Do Piano Learning Apps WORK? Our Top 2 Best Recommendations

By James  •  Updated August 21, 2022


Many people have been trying out piano learning apps to learn to play the piano. With so many apps out there though, it can be difficult to find one that works for you and what’s the best way to learn piano. Plus, the fact that there exist educational piano games makes finding piano learning apps more challenging.

Educational piano games and piano learning apps are two different programs, however, differentiating the two is not easy for beginners.

We figured that if we compare games from apps, it would be easier for anybody to pick the most suitable learning apps to add to their list.

Educational Piano Games vs Piano Learning Apps

There are two types of piano apps on Google Play Store and Apple Apps. First, we have educational piano games that let you play the piano for fun. It has high scores, challenges, and leaderboards. 

This app allows people to have fun while playing the piano. Yousician on Apple (1) and Android (2) is a great example of an educational piano game.

On the other hand, piano learning apps are based on the fundamentals of playing the piano. Although they also have high scores, challenges, and leaderboards, they are more focused on teaching a student to learn to play the instrument.  

Do Learn Piano Apps Work?

Yes, piano learning apps do work! Despite being more focused on teaching their student base songs through fun exercises, piano learning apps still cover the important piano basics. Most piano learning apps include some of the fundamentals in the standard piano training curriculum to teach beginners how to play. 

However, if you are hoping to learn the piano more seriously though, you should opt for traditional or online piano lessons instead. 

The thing with piano learning apps is that they focus on teaching songs. They offer a decent starting point with playing the piano and make for a great supplementary app for people who are already taking lessons. They are even great for practice sessions! 

However, they are not ideal as a stand-alone, so it is best not to solely rely on them for your piano training. 

Still, if you simply want to have some fun and learn some songs, piano learning apps can do the job. The best piano learning app can provide some basic training.

Best Piano Learning Apps

Two piano learning apps are leading in the market right now. 

First, we have Playground Sessions which is co-created by the legendary pianist Quincy Jones. The second one is Flowkey, which is created in collaboration with Yamaha Music. 

Both Flowkey and Playground Sessions are good piano learning apps. Still, you are probably wondering which of the two is better.

Let Sound Fro take a closer look at the pros and cons of both piano learning apps:


  • Affordable
  • Covers piano basics
  • Huge song library with 20 genres
  • Song library is constantly updating
  • Does not go past basic lessons
  • Microphone connection tends to be unstable

Playground Sessions

  • Goes over piano fundamentals and theory
  • Greatly encourages musicality
  • Video lessons taught by renowned pianists David Sides and Harry Connick Jr.
  • Good song library with lots of genres
  • Has bonus lessons
  • Co-created by the legendary Quincy Jones
  • Does not focus on technique
  • Much like an iTunes library, you will have to buy the songs

In conclusion, if you would like a more affordable option, then Flowkey could be the perfect piano learning app for you. But if you are someone who prefers more lessons on how to play the piano, then you can opt for Playground Sessions.


Despite being less in-depth as most online piano courses, Playground Sessions is still a great piano lessons app that provides students with the basics to start playing the piano. 

Still, if you would like to learn the piano seriously, I would recommend choosing an online piano course, as it is designed to contain a more comprehensive list of lessons that will help you on your journey as a pianist.

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