Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials Review 2022: Best Online Singing Lessons?

Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials Reviews 2020

Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials is one of the most comprehensive online singing courses in the market to date. The lessons are discussed in a way that is simple and easy to understand and at some points, even fun and enjoyable. Boasting a wide variety of lessons, workbook pages, exercises, and vocal warm-ups this course is perfectly set up for anyone who wants to learn how to sing or improve their singing. This is truly a course that has high-quality content for an affordable price.


Course Outline

Dr. Dan’s course is neatly organized and extremely simplified, which makes it easy for new learners to follow. The course is geared towards beginners and intermediate learners.


Value for Money

The course, compared to many other online singing workshops, is extremely cheap and affordable, but the content that you will be purchasing is well worth your money as well.


Not only is it available for digital download and easy to access on your phone, laptop or tablet, it is also sold in over 40 countries worldwide.


Student Feedback

Every review I have seen of this online singing course has been positive. including reviews from the more critical side of the internet like Reddit. 

  • Task division is great and not overwhelming
  • Dr. Dan’s camera presence makes for an interesting and fun lesson
  • Extremely affordable
  • Video and audio quality is top-tier
  • Includes fun exercises and quizzes
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lessons might be too simple for advanced learners
  • No live coaching or reviews

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Surprisingly, with the number of singing courses available online, not many of them can be described as educational and fun at the same time. Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials, however, proves its uniqueness by breaking out of the mold that many online singing programs seem to have created. 

The course is easy to follow, is organized, educational, and known to improve the voices of aspiring singers in a few week’s time, all the while creating a fun atmosphere. This is because of Dr. Dan’s camera presence. 

In this online singing lessons review, we will take a look at what makes this program one of the highest-rated courses in the market.

What Is Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials & How Does It Work?

This is a three-part program that is created to help beginners and intermediate level singers to improve their voices through a thorough study of the many different vocal styles and techniques. The three-part lessons contain over 200 minutes of lessons and exercises, along with a digital workbook and many extras to provide aspiring singers an easy, practical, and fun way of learning.

Being entirely digital, this course is available on many platforms such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, ensuring that you can take your studies anywhere and listen to them whenever it is most convenient for you.

Who Is Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials Suitable For?

This online singing course is suitable for beginners to intermediate levels. The way the vocal techniques are simplified and explained with detail but in a way that makes it easy to understand is perfect for anyone who does not know much about music terminologies yet.

The usage of visual aids and the explanations Dr. Dan uses truly make the lessons interesting and fun.

What Makes Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials Unique?

I took the time to watch through some of his videos available online and what immediately got my attention is the fact that he has an amazing camera presence.

The way he interacts with the camera truly makes you feel like you are sitting in a class with him as your teacher. The way that Dr. Dan talks is kind and respectful, sprinkling music-themed jokes here and there to keep it interesting and enjoyable. 

The way he talks about music and vocal talent is also all-encompassing, embracing the differences and uniqueness in every person’s voice. The message he sends is that of embracing your own vocal talents and then going up from there. 

There is a certain feeling about Dr. Dan that makes you realize that he is a person who thoroughly enjoys sharing his knowledge with the world. His vocal pedagogy is simple and straight to the point. He adds visual aids to his already high-quality videos to make learning even more interesting rather than dull.

Who Created Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials?

Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials
Dr. Daniel K. Robinson
is an award-winning artist and a vocal coach with his own studio, Djarts. He is well known in Australia as one of the leading specialists in contemporary singing voice and boasts 25 years of coaching experience and 30 years of experience being a professional singer. 

After completing his Doctor of Musical Arts Degree at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, Dr. Daniel Robinson, affectionately called Dr. Dan by his students, is now serving in the Australian Voice Association also known as AVA, as the National President. Aside from that, he is also a member of ANATS or the Australian National Association for Singing Teachers.

In order to spread his knowledge to the world, he created the Voice Essentials online courses. Needless to say, you can be confident in Dr. Dan’s abilities not only as a capable artist but also as a capable vocal coach.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

Program Consist Of
In this
Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials review, we will take a quick look at the content of the first part of the course:

Each module is intelligently divided to focus on a single aspect of the student’s voice before moving on to the next. 

The modules are composed of the following:

Text Introduction

The lesson starts out with an explanation of what to expect while going through each module. After the first module, there is a simple task survey where you could share your thoughts regarding the program.

Video Lessons
Video Lessons
As the highlight of the module, the videos are of high quality. Dr. Dan sits in front of the camera and goes over the lessons with a jovial tone that keeps you listening. He goes through each one and explains it in a simple manner but with great detail, showing visual aids to make it even easier to understand.

Lesson Sheets
Text Introduction
A lesson sheet is then provided after the video to further enhance your understanding of the course. Despite being only one page per lesson, the sheets are expertly designed and provide helpful notes. 

Audio Exercises
Audio Exercises
For each module, there are around one to three exercises available for download. Dr. Dan guides the student through these exercises.

Bonus Videos
Around two to three videos are added at the end of each module to further explain the week’s lessons.

Module Quiz
Module Quiz
At the end of each module, you are given four to five simple and easy multiple-choice questions pertaining to the module you just finished.

Practical Tasks
With these, Dr. Dan lists down exercises the student should be doing throughout the week and how often. It is sort of like homework but fun and completes the last part of each module.

Practical Tasks
For every module, there are different focus and different exercises and tasks for you to complete. Smartly created to span over a 10-week program, each module you complete takes you one step closer to becoming a great singer.

Is Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials A Reputable Online Singing Course? (Not A Scam)

As someone who truly has a passion for teaching and helping aspiring singers improve in their craft, Dr. Dan created Voice Essentials as an honest and reputable online singing course. 

He himself has an active online presence, posting often both on his YouTube channel (2) and his Facebook page (3) where many of his students have posted reviews of his coaching abilities.

The official site (4) also has a free trial of the first module of Voice Essentials 1 and a generous 30-day 100% risk-free guarantee to get your money back should you find that his course is not for you.

Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

Unsurprisingly, all the reviews I have seen of the Voice Essentials have been positive so far. The man seems kind and respectful in his videos, helpful, easy to understand, and charismatic. What shocked me a little is the fact that even in the more critical spaces like Reddit (5), where people often go to voice unpopular opinions, I have only seen positive comments for Dr. Dan’s teaching methods.

According to a YouTube user.

According to a YouTube user.

According to several YouTube users.

According to a Reddit user.

One other thing that surprised me as well, is the fact that I have not seen video reviews or testimonials of his online course anywhere on YouTube. However, this could be because of the number of videos he posts that pertain to vocal lessons. In the comment sections of his videos, I was able to find some helpful reviews and testimonials from people who have previously and/or are currently subscribed to his online classes.

Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

I am giving Dr. Dan’s Voice Essentials a 4.8/5.

This is hands-down one of the best online singing courses for beginners and intermediate learners. The product is available in more than 40 countries, with a wide platform and a comprehensive curriculum that students easily comprehend and enjoy. 

There are not a lot of classes where you could say you had fun but this course is definitely a place where dullness is non-existent. 

Dr. Dan’s passion for coaching and music is felt through his professionally assembled course, with high-quality video lessons, audio exercises, and a workbook designed to help you understand and apply his lessons long after you complete the course.

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