Elite Singing Techniques Review 2022: Best Online Singing Lessons?

Elite Singing Techniques Review 2020

Elite Singing Techniques Phase I is a good online singing course for anyone who is looking to improve their vocal abilities. This online singing course discusses important vocal techniques and comes from a great coach who seems to truly enjoy sharing his knowledge about singing. Compared to most online courses, this course is also very affordable.


Course Outline

Eric Arcaneaux’s online singing course is simple and straight to the point with plenty of exercises that students can use for their vocal training. This is limited to beginners only, however.


Value for Money

For lifetime access to 86 lectures and over 4.5 hours of training videos, the price for this online singing lesson is affordable and worth the investment.


Eric Arcaneaux’s Elite Singing Techniques Phase I is available as a digital download and is accessible on various platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and/or desktops.


Student Feedback

There are only a few video testimonials and reviews available online.

  • Detailed discussions
  • Affordable price for the number of lessons and exercises
  • Train your voice as well as beef-up your technical terminology knowledge
  • One-time payment, lifetime access
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Lots of extra exercises and secondary lessons
  • Lack of visual aids
  • Eric Arceneaux does not have a strong camera presence
  • Video quality is decent but the audio quality is not

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Many people have picked up singing in their life only to put it off because something else needed their full attention. This leaves them no time to practice. For some, they simply do not know where to start. This is where Eric Arcaneaux’s Elite Singing Techniques Phase I proves useful in both scenarios. 

Made for anyone who wants to continue vocal training from the confines of their own home or during their free time, the Elite Singing Techniques provide you with a lifetime online access to an extensive list of lectures, vocal warm-ups, and exercises that will train you to improve your singing voice and talent in your own time. Is this one one the best online singing classes? Let’s find out!

What Is Elite Singing Techniques & How Does It Work?

This is an online vocal course for people who want to train themselves all on their own with guidance from resources provided by a professional coach. 

Containing over 4.5 hours of video, including 86 lectures and exercises and a workbook to assist you with the learning process, the course is one of the most comprehensive online vocal programs out there. It is organized well, which makes the entire set simple and easy to follow.

It is known to help improve not only your voice but also your technical knowledge by helping you understand important musical and vocal terms that you will definitely encounter as you progress in your studies.

Who Are the Elite Singing Techniques Suitable For?

While the official website claims that it is suitable for beginners to advanced learners, I personally believe that the lessons are better suited for beginners up to intermediate-level learners.

The lessons are grouped together starting from the basics and then increasing in difficulty as it progresses, which makes it ideal for those who are only starting out. To top it off, the way Eric Arceneaux explains his lessons – detailed but simplified – can truly ease the way for those who do not have much information about singing in the first place.

The lessons continue to refine technique and style as well as help rid singers of bad habits that might compromise their voices in the long run.

What Makes Elite Singing Techniques Unique?

The layout is very organized. The lessons are divided into modules and are grouped together to improve one skillset before moving on to the next. This prevents entry-level students from feeling overwhelmed by the high volume of lectures and exercises included in the online singing course.

Arceneaux’s lessons are also extremely detailed, producing several videos for a single lesson to ensure that his students fully understand everything there is to know about a specific topic before moving forward. Included in these videos are explanations of musical terms that you might not have previously heard of if you are fairly new to singing but are sure to encounter as you go along. 

Who Created Elite Singing Techniques?

Eric ArceneauxEric Arceneaux started getting famous when he appeared as a guest instructor in Brett Manning’s Singing Success television program. With 20 years of experience, both as a vocal coach and a professional singer, he definitely has the skills and knowledge to teach people to sing. 

He created this course in collaboration with Udemy to create a comprehensive guide on how to be a better singer. You can read more about Eric Arceneaux here (1). 

What Does the Program Consist Of?

Being an excellent singer, Eric Arceneaux is able to demonstrate the exercises and lectures he has in Elite Singing Techniques. The question is: exactly what is in the program? 

In this Elite Singing Techniques review, we will take a quick look at what is in store for any student looking to learn from this course.

The course itself contains 16 sessions with around 86 video lessons spread throughout the program.

The sessions are the following:

Like any online singing courses, whether it be online or in a studio, there is sure to be some form of introductory phase. Here, Arceneaux glosses over the lessons he will cover in the first phase of Elite Singing Techniques.

Huh Oh Exercises
Different exercises designed to help you open your throat while closing your vocal cords.

Lip Rolls
Lip Roll exercises are popular in vocal training, and this course teaches you how to do this exercise correctly. It also outlines the benefits it provides you.

Vocal Fry
Teaches you vocal fry exercises and its purpose and functions.

Pianissimo Exercises
Learn how to produce a soft sound while finding coordination and building strength.

Staccato M Exercises
Learn how you can improve your vocal strength and vocal muscle coordination through staccato and closed-mouthed M exercises.

Staccato to Legato M
Learn how to maintain your Staccato M as you transition to a Legato M while still being in control of your vocal cords.

Mum Exercises
This outlines the functions and purpose of the exercise, where you start from an M to an Ah sound and then back to M again.

Staccato Mum to Legato Mum
Applying Staccato to the Mum exercise and learning how to seamlessly transfer to Legato.

Breath and Support
Learn how to enhance your breathing and support for those long notes.

Low and Heavy Voice
As part of the more advanced warm-ups, you are presented with 17 warm-up exercises that you can use to condition your voice before singing.

Medium Voice
Another part of the advanced warm-ups, this particular lesson gives you 16 warm-up exercises to train your medium voice before singing.

High Voice
As the final part of advanced warm-ups, you get 13 warm-up exercises to practice your high voice before singing.

Diaphragm Voice
This is a bonus lesson included in the Elite Singing Techniques that includes 9 exercises to help you refine your breathing techniques.

Arceneaux answers some frequently asked questions regarding his lessons.

Moving Up
Where you get advice on when to move forward in your vocal training.

Is Elite Singing Techniques A Reputable Online Singing Course? (Not A Scam)

Because this online singing course is hosted on a trusted site like Udemy, you are assured that Elite Singing Techniques Phase I is not a scam at all. Eric Arceneaux has an active YouTube presence where he gives free tips and singing advice to beginners. You can really tell that the man is not only in it for the money but has a passion for teaching the world to sing.

Udemy also offers a quick preview of the course and a 30-day refund guarantee should you find that this online singing workshop is not for you.

Elite Singing Techniques Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

Here are several video testimonials from people who had learned under the tutelage of Eric Arceneaux:

Tanya LeMaitre

DeDe Murcer Moffet

In more critical places like Reddit (3), I have mostly seen good reviews of Eric Arcaneaux’s technique and ability as a vocal coach.

vocal coach

According to a Reddit user.
The only slightly negative review I have seen online is about the sound quality of his videos.

sound quality

Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

My rating for Eric Arcaneaux’s Elite Singing Techniques Phase I is 4.2/5.

You can truly see Arcaneaux’s proficiency and excellent pedagogy on this online vocal course. His detailed explanation of both the course and technical terms are very helpful to those who are only beginning their singing journey. The way the courses are sectioned makes them less overwhelming for self-learners. This allows them to pace themselves as they go through the exercises included in the program.

Arceneaux’s wonderful singing voice easily demonstrates the techniques he uses on his lessons, perfectly making it easier for the students to understand how the exercises should be done. While the sound quality and Eric’s camera presence could be better, there is no doubt that he knows what he is talking about. There is no doubt that he knows how to teach in a way that is sure to help even intermediate learners improve.

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