5+ Best Ways to Learn & Play Piano Fast

By James  •  Updated August 21, 2022

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Before, the only way to learn the piano is either by hiring a private tutor or going to a piano school. Nowadays, more options are available for everyone who wants to learn how to play the piano

We seek to discuss all the different ways–old and new–that people can use when pursuing their piano studies. We are also giving you awesome tips on how you can expedite your learning process!

Ways to Learn the Piano

There are several ways to learn the instrument. These methods are known to be more effective than other techniques, but when it comes to learning, everyone has their own unique ways to adapt to their newly-acquired skill. It is all a matter of finding the most fitting style for yourself.

1. Learn Piano by Ear

Learn Piano by EarThis method is probably one of the easiest and cheapest, as it does not require any curriculum or technique. It only requires you to sit down and use your ears to figure out the tune of the music you would want to play.

This method relies a lot on experimentation. You will only learn what you can discover. Unfortunately, this type of learning will not take you very far. Unless you are a musical genius, you will barely make any progress with this learning method. 

However, if your goal is just to play a couple of notes, then you may find this method sufficient.

2. Learn Piano Through YouTube Tutorials

Youtube TutorialYouTube is a great place for the broke musician. Tons of video tutorials are available as a great resource for beginners, including beginner piano lessons, piano-playing tips, and even music tutorials only your favorite songs.

The only downside that comes with relying on a public video platform like YouTube is the fact that everyone can upload anything they want. For this reason, you are not really sure who is qualified to teach the piano and if the method they are sharing is actually correct. 

The danger of getting the wrong information and following self-proclaimed piano teachers without credibility is that you might develop bad habits. These bad habits will be harder to unlearn in the long run.

YouTube tutorials often cover the fundamentals as well as beginner techniques and theory. However, there are fewer lessons available for intermediate learners. This means that you will have to find other methods to continue learning once you run out of free material.

Despite a few risks, YouTube tutorials can still work for you. Just make sure to do your research. 

To help you out, here are some of the best YouTube piano lessons channels out there:

  • Mark’s Piano PGN Piano (1)
  • HDPiano (2)
  • Jane (3)
  • Hoffman Academy (4)
  • OnlinePianist (5)

3. Learn Piano by Self-Studying Books

Learn PianoSelf-studying using piano books requires you to shell out some money. However, this is definitely money well spent. The books you will be purchasing are the very same books that most piano teachers use for their lessons. These books follow the standard piano training curriculum, which is made by the best piano pedagogists and is known to have successfully trained generations of pianists.

This type of method is definitely better than wandering aimlessly, unsure which lesson to pick up next. The books often come per series, providing you with a complete walkthrough from beginner to advanced lessons.

Here are some of the best series you should check out:

  • Alfred Piano Lessons (6)
  • Bastien Piano Basics by Kjos (7)
  • Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Series (8)
  • Suzuki Method (9)

4. Learn Piano Through Online Piano Lessons

Online PianoOnline piano lessons are great because they offer everything you need as a music student. Good online piano lessons reviews have plenty of video lessons discussing techniques and theory. Along with these piano lessons are practice sessions and a huge song library that will help you expand your repertoire. 

It is best to get an electric or MIDI keyboard if you are studying via online piano lessons. This way, it is easier to set it up with your program. If you do not have a MIDI keyboard however, most online piano lessons can utilize your device’s microphone to allow you to use your acoustic pianos.

5. Learn Piano Through Piano Schools and Private Tutors

Piano SchoolsThis is by far the oldest and most traditional way of learning how to play the piano. Attending piano classes or getting yourself a piano tutor allows you to get mentoring and instant feedback. Because of this, it is much easier to determine which parts you need to rectify and improve. 

The downsides of the traditional piano learning method are that they are limited by your location. They can also be pretty expensive. On top of the usual price of tutors and schools, you also have to consider extra fees like gas money and travel fees.

Nowadays, online piano tutors exist. This more modern approach to the traditional learning method effectively reduces the price by canceling additional fees.

Best Way to Learn the Piano Fast

Best Way to LearnLearning to play the piano can take a while, however, there are plenty of ways to expedite your piano learning process. 

It is important to remember that music is created using sound patterns. Listening closely to the pieces and songs you play will reveal these patterns. Additionally, learning how to read sheet music will also allow you to see music patterns. Not only that, but sheet music also gives you a deeper understanding of how music is made.

An easy way to make learning music sheets less intimidating is to divide them into smaller sections. By doing this, it will also be easier and less overwhelming for you to spot the musical patterns written on them.

Practice reading music sheets and always listen to music using the ears of a musician–closely and attentively. Doing this will surely help speed up your learning process.


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