Mastering Mix Review 2022: Is This Singing Success Lessons Effective?

Mastering Mix Reviews 2020

While this course is perfect for anyone who is having trouble with perfecting their vocal transitions and mixed voices, it is far too expensive for something that only focuses on one aspect of the voice. This course stems from Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360 which is one of the most popular online singing courses on the internet. However, while some of the students who have taken the course are pleased with the results but some remain skeptical and are left wondering if this course is worth its price.


Course Outline

The course is intensive and specific, providing you with expert tips.


Value for Money

For an online singing workshop that focuses on one aspect only–the mixed voice–the price of this product is high.


Available as a digital download, it runs on different devices and is accessible both online and offline. You can definitely learn on-the-go!


Student Feedback

The Mastering Mix online singing course reviews are rather mixed. Some believe that this course is a sell-out while others testified that this is a course that works for them.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Focuses on training the mixed voice
  • Take it as a complementary course for Singing Success
  • Being a digital copy helps you save on shipping fee and makes it available anywhere and anytime
  • Learn under the same person who coached Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Hayley Williams and many more
  • Some lessons include marketing
  • Price is high compared to other singing courses
  • No extras like workbooks and PDFs

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The mixed voice is probably the hardest part to master for someone who is only starting out as a singer. Transitioning from one vocal register to another can sound choppy, and ruins the overall vocal quality of your singing. 

This is where Mastering Mix comes in handy. This program which was produced by the very same vocal coach who created the Singing Success 360 focuses on training your mixed voice and helps you improve your transitions from one vocal register to the next. Think of it as Singing Success before and after or a series.

This review is not going to be about Mastering Mix vs Singing Success, instead, we will take a look at Mastering Mix and how it might compliment Singing Success 360. Or, is it better as a standalone product, given the lessons this course contains.

What Is The Mastering Mix & How Does It Work?

Much like Singing Success 360, Mastering Mix started out as a collection of CDs and DVDs all with video lessons that will help you train and improve your mixed voice. Today, Mastering Mix is only available as a downloadable version. Which works great for a lot of people. 

While improvement is different for every single person, the Mastering Mix promises an improvement to your mixed voice and transitions in just 4 weeks. As long as you stick to the program and practice religiously!

This Brett Manning Mastering Mix review further digs deep into the course.

Who Is the Mastering Mix Suitable For?

The Mastering Mix is suitable for intermediate learners. While beginners can also look at the contents of this online singing course, its benefits will sit much better with those who already have basic knowledge in singing and are simply looking to improve their transition and mixed voice. 

This course is even more useful to those who have gone through the lessons in Singing Success 360 as it serves more like a continuation of exercises. The focus now, however, is mixing your head and chest voices the right way.

What Makes The Mastering Mix Unique?

Made by the same people who made Singing Success, the Mastering Mix is a well-rounded program. The outline of the course is simple but detailed.

This course is unique because, unlike Singing Success and many other online singing courses out there, the focus is on the general improvement of a singer’s voice, this one gives one aspect special focus and training. So if you are having trouble with using your mixed voice and producing smooth slides and transitions while you are singing, the Mastering Mix has got your back.

Who Created The Mastering Mix?

Brett Manning, the creator of Singing Success 360 and one of the pioneers of online singing lessons created the Mastering Mix to support and even continue his base course, the Singing Success. 

He has established himself as a sought-after vocal coach in the US and has helped many artists make a mark in the industry. These include Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, and Paramore’s Hayley Williams. You can read more about Brett Manning here (1).

What Does the Program Consist Of?

In this Brett Manning Mastering Mix review, we will take a look at the contents of this online singing course and determine what makes it special.

Like any online course would – singing or others – this one starts with a quick introduction. Here Brett Manning talks about the philosophy behind his vocal training, the contents of the course and how you can get the best results.

Next, we move on to the lessons. This course has 12 lessons, each with corresponding exercises that you are encouraged to do to practice what you have learned from the lecture. 

The list of lessons are as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Chest Voice – Strengthen the chest voice with some basic exercises.
  • Lesson 2: Head Voice – Improve your head voice with more challenging exercises.
  • Lesson 3: The Pharyngeal Voice – Train your pharyngeal voice, a voice register that is barely talked about and improve your use of it through various exercises.
  • Lesson 4: Edge Exercises – Carefully walks you through training via vocal cord closure, giving you strict instruction so you do not make a mistake while doing the exercises.
  • Lesson 5: Mix Workout – Despite the fact that the exercises here seem very basic and general, this lesson presents it from a different angle and explains how these exercises can help you improve your mixed voice.
  • Lesson 6: The Bridge System  – Here, things begin to get difficult. The exercises are meant to train your transition and smoothen it from one vocal register to the next. You are encouraged to stick to these exercises until you master them.
  • Lesson 7: Types of Mix – There are different types of mixed voices and this lesson tells you exactly what those are as well as provide you with exercises that will help you refine them without losing control of your voice.
  • Lesson 8: Normalizing the Mix – Here you will be trained to loosen the strain you might be feeling as you continue to train your mixed voice.
  • Lesson 9: Vowels-Only Exercises – The exercises here focus on the transitions between vowels while using your mixed voice.
  • Lesson 10: Beginning Applications – Brett Manning expands on the dos and don’ts of singing.
  • Lesson 11: Advanced Applications – Techniques that are left out but are still important to become a better singer such as scales, are taught to you.
  • Lesson 12: Morning Warm-Up and Evening Cool Down – At the end of the course, you are taught a very useful exercise that you can use to warm your voice up in the mornings and release the tension before you rest in the evenings.

Course Curriculum 1

How Can I Know If The Mastering Mix Is Not A Scam?

Brett Manning is a big name in the industry and it is highly unlikely that he will have to resort to scamming people when he has all those years of experience under his belt. 

Mastering Mix also has a very active community such as its Facebook (2) community where you can find people who have taken the course comment about their experience. You can also head on to their active YouTube channel (3) to get some more insight regarding the available courses as well as easy vocal exercises and warm-ups that you can do for free!

To top it all off, Mastering Mix has a generous refund policy. If you find no improvements in your voice within 30 days, they are willing to give you a full refund.

Mastering Mix Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials

First, let us start off with the testimonials posted on the official website.

Mastering Mix Testimonial

Mastering Mix Testimonial

Mastering Mix Testimonial

On Reddit, one of the most critical places on the internet, students of the Mastering Mix online course have something positive to say:

Mastering Mix Testimonial1

But there are also people on Reddit who think that the program is more of a troubleshooter.

Mastering Mix Testimonial2

As well as some students on this music forum (8) who think it promotes the wrong mentality for singers.

Mastering Mix Testimonial3

Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

All in all, I would rate the Mastering Mix a 4/5.

Despite the fact that this is a fairly straightforward course that aims to focus on the mixed voice and smoothing transitions down, improvements can definitely be made. Simple additions such as workbooks that could be used by students as a follow-up to lessons and several new exercises can go a long way.

There is a reason why people are giving it mixed reviews. As I have said earlier, this Brett Manning Mastering Mix review is not focused on Mastering Mix vs Singing Success but because it came from the same producer, there is definitely a lot to live up to. 

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