Singorama Review 2022: Is It The Best Online Singing Lessons?

Singorama Reviews 2020

The course outline is great for anyone who is looking to start improving their singing voices. For such well-organized lessons along with a lot of extra software and bonus videos, the price for the Singorama is very affordable. This course is also downloadable for offline use so its accessibility is phenomenal. However, it is quite difficult to find student feedback, so connections with other students are scarce at best.


Course Outline

The course is well set-up starting you off with basic lessons and then refining them later on. It is perfect for beginner to intermediate learners.


Value for Money

Honestly, Singorama 2.0 is one of the cheapest online vocal courses you can find and the content of this course is overflowing for such a low price.


The Singorama 2.0 is available as a digital download and is therefore available for your smartphone, laptop and/or tablet for learning on-the-go.


Student Feedback

There are only a few reviews for Singorama 2.0 online despite it being available for several years now.

  • Well-paced and detailed lessons and exercises
  • Tackles both technical and psychological aspects of singing
  • Useful extra software
  • Affordable price
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Unattractive user interface
  • The huge number of exercises can get overwhelming
  • No private coaching or review
  • Advanced learners will not benefit much from these lessons

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It is easy to find singing software online that can help you train your vocal muscles (1) and teach yourself the techniques needed to become the singer you always dreamed to be. Which product is best in terms of content, improvement, exercises, technique and, of course, price?

Many vocal training software reviews online give a thumbs up to the Singorama vocal course and for good reason. It is a comprehensive course for beginners and intermediate level singers who are looking to improve their vocal prowess. 

What Is The Singorama 2.0 & How Does It Work?

The Singorama 2.0 is a vocal training course created by Melanie Alexander. It consists of 28 audio lessons, training exercises, new songs to help you apply the new techniques you learn, a pdf workbook and helpful software all compiled together in one easy-to-follow program that is perfect for beginners and intermediate level singers.

It is focused on developing technique and style as well as many other important aspects that will make you a great singer!

The technical lessons involve a detailed training regimen that will help you achieve bridged vocalization, a powerful sound, greater singing agility, along with other important musical training such as the major and minor keys, timing, rhythm, and pitch. Along with the more technical vocal lessons, the Singorama also helps with other obstacles that might hinder you from reaching your full potential as a vocalist. These include stage anxiety, working with a band, singing habits to avoid and even learning to compose your own songs.

Who Is the Singorama 2.0 Suitable For?

This course is for beginners who are just starting out and hoping to learn how to sing (2) and intermediate level learners who are looking to refine their singing technique.

Singorama 2.0 teaches every student the way to improve their vocal quality in an easy and comprehensive way. This will quickly help beginners progress with their vocal training and the exercises and singing software will surely be useful to intermediate-level singers who want to advance and improve their craft. 

However, if you already have advanced skills, then this might not be for you

Check out this review instead.

Plenty of vocal training software reviews online have cracked down on how the Singorama seem repetitive and even lackluster for people who are already at an advanced level.

What Makes The Singorama 2.0 Unique?

Aside from the abundance of lessons and useful tips, the exercises in the Singorama and its more modern version, the Singorama 2.0 are what sets it apart from many basic singing programs. The exercises encourage the students to apply everything they have gathered from the lessons and put them to good use.

Another thing that sets the Singorama apart from other vocal training regimens available online is the PDF workbook as well as the number of extra singing software available for anyone who avails their program. These singing softwares are incredible for practicing and recording your own songs.

Who Created The Singorama 2.0?

5-day-course-bundle-oi3ks8tszeomelogyitm3bq9c9x7i5h8ti7d7f9xauThe Singorama 2.0 is created by Melanie Alexander, an Australian vocal coach, and singer. She is part of the five-girl pop group “Girlfriend” that was popular in the 90s, landing hits in the Top 50s and Top 10s all over Australia and Asia. 

Her story was that of an underdog.

