Flowkey vs Simply Piano – WHY Neither Is The Best?

By James  •  Updated August 11, 2022

Both these online piano courses, Flowkey vs Simply Piano, generally have the same technique when it comes to teaching songs. By connecting your instrument into the app or using their device’s microphone to pick up the notes, these apps determine whether or not you are pressing the right key. 

This game-like approach gives students the motivation to keep learning. However, are these two the most ideal courses for people looking for lessons that will take them from beginner to pro? Let us find out in this Simply Piano vs Flowkey review!

Flowkey in A Nutshell

Flowkey Logo

Flowkey is an app created by three young entrepreneurs from Berlin, Germany. It is an app that you can operate using your PC, MAC, iOS, or Android products. By downloading this app and connecting it to your keyboard, you can begin learning songs straightaway.

Flowkey’s library is enormousit contains hundreds upon hundreds of songs from different genres. It also has a few short but informative beginner lessons to get you started on playing the piano.

However, Flowkey is not a perfect app. What it has in terms of the number of songs in its library, it lacks in terms of lessons on technique and music theory. Aside from the small lessons here and there, there is not much else in Flowkey that furthers your knowledge in piano playing. It is a great supplementary app, but if you are looking for full lessons then you should look elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you are looking to expand your repertoire and impress your friends and family, then Flowkey is the perfect app for you. This app is still updating its song library, so you can be sure that you will find something interesting to play. If you want to read a more in-depth assessment of Flowkey, you can check my article.

What are the Advantages of Flowkey

    • Gives playing the piano a different meaning. Playing the piano has never been more fun with Flowkey. If you like rhythm games like Guitar Hero or Rock Bands, Flowkey has similar mechanics. Students of all ages found themselves enjoying this app.
  • Enormous song library. Flowkey’s biggest asset at the moment is its song library. Currently, this app has over 500 songs, which you can access with a premium account. As of this writing, it is still expanding!
  • A new way of teaching the piano. Flowkey has made it possible for students to get instant feedback without a coach. All you have to do is use your device’s microphone for acoustic and grand pianos or connect your electric or MIDI keyboard via USB. 
  • Songs from every genre. Flowkey has songs from all genres, even the less popular ones. Whatever your music taste is, there is something waiting for you to play at Flowkey.

What are the Disadvantages of Flowkey

  • Flowkey is subscription-based. It also has lifetime access but it can be pretty costly. What I do not like about subscription-based programs is that once you cancel your subscription, all the content goes with it.
  • More expensive than other subscription-based lessons. Compared to other lessons with more content, Flowkey is pretty expensive.
  • No emphasis on technique and theory. Flowkey does give you a few lessons in technique. However, these lessons are only the very basics–just enough so you can play the songs in their library. Aside from that, there is not much else to Flowkey in terms of lessons.
  • Buggy microphone connection. Plenty of students complain about the lag they experience when they use their device’s microphone with Flowkey. There seems to be a lag or mistake in picking up the notes whenever they play. To some, this can be very frustrating.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes in A Nutshell

Simply Piano Logo

Simply Piano is an app created by JoyTunes that is meant to teach beginners the basics of playing the piano. JoyTunes is well-known for creating several music-related applications but Simply Piano is their most popular program. The course has received several awards both on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

I already have an in-depth evaluation of Simply Piano but keep reading here for the gist of it. 

Simply Piano divides the 25 lessons into two courses: Soloist and Chords. The Soloist course focuses on melody and teaching you how to play classics. On the other hand, the Chords course teaches you how to play songs. Both have a fairly decent amount of lessons based on theory and technique and even a couple of lessons in music history!

The two courses have a different set of lessons but worry not because even if you choose one course, you can still swap between them and learn both at any given time. Personally, I advise you to fully utilize the app and learn from both courses!

Additionally, this course has over 120 songs in its library. However, despite having a lot of songs and several different genres, it is noticeable that Simply Piano mostly has classical songs in their library. 

Still, the app is improving and updating regularly so there are always new songs and bonus lessons being added. While Simply Piano would not turn you into a professional piano player, it still does a good job of bringing a beginner to intermediate.

