50 Shocking Podcast Statistics You Need To Know In 2022

By James  •  Updated August 24, 2022

2020 may not have been the best year but it has been good on podcasting. The media has certainly shown an impressive growth rate in 2020 in the US and around the world. 

Is this due to the fact that people are cooped up at home with nothing better to do or simply because podcasts are getting better? The data below gives you all the facts and figures that matter. 

Amazing Podcast Statistics (Worldwide)

While most of the podcast facts you might find online mainly revolves around the US landscape, the media is just as popular elsewhere around the world.
Podcast Activity

  1. There are at least 1,853,013 podcasts and 89,017,648 episodes in the world. (Listen Notes
  2. South Korea has the most number of podcast listeners (58%) around the world, followed by Spain (40%), Sweden (36%), Australia (33%), and the United States (33%) (Statista)
  3. Chile shows the fastest podcast growth rate at 85% followed closely by Argentina (55.28%), Peru (49.1%), and Mexico (47.84%) (Voxnest)
  4. More millennials (21%) in the UK listen to podcasts than baby boomers (5%). (Spotify | Whitepaper)
  5. 6.5 million people in the UK listen to at least one podcast in a week. (Ofcom)
  6. According to Zach Reneau-Weeden, Google Podcasts product manager, there are around 2 million podcasts in 2019 that Google has indexed. (Podcast Statistics & Figures 2020 | Discover the Best Podcasts
  7. Over 1 million podcasts in Apple podcasts as show on podcast industry statistics. (Podcast Industry Insights)

Podcast Episodes

Podcast Popularity in the United States

Podcast Familiarity

  1. 75% or 215 million of the US population are familiar with the word “podcast” (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  2. There are more inactive (57.46%) than active (42.54%) podcasts. Inactive includes shows that follow an infrequent publishing schedule and/or have shows that have ended, retired or put on hold. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  3. 38.44% of podcasts have more than 10 episodes (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)

Podcast listeners familiarity

Podcast Listener Statistics in the US

With a huge number of Americans aware of the term podcasts, it’s safe to say that many of them are curious enough to find out what this media is all about. This is why many of them have listened to a podcast show at least once. Some of them later became regular listeners, resulting in an increasing listenership in the US.

  1. 22% of Americans listen to podcasts (Statista
  2. Almost a third of American adults between the ages of 25 and 34 are podcast listeners. (Marketing Charts
  3. 55% or 155 million people have listened to a podcast. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  4. 37% or 104 million people listen to podcasts at least once a month. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  5. 24% or 68 million Americans listen to podcasts weekly. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  6. 39% of men are more likely to listen to podcasts than women (36%) in the last month. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  7. 49% of listeners age 12-34 make up the monthly podcast listening population in the last month. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  8. Americans spend an average of 6 hours and 39 minutes listening to a podcast in a week. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  9. Podcast listeners in the US listens to an average of 6 podcasts per week. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)
  10. 49% of podcast listeners do so at home, 22% do so while driving or while in a vehicle. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)

Podcast Listeners

Americans Listening to Podcasts


  1. 3 out of 4 US podcast listeners tune in to learn something new. (Statista, 2019)
  2. 54% of podcast listeners are likely to consider buying products from a brand advertised on a podcast. (Edison Research)
  3. 61.2% of podcast listeners prefer to listen to podcasts every week than to watch TV. (Pew Research Center)

Brand Ads in Podcast

Weekly Podcast Listeners

Social Media

  1. Out of the population of podcast listeners, 94% of them are active in social media. (Edison Research)
  2. People who listen to podcasts are more likely to follow brands and companies on social media and subscribe to Amazon Prime or Netflix.
  3. Podcast listeners are more likely to follow a brand’s social media site after hearing about them from podcast ads. (Edison Research)

Podcast Active Social Media

Tech behavior

  1. 65% of the people who listen to podcasts use portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. (Edison Research, 2019)
  2. Many podcast listeners are likely to own Amazon Alexa or Google Home. (The Infinite Dial 2020 – Edison Research and Triton Digital)

Most Popular Podcast Platforms in 2020

  1. What podcast platforms are used by a majority of listeners in the US?

Apple Podcasts – 52% (Statista

Spotify – 19% (Statista)

Stitcher – 4.6% (Statista)

Other platforms – 21% (Statista)

  1. 54% of iPhone users who listen to podcasts are naturally on Apple’s iOS ecosystem. It follows that they would access shows from Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes’ podcasts). The rest or 43% of podcast listeners are Android users.

Podcast Platforms

Most Popular Podcast Providers in 2020

Podcast Providers

  1. Below is a list of podcast providers that many adults in the United States prefer to use. 

If you plan to become a podcaster, you might want to use any of the preferred podcast providers. This helps increase your reach and a chance to build an audience from an existing market. 

In addition, you should look into how many hours of audio you can upload and store each month, tools you can integrate, analytics, content repurposing options, and marketing and monetization support.

Most Popular Podcast Topics in 2020

  1. Music 39% (Edison Research, 2019)

News 36% (Edison Research, 2019)

Entertainment/pop culture 32% (Edison Research, 2019)

History & sports 31% (Edison Research, 2019)

Food 30% (Edison Research, 2019)

Mystery 28% (Edison Research, 2019)

Technology 28% (Edison Research, 2019)

Crime based on true stories 28% (Edison Research, 2019)

Self-improvement 27% (Edison Research, 2019)

Science 26% (Edison Research, 2019)

Podcast Topics

Most Popular Podcasts Shows in 2020

According to the Podcast Consumer Tracker (PCT), the top podcast shows in the US ranked according to reach are: 

  1. Joe Rogan Experience by Joe Rogan (The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report)

The Daily by The New York Times (The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report)

This American Life by This American Life/Serial (The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report)

My Favorite Murder by Exactly Right (The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report)

Crime Junkie by Audiochuck (The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report)

The rest of the top 10 is occupied by Stuff You Should Know by HowStuffWorks, Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me and Planet Money by NPR, Pod Save America by Crooked Media, and Serial by This American Life/Serial.

The Podcast Consumer Tracking Report was started summer of 2019 to provide members with reliable data on podcast audience collected through regular checkups. It looks into the podcasts they listen to, awareness of the leading podcast networks and a show’s relative reach.

Podcast Shows

Conclusion: Which of these podcast facts did you find most shocking?

If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, now is a good time to check it out. Use the data we provided to start with the most popular program or the most popular topic. Then, see for yourself if you enjoy listening to podcasts as the rest of the podcast listening population.

If you find this post interesting, please share to help it reach more people who might also find these podcast statistics interesting and worth sharing.



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