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Organized and comprehensive, the Roger Love Singing Academy online singing course will help you get started on your way to improving and growing as a singer. Truly one of the best online singing courses, the Roger Love Singing Academy gives you everything you need to start as a beginner and helps you through the entire process of becoming the singer you have always dreamt of…for a price.


Course Outline

Not only are the programs divided into three courses, but each course in the Roger Love Singing Academy is also properly spread out to a 10-week training regimen.


Value for Money

There is a reason why this online singing course is expensive but for people who are on a tight budget, learning from Roger Love voice coach can be expensive.


Much like most online singing workshops, the Roger Love Singing Academy comes as a digital download which makes it convenient and easy to use from your smartphone, laptop, and/or tablet.


Student Feedback

There is an overwhelmingly positive response to the online course as shown on a number of Roger Love Singing Academy review articles online.

  • Perfectly paced lessons
  • Learn under one of the most sought-after vocal coaches in the United States
  • Free trial
  • Learn from a coach who enjoys teaching the world to sing
  • Fun free software
  • Expensive compared to other online singing courses
  • Lots of self-promotion
  • Quality of videos could be better

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A staggering amount of online classes have been popping out and there is no question why; we are living in a digital age. From amateur singers sharing tips to world-class vocal coaches creating online classes, there is no shortage of content when it comes to online singing classes. The Roger Love Singing Academy is one of these classes but what is it about this online singing course that truly sets it apart?

From curriculum to quality, this Roger Love Singing Academy review will walk you through the goods and bads of this online singing academy and help you figure out if this one is for you.

What Is The Roger Love Singing Academy & How Does It Work?

The program was pioneered by renowned vocal coach Roger Love. It presents three courses, all with different intensities for learners of varying levels. Once you select a course that you feel would be ideal for your skillset and desire to keep learning, then you will be ‘enrolled’ in this so-called online singing academy. Based on the course you select, you will be taught techniques and styles, you will be given exercises and advice that you will need in your path to becoming an amazing singer. 

You will be given over 100 digital copies of videos that are divided equally into a 10-week program. Along with this intensive training, you will also get exercises and warm-ups, bonus videos where Roger Love gives you fantastic performance and industry advice. 

You will also be getting an amazing software called Love Notes that is as fun as it is helpful with your lessons. 

Think advanced karaoke!

Who Is The Roger Love Singing Academy Suitable For?

This is another cool thing about the Roger Love Singing Academy; there is something for everyone! 

The courses are divided into three. The first one is a basic course covering techniques that will develop your voice and are perfect for beginners. The second course contains everything you can find in the first course as well as important lessons on how to apply the techniques you just learned and refine your style as an intermediate level learner. Last but not least, the third course is perfect for advanced learners as it covers performances and stage presence which is ideal for the advanced learner. 

What Makes The Roger Love Singing Academy Unique?

Aside from the fact that you will be coached by one of Hollywood’s favorite vocal coaches, it is unique for its organized course curriculum. Instead of just sending you a plethora of videos, the lessons are divided carefully so you can pace yourself properly and not be overwhelmed by the amount of material in the course. 

Another interesting thing is the fact that Roger Love is aware of the difference between male and female voice composition and does not generalize. He has separate lessons for males and separate lessons for female voices, which covers Roger Love female warm up

Finally, one more thing that sets this online course apart is the fact that it is not as impersonal as a vast majority of online singing courses. If you avail the third course which is the most advanced of them all, you can send Roger Love a recording of your own voice and actually get a personal review from the man himself.

Who Created The Roger Love Singing Academy?

The Roger Love Singing Academy is created by Hollywood’s favorite vocal coach, and Glee star, Roger Love. As an expert, he has sold over 100 million copies of CDs worldwide, written three best-selling books, and appeared in several shows such as the world-famous show Glee.

If you still do not know Roger Love from “glee, then you have definitely heard his influence in the voice of some of his students such as Demi Lovato, Eminem, Maroon 5, The Killers and many others (1).

Along with many other outstanding online video classes, he created The Roger Love Singing Academy to facilitate an amazing online learning experience in the field he flourishes in the most–singing.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

The Roger Love Singing Academy consists of three different courses in three packages that you can choose from, each package contains more content items than the last. In this Roger Love Singing Academy review, we will take a look at the contents of these courses so you can decide if this one is for you too.

Course 1
The first course is all about introductions to techniques. This is where Roger would tell you all about the types of voices, that you will be using throughout your singing journey as well as begin to improve your range, pitch, and tone as you progress.

  • Week 1 – The first week starts out with vocal evaluations for both male and female students. From there, Roger will teach you a useful technical skill called diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Week 2 – In this series of lessons, Roger teaches about the contribution of the larynx and vocal cords in making a great singer and begins his introduction to the chest voice, middle voice and head voice. 
  • Week 3 – Roger begins to help you develop your vocal range while making use of the chest, middle and head voices.
  • Week 4 – Learn and develop your vibrato
  • Week 5 – Roger helps you deal with stage fright and talks about a singer’s proper diet.

Course 2
The second part is all about application. Course 2 lets you apply the techniques you have learned in part 1 and then delve into different singing styles.

  • Week 6 – Roger goes deeper into the techniques you have learned in the first course and teaches you how to transition in and out of them.
  • Week 7 – Roger helps you refine your vibrato
  • Week 8 – Roger teaches you how to project while you are singing which is a very important skill to have if you want to capture the crowd’s attention.
  • Week 9 – Roger talks about preventing losing your voice as well as goes in-depth about country and pop singing style.
  • Week 10 – From audition secrets to mastering popular styles such as R&B, Musical Theater and Gospel, this last lesson with roger covers all of that.

Course 3
The last course delves into useful professional advice, industry secrets as well as advanced techniques that many expert singers will find extremely useful for the development of their careers.

Aside from these, the online courses also come with bonus videos that will truly help any aspiring singer at the beginner or intermediate level and to develop your own brand of Roger Love vocal warm-up!

How Can I Know If The Roger Love Singing Academy Is Not A Scam?

Fear not, Roger Love Singing Academy is the real deal. Their website (2) alone boasts about over 130,000+ students who have availed and were pleased with their programs. There are testimonials all over the website from people who agree that the Roger Love Singing Academy has helped them improve vocally.

Aside from the fact that Roger Love is a big name in the industry and would face a lot of negative criticism if he associated himself with scams and shady businesses, only a few scammers that would give you a free trial of their product. To top it off, you get a generous 30-day refund policy if you ever find yourself displeased with their service and content.

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Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

All in all, I would rate the Roger Love Singing Academy 4.5/5 stars.

If you have the money for it, I honestly believe this 3-course workshop from the Roger Love Singing Academy can truly help you blossom into the singer you have always dreamed of being. The courses are paced well, the techniques are discussed properly, the exercises are not only helpful but are fun as well. Aside from the technical aspect of singing, you will also be getting valuable advice from a renowned vocal coach on how to survive in the industry.

The coaching sessions are professionally executed despite the quality of the videos. You can really tell that you are being taught by an experienced vocal coach with many accolades. The techniques tackled in the courses are scientific so the results you will be getting from these courses are as sure as the sun. The personal touch of sending your recording to be reviewed by Roger Love himself also brings this online singing course one step above the rest. 

If you still find yourself unsure, there are always a free 4-video trial version and a 30-day refund window.

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