught by a world-class legend like Christina Aguilera? The pride and prestige that come with having the Christina Aguilera as your vocal coach are unmatched.

Who Created The Christina Aguilera Masterclass?

170px-Christina_Aguilera_SanremoThe Christina Aguilera Masterclass is created in collaboration with David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen under the name Yanka Industries, Inc. 

Originally starting as a site that offers lessons from only three instructors, Masterclass has grown to have more than fifty classes and thousands of lessons and exercises all taught by many renowned personalities in their respective fields.

Yanka Industries then collaborated with Aguilera, a world-renowned singer, songwriter and TV personality that has gotten accolades for her performances in the form of five Grammy awards and one Latin Grammy Award. 

She also has her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In this collaboration, the singer becomes your vocal coach and walks you through lessons, exercises, tips and tricks that she has accumulated for almost 30 years of her impressive career.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

Christina Aguilera Masterclass consists of three things. It comes with a 47-page workbook that gives you lesson recaps and helps you put what you have gathered from each lesson into practice. The Masterclass also comes with a useful range finder tool in the form of a mobile application that can help you keep track of your range improvement throughout the entire course. 

It also comes with 23 high-quality video lessons featuring Christina Aguilera as your coach. 
Lesson 1: Introduction
Lesson 2: Christina’s Inspiration
Lesson 3: Warming Up
Lesson 4: Protecting Your Voice
Lesson 5: Range
Lesson 6: Student Sessions: Pop Style
Lesson 7: Student Sessions: Simplify
Lesson 8: Student Sessions: Rock Style
Lesson 9: Diction
Lesson 10: Mastering Vocal Techniques
Lesson 11: Playing With Texture and Tone
Lesson 12: Duets Part 1: Rehearsal Prep
Lesson 13: Duets Part 2: Perfecting The Performance
Lesson 14: The Beat
Lesson 15: Live Microphones
Lesson 16: Studio Microphones
Lesson 17: Performance Anxiety
Lesson 18: Singing It Live
Lesson 19: Overcoming Mistakes
Lesson 20: Advice For Artists
Lesson 21: Self-Expression
Lesson 22: Christina’s Journey
Lesson 23: Closing 

Detailed information about each lesson can be found on the Christina Aguilera Masterclass website (4).

Is the Christina Aguilera Masterclass a Reputable Online Singing Course? (Not A Scam)

Christina Aguilera is a big name in the music industry. We all know who she is and at least one of her songs! It is highly unlikely that she would allow her name and brand to be associated with a scam. Besides, it is not just Christina who has their name associated with Masterclass, many other famous personalities are also sharing their knowledge through Masterclass’ long list of online courses.

Another thing to note is the generous 30-day refund from Masterclass, no questions asked if you find yourself displeased with their service and products.

Christina Aguilera Masterclass Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials:

Searching online, I have not found a lot of video testimonials for the Christina Aguilera Masterclass which is quite surprising because the number of in-depth reviews for the course is quite overwhelming. However, I come to realize that the reason why video testimonials of the course are hard to come by is that it has a very active discussion section at the end of each lesson.


Once you purchase the Christina Aguilera Masterclass, you will have access to dozens upon dozens of testimonials from others who have taken the class as well. If you look up Masterclass on forums like Reddit or even the YouTube comment section, people do not have a lot of nice things to say:

Christina Aguilera Testimony

According to a Reddit User (6)
Still, not every single comment on forums are negative, there are still some people who are defending the class:

Christina Aguilera Testimony1

According to a Reddit User (7)

Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

My rating for the Christina Aguilera Masterclass is 4/5.

If you already have your techniques down pat and need help refining them or if you want to hear tips and advice from someone who has been in the business for decades then the Christina Aguilera Masterclass is for you. 

However, if you are a beginner looking to train yourself to sing by learning the technicalities behind it then I suggest you look elsewhere. While Christina is a decent coach that can give you insight on performing and dealing with your own anxieties and hurdles as an artist, she is not very big on technique which is an extremely crucial thing to learn when you are only starting out as a singer.

Personally, as someone who has had the experience when it comes to singing and has a solid grasp on technique and styles, I found Christina’s advice invaluable. You might find her insights useful as well.

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