According to Melanie, she did not know how to sing and had been ridiculed during her high school years because of it. Through sheer perseverance, research, training and lots and lots of practice, Melanie developed her singing until her voice was heard all over Australia and Asia. 

Nowadays, she focuses her energy and passion on coaching aspiring singers to reach their full potentials. Part of this passion went into producing the Singorama, which has been made available worldwide so singers from all around the world can partake of the knowledge and experience Melanie has garnered throughout the years.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

In this Singorama 2.0 review, we will take an in-depth look at the programs offered. 

The course consists of twenty-eight different audio tutorials that address every single aspect of singing that you can think of, whether it be style, technique or even practices. Each part consists of the following:
Program Consist 1

Part 1: Getting Started As a Singer
The first audio lesson is all about finding your own voice and learning how to solidify it. It also teaches any student proper posture and provides breathing exercises. This lesson dives into the essential aspects of singing and provides you with more than 120 exercises that you can use to train yourself.

Part 2: Vocal Technique
Here you will learn about techniques as well as the different types of voices you can use in order to produce the best singing voice. Aside from that, this part also covers habits that you should avoid doing and focuses on improving your vocal range.

Part 3: Music Theory Essentials
As with any good vocal course, Singorama 2.0 also delves into music theory just enough to help set you on your way to understanding important aspects of the art that are key to improving your voice as well as your singing technique.

Part 4: Singing Styles
In this part of the lessons, you start getting more into exploring and experimenting. After finding out the different styles of singing, the lessons then proceed to lead you through interval training and eventually singing in all the different genres to test out which one fits you the most.

Part 5: Dissecting a Song
The goal of this section is to teach you how to create your own music afterward. Not a lot of vocal training programs focus on songwriting as a part of their course but Singorama 2.0 does.

Part 6: Moving You Forward As a Singer
The last part of the lesson covers important and relevant topics that you will need to move forward as a singer. It also includes a few last technical lessons to refine what you have learned so far.

Aside from these lessons, Singorama 2.0 provides you with a myriad of singing software such as the following:

  1. A Mini Recording Studio that you can use to record yourself and includes a playback feature that you can use to listen to your own voice and see which part you can improve on.


2. Perfect Your Pitch is a program you can use to check your pitch accuracy.

The extensive lessons, exercises, and extra tools provided for you are there to make your training easier, faster and more enjoyable. There is no doubt that Singorama 2.0 is one of the best singing courses online to date. Additionally, the Singorama 2.0 is available as a digital download and is therefore available on multiple platforms such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and/or iCloud.

Is Singorama 2.0 A Reputable Online Singing Course? (Not A Scam)

Singorama 2.0 has been around for several years. There are plenty of reviews and testimonials online from people who took this vocal training course. 

Melanie Alexander is a pretty well-known name in the business, and you can rest with full confidence that she is the real deal. She is not just some shady self-proclaimed coach who is waiting to run away with your money.

The Singorama also has its own secure personal website at, where you can directly download the course as well as learn more about the 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Singorama 2.0 Real Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

Here are a few helpful reviews for the Singorama 2.0:


According to a YouTube user in the comment section of a Singorama 2.0 testimonial. (4)

Singorama Testimonial

According to a Reddit user in a thread about online vocal coaching. (5)

Additionally, these video testimonials from people who have previously used the program only prove that Singorama 2.0 is a reputable singing course.

Program Consist Testimonial1

Program Consist Testimonial2

Program Consist Testimonial3

Video Reviews & Results

My Final Verdict

For Singorama 2.0, my rating is 4/5.

If you are looking to improve your singing abilities and prepare yourself for a career in singing, the Singorama 2.0’s long list of helpful lessons are easy for beginners to understand, interesting exercises as well as extras provided to give you the best vocal training experience possible is what truly makes this a remarkable vocal training course.

While the Singorama 2.0 is not a perfect program, what with the dull design for the interface and the rather impersonal teaching method, it still is an amazing course for any aspiring singer looking for great beginner or intermediate lessons to self-study.

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