How Much Do Piano Lessons Cost For Beginners in 2021?

By James  •  Updated August 11, 2022

How Much Do Piano Lessons Costs

Most likely, you are reading this article because you have finally decided to take some piano lessons. Either that or someone in your home is planning to get started. To stay on top of your lessons, you have to keep track of your budget. Therefore, it is important to ask the question: how much are piano lessons?

Factors Affecting Piano Lessons Cost

There is no fixed price for piano lessons. The cost of singing lessons differs based on several factors. If you want to know how much you need to budget, you can always come up with an estimate. 

Note that there are different ways to learn the piano, including online lessons, self-study, and learning with the help of online private tutors.

If you prefer traditional learning methods like hiring piano tutors or signing up for piano schools, it is important to know some external factors that could affect the price. Before we get into what the average cost of piano lessons is, let us take a quick look at the factors affecting it. 



Some places simply cost more money to live in than others. For this reason, private tutors and piano schools in these locations have to adjust their prices to make a living. It is not surprising that prices for piano lessons could cost more in places with a high cost of living like New York, California, Boston, and many others. 

Tutor or Self-Study

Tutor or Self Study

The decision of what learning method you will be pursuing is also going to have a direct effect on the price of your lessons. 

The most expensive methods are hiring private tutors and attending piano schools. There are also cheaper options like online lessons and doing self-study. Online lessons can start for free. However, you can opt for a premium account with better features for a small monthly price. For self-studying, all you need to pay for is the price of books.

You can read more about the different learning methods here. There is even bonus information regarding the types of pianos to use!

Lesson Length

Lesson Lenth

Another thing that directly affects the price of lessons is the length of each session. This is especially true when it comes to private tutors and piano schools. Most tutors and schools offer 30-minute long lessons as their shortest session, followed by 45-minute lessons and hour-long lessons.

Instructor’s Expertise

Instructors Expertise

Lastly, the experience and expertise of your instructor will also determine the price of your lessons. A new instructor does not have much experience in teaching and needs to build their reputation. This is why often, newer piano teachers offer their lessons for less. 

On the other hand, teachers who have a long history of success have the credibility to raise their prices.

What Is The Average Cost of Piano Lessons?

Now, let us move forward to the actual price of lessons.

Average Price

The average price of 30-minute lessons is around $40-45. Of course, the price for 45-minute and hour-long lessons are higher–possibly climbing up to double. 

Here are some piano tutors ranked from most expensive to most affordable. Go ahead and take note of their location and the prices for their 30-minute sessions:


Brian P.


In places with a low cost of living like Indiana, 30-minute piano lessons can cost around $25 to $30. However in places with a higher cost of living like New York, you will often find piano lessons costing around $60 for 30-minute sessions. It is important to understand that these are standard beginner lessons. The prices can still change depending on the factors listed above.

Lowering Piano Lesson Price

There is a reason why experienced tutors cost more than beginners. They simply have more to share based on the number of years they have in practicing the craft. 

Understandably, the prices can be staggering to most with simple 9 to 5 jobs. It is tempting to opt for the cheapest options like self-studying or even following video tutorials scattered throughout the internet. 

Some try to look for piano tutors and opt for the cheapest option. This can turn out okay, however, if you are planning to learn the piano seriously, then you should not sign up for lessons solely based on the price alone. 

So, what can you do to lower the price of lessons? Here are some tips:


If you are someone who has a lot of self-discipline, then self-studying can be a viable option for you. You can purchase piano books that follow the standard piano training curriculum on the internet and use that as a guide. If getting the books still proves to be expensive, then you can get them second-hand on websites like eBay (4) and Amazon (5).

Online Private Tutors 

While this option is not necessarily cheaper than traditional lessons, choosing to learn from private tutors online can save you extra fees. If you choose to learn traditionally, you will either have to shell out gas money to go to your piano school or your teacher’s studio. If you and your tutor agree to meet at your home, oftentimes, they ask you to cover their travel fees. By choosing online tutors, you are canceling extra charges but not removing the presence of a mentor during your studies.

If you are not sure where to start looking for online tutors, then you should start with websites like TakeLessons (6) and PrePly (7). These websites will pre-screen tutors for you, so you can be sure that you are only getting the best of the best. Additionally, you can also view ratings from fellow students so you can be smart about your choice.

Online Piano Lessons

Lastly, you can opt instead for piano lessons. There are amazing piano lessons and learning apps out there and they are all much cheaper than getting a tutor (see post related to this). If you are someone who prefers a comprehensive curriculum as well as a guided kind of learning then this would be a great learning method for you.

Often, online piano lessons come in a full package. They include video lessons, exercises, and songs to learn. Sometimes, they even come with workbooks to help you go through your lessons.

Online lessons often allow you to test their program for free so you know what you will be paying for. You can always go for that but keep in mind that the free lessons will not take you very far. 

Now you know what the average price of piano lessons is when hiring private tutors and the different factors that can affect how much music lessons cost. Do not forget to do your research before picking your tutor to ensure an overall pleasant experience! Check out the Sound Fro’s review to learn more.