How To Practice Singing For Beginners At Home: Elevate Your Routine

By James  •  Updated August 13, 2022

Elevate Your Routine

I want to learn how to sing but I cannot leave the house.” 


There are plenty of things you can learn online from the comforts of your own home, and that includes learning how to sing.

Learning how to sing is one of the things that require focus and a very good coach. But with online lessons available these days, you can definitely elevate your routine with the help of these few handy tips on how to practice singing for beginners at home:

Little Ways You Are Already Practicing

Already PracticingDo you ever find yourself humming to a familiar tune on the TV or radio all the time? Maybe you love performing while in the shower? Or have you enjoyed blasting and singing along to your favorite songs while driving? 

These things may be mundane and familiar, but these are all baby steps on learning how to sing. Try doing it more and more and you will find yourself improving in the weeks to come. Humming to any tune, for one, is one of the easiest and most effective vocal warm-ups that you can use to improve your usage of the mixed voice (modal voice and falsetto).

What More Can I Do?

So, you already know that you have been trying to sing this whole time and that you can learn to sing on your own. No surprises there, as our ancestors from 3,500 BC have been doing the same. 

But you are probably wondering, what else can I do to improve? You are in luck because here are a few tips:

1. Take Lessons

If you really want to improve your vocal skills, you can invest in online singing lessons and study from the comforts of your home any time you want. An online singing lesson is the best way to learn to sing at home. Most programs are geared towards beginners because they are easy and suitable for their levels.  Wondering how much it cost?  

If you want to consider taking vocal lessons, here is an article I wrote about our top 9 best online singing lessons and the cost of singing lessons for beginners. Give it a read and see if anything fits your interests!

2. Care for Your Voice

At this point, you need to start considering your vocal health. It does not matter what level you are, your voice will become your instrument, and a broken instrument cannot make a beautiful sound.  

There are many ways to take care of your voice and you can read all about them from this article I wrote, along with some handy tips for learning to sing.

3. Find A Community Online

Join a community that has the same passion as yours. There are many online forums or groups that you can join online or offline, where many other singers talk about their experiences and even share tips and encouragement. 

A great example is Reddit’s Singit! (1). This forum is filled with people from all walks of life who love music, including vocal coaches and pedagogists who can provide answers to questions you might have or listen to opinions you may want to share. The anonymity in forums like these can help in getting true and honest criticisms. 

Aside from helping you learn to sing online, forums and communities give you a chance to meet new people with the same interests. Even websites like SoundCloud (2) promote a sense of camaraderie for singers and people who appreciate music through a forum.

4. Sing Your Favorite Songs

The first step to learn singing is to sing your favorite songs, whether at home, in the shower, or the car. It trains your vocal cords and lets you have a little fun as well, boosting your mood for the day in the process.

If you can get yourself a karaoke or sing-along to hits on YouTube, you are all set. My personal favorite is using the Smule app (3) if I want to sing along to something and just have some fun. This app also allows me to sing with other people and even the artist of your favorite song! Pretty neat, right?

How To Practice Singing and How Much Is Enough?

Practice SingingMany people say that “all practice is good practice”. However, this is not entirely true. Overexertion and too much practice may take a toll on your health, and you don’t want that to happen. 

Yes, you can practice daily, but for how long?

For everyday practices, it is good to warm up your voice for thirty minutes to an hour. You can then keep singing for two to three hours. Always remember to take breaks and hydrate yourself properly. The last fifteen minutes should be spent doing cooldowns, to help your vocal cords relax and make it easier and safer for you to use your normal speaking voice.

In this time and age, there is no need to go out just so we can attend music classes. We have the internet and all the gadgets we can own to learn to sing without leaving our homes. With online classes getting more and more reliable these days, we have the easy choice of looking for the best there is, so we can truly learn from the best. Want to learn how to sing to your girlfriend? Have a peek at our reviews for more information!