Singing Success 360 Review 2022: Is Brett Manning’s Lessons A SCAM?

Singing Success 360 Reviews 2020

With a comprehensive and intelligently organized course outline, great accessibility, and many people praising the ability of the course to improve their singing voice, the Singing Success 360 is one a great online singing course in the market…if you can afford it. Taught by one of the most prolific vocal coaches in the United States, this online singing course will set you on your way to singing just like your favorite singers. Still, many believe that it could use more personal lessons and one on one sessions.


Course Outline

The course is extremely comprehensive and has a wide berth, perfect for amateurs to professionals.


Value for Money

I am not going to lie but the Singing Success 360 is VERY expensive. You will get good lessons from a great coach but it can really hurt your bank account.


The course is available for digital download and can be used across different platforms for easy access.


Student Feedback

There are a lot of reviews and testimonials singing praises about how to use Singing Success 360, but the lack of interaction is a turn off for some.

  • Lots of lessons and exercises
  • Approaches vocal technique from the very basics and improves from there
  • Flexible to teach anyone from any gender and skill level
  • An experienced vocal coach
  • 100% refund upon 6 months of purchase for any unsatisfied customer
  • Digital and easily accessible
  • Pricier compared to other singing courses
  • Skype-quality one-time live coaching session only

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The Singing Success 360 is a digital vocal training program made by Brett Manning to help beginners and experienced singers improve and refine their vocal quality. With a 100% guarantee for a refund for any unsatisfied customer, you can rest assured that Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360 course is no scam at all.

In this Singing Success 360 review, we will take a look at the course, the person behind it, and if it is worth all the hype and testimonials it has been receiving for the past 16 years.

What Is The Singing Success 360 Course & How Does It Work?

This is a series of over one hundred exercises to help you improve your vocal range, vibrato, stability, and style. Starting from introductory lessons that help acclimatize your ears and coordinate your voice. 

This vocal workout regimen is not only easy to follow but highly accessible as well. 

The lessons in the Singing Success 360 course are divided into 2 main vocal parts to help you develop your chest voice, expand your range, stabilize and strengthen your voice, sustain high notes and many more. Aside from the basic improvement training, it also helps you find the best musical genre that suits your voice and helps train you for it.

Who Is the Singing Success 360 Suitable For?

This course is for everyone. Whether you are a guy or a gal, there is an exercise tailor-made for you in this course. 

Additionally, it includes easy-to-follow lessons for all levels–beginner to advanced. 

  • For beginners, there are easy introductory videos that will help you get used to your own voice. 
  • For intermediate learners, there are videos that will help you increase your range and correct your pitch. 
  • For advanced learners, there are also lessons that will help you strengthen and refine your existing skills. 

What Makes The Singing Success 360 Unique?

It is true that there are plenty of vocal lessons all over the internet. However, what makes the Singing Success 360 kickass is the fact that, over time, more and more lessons and exercises are added to the already extensive lists of vocal workouts in this regimen.

This course is a tried-and-true program that has been around since 2004. It is one of the pioneers in terms of digital vocal lessons, and one of the most popular ones because of its success rate. It initially started being sold as CDs, and then a subscription TV channel and now, for an even more modern twist, a digital copy of every lesson they have in their arsenal. 

Who Created The Singing Success 360?

Singing Success 360 course is created by Brett Manning who is a renowned vocal coach behind the voices of many big names in the music industry.

Sixteen years ago, the program was created and immediately elected to be one of the best vocal training regimens in the market. Ever since its release all those years ago, it has been curated and improved by Manning’s team in order to continuously provide the best and latest techniques and theories. 

Manning has managed to compile 26 years of experience, knowledge, and research in a handy and helpful digital copy that is sure to aid singers in perfecting their craft.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

In this Singing Success 360 review, we will take an in-depth look at the programs offered. The course is divided into two main focuses.


In the first part of the lessons, Brett Manning teaches you the technical parts of being a good singer. This is extremely helpful for beginners- to intermediate-level learners. The lessons consist of the following:

Lesson 1: Discovering Your Voice

Lesson 2: Discovering High Notes

Lesson 3: Discovering Vocal Power

Lesson 4: Discovering The Light Voice

Lesson 5: Discovering Vocal Freedom

Lesson 6: Discovering Melody

Lesson 7: Discovering Mastery


The second part of cracks down on style. Here, you will learn some useful lessons in refining your vocal quality which makes it
ideal for intermediate to advanced learners. The lessons in this part are the following:

Lesson 1: Learning the BASIC Licks, Trills and Runs

Lesson 2: Knowing ADVANCED Licks, Trills and Runs

Lesson 3: Discovering Your Sound

Lesson 4: Discovering Stylistic Subtleties

Lesson 5: Discovering Musical Genres

Lesson 6: Discovering Improvisation

Lesson 7: Discovering the X-Factor

By the end of these lessons, you will find that you have improved not only your skills and techniques but also your initial approach to singing as well.

How Can I Know If The Singing Success 360 Is Not A Scam?

The Singing Success 360 has been around for over a decade and if you search online, you will find many reviews and testimonials about the course pertaining to how effective it has been for many artists. There are reviews critical of the course, but they cracked down on Brett Manning’s technique rather than the course’s legitimacy. 

Most importantly, the course is known for its 100% money-back guarantee 6 months after your initial purchase. If you find it unhelpful or are unsatisfied about it for any reason at all, you will get your refund 100% no questions asked as soon as you ship the product back. 

Additionally, to ensure the legitimacy of the product when you buy it, it is very important that you get it straight from the Singing Success 360 website.

Singing Success 360 Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials

There are plenty of Singing Success 360 reviews online. In this section, I will include several video links to testimonials of artists that have flourished under Brett Manning’s program.

Singing Success Testimonial2

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Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

All in all, I rate the Singing Success 360 course a 4/5.

Whether you are a professional singer who is looking to improve your vocal quality or a beginner hoping to learn how to sing better, Brett Manning’s Singing Success 360 course is a versatile course that will surely help you improve. The myriad of lessons that tackle everything from technique to style will not only teach you how to manage your voice but will also train the muscles responsible for vocal prowess. 

The only downside is that the price is a bit too high compared to other vocal lessons you might find online. Then again, you can get your money back 100% if you are unhappy with what you paid for.

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