What are the Advantages of Simply Piano

  • A perfectionist course for perfect students. This course is very strict towards its students when it comes to progress. You have to obtain a specific high score in order to progress past a lesson. If you make more than three mistakes, the course resets your progress and makes you try again. To some, this might be annoying but to me, this is a fantastic practice.
  • Covers piano fundamentals. This course does not sleep on teaching its students the fundamentals of playing the piano. It truly wants to make sure that you know the basics before proceeding onto more advanced lessons.
  • Very detailed beginner’s course. Both courses–Soloist and Chords–both have different unique theories and lessons included. Additionally, it also has a couple of lessons in music history like Baroque and Romantic area, Bach and Jazz.
  • It is not picky with the type of piano or keyboard you use. You can use either an acoustic or grand piano or an electric or MIDI keyboard for this course.
  • Works offline. With or without an internet connection, you can use Simply Piano. It even has the option to print music sheets straight from the app!
  • Considerate of students’ time and schedule. If you are far too busy to complete a lesson today, the app provides 5-minute workouts. These workouts do not teach you anything new but help refresh your memories from the lessons you have taken.
  • Play songs in full or fractions. If you want to play the full song, Simply Piano allows you. If you want to focus on a specific part of the song, Simply Piano also has a feature that lets you do this.
  • Visually appealing user interface. The design of this app is pleasant and calming to the eyes.

What are the Disadvantages of Simply Piano

  • It can be too slow. This course does not let its students skip ahead and progress if they make more than three mistakes. While to some this can be a benefit, to others it might get too annoying. 
  • Microphone problems. One of the biggest complaints towards this app is that it often does not recognize the right notes being played on an acoustic piano. It is better to use an electric or MIDI keyboard instead.
  • No advanced lessons. Unfortunately, this course only brings you from beginner to intermediate. There are no lessons that help you past this threshold. 

Flowkey vs. Simply Piano: Pricing

One of the most important factors in choosing the right piano course is pricing. Here are the prices available for Flowkey vs Simply Piano:




Simply Piano

1 month $19.99 1 month Not Available
3 months $38.97 3 months $59.99
6 months Not Available 6 months $89.99
1 year $119.88 1 year $119.99
Lifetime $299.99 Lifetime Not Available


As you can see, Flowkey wins in terms of affordability! The smaller packages are more attractive for those who want to give it a shot first before committing to it long-term. For those who do not want to keep paying for subscriptions, Flowkey has lifetime access, which means any update from here on out will be yours for free. Still, the difference between Flowkey and Simply Piano’s prices is not that huge.

Simply Piano vs Flowkey Comparison

Now let us compare the qualities of Flowkey vs Simply Piano. I would like to compare them based on which course has better overall quality when it comes to lessons, theory, and technique. I would also like to compare their affordability and the value you get for your money. Finally, I would like to compare their song libraries and the genres within.

  Flowkey Simply Piano
Best in teaching music theory?
Best in bonus lessons?
Best variation in music genre?
More songs in the song library?
Best in teaching techniques?
More comprehensive course?
Better song teaching?
More affordable?
Best in value?
The best online piano course overall?

Here, we can see that Flowkey wins when it comes to the content of the song library and the genres within. Flowkey also wins in terms of affordability. However, when it comes to lessons about technique, theory, history, and even a few bonuses, Simply Piano takes the cake! Because of the small difference in price between the two courses, it is also clear that Simply Piano has more value for its price than Flowkey.

Flowkey vs. Simply Piano: The Verdict

In conclusion, neither is the best overall course when you compare them to other amazing online piano courses in the market today. But for this battle between Flowkey vs Simply Piano by JoyTunes, Simply Piano is a better piano learning app!

While neither Flowkey nor Simply Piano covers intermediate to advanced piano lessons, Simply Piano excels in terms of beginner lessons. In terms of platform, Flowkey is available even on PC, MAC, iOS, and Android. On the other hand, Simply Piano is only available as an app on iOS and Android. 

Flowkey provides basic lessons, yes, but Simply Piano takes it to another level. By teaching students the very basics before splitting into their preferred course, Simply Piano leaves no stone unturned when it comes to beginner’s lessons. It enforces a rigorous practice routine that ensures perfection but never in a boring way. Even during lessons, you will still feel as if you are playing a fun game. Simply Piano even adds a bit of music history (as optional lessons) for those who are truly interested in it. 

It is obvious that both apps have problems when it comes to microphone feedback but if you use an electric or MIDI keyboard then this issue will be avoided. Additionally, while Simply Piano’s library could use a bit of improvement, the way they teach songs to students is also great. The ability to choose between sections is really helpful when you are feeling stuck in place. 

Did you know that your family can join you in learning the piano through Simply Piano? That is correct. If you subscribe to a premium account, you can add up to five profiles in Simply Piano and use it on several devices

Despite Simply Piano being better in terms of actual piano lessons, Flowkey is still great as a supplementary app. Through the sheer amount of songs in their library, you can definitely use Flowkey as a means of expanding your repertoire. In the next family gathering, you will have more songs to play for family and friends.

If you are interested in checking them out, you can do so for free before committing to a premium subscription plan! You can install Simply Piano on your iOS device here (1) and your Android device here (2). You can also try Flowkey for free! Check out Flowkey’s official website (3) to learn more.


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