Skoove Review 2022: Is It The Best Online Piano Lesson?

Skoove Reviews 2020

All in all, Skoove is a decent beginner’s lesson for those who have never had any experience when it comes to playing the piano. It allows you to use any kind of piano and also lets you learn the first few lessons with your computer keyboard. The user interface is very easy to navigate and pleasing to look at. The only problem that students are complaining about is buggy smartphone applications.


Course Outline

This course is perfect for beginners. The learning pace is moderate, so it gives new students time to fully understand each lesson before moving on to the next level.


Value for Money

It has plenty of beginner lessons and songs that you can learn and add to your repertoire.


Skoove is available on PC and MAC. The system requirements are available on your browser, which makes it readily accessible. It is also available on Android and iOS.


Student Feedback

There is a mix of emotions concerning the online piano course, as seen in some student reviews online. Many people who have tried Skoove are unhappy due to the buggy nature of the mobile application.

  • Fairly affordable compared to other online piano lessons
  • Most advanced course for beginners
  • Website is pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate
  • Gives you the option to play using an electric or MIDI keyboard as well as on acoustic or grand piano
  • Free trial so you can figure out if this online piano course is a perfect fit for you and your needs as a student
  • Many students believe it to be far too slow for their liking
  • The app is not as reliable as the browser version
  • Not a lot of focus on important techniques

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If you are looking for other online piano lessons that incorporate a game-like element to their teaching style, then you might want to take a look at Skoove. You will never have a dull time while learning the piano ever again through this online course! 

Is Skoove as great as other online piano lessons? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Is it worth investing in? Find out in this best online piano learning apps review.

What Is Skoove & How Does It Work?

Skoove is an online piano lesson that aims to help students learn the piano from the comforts of their own home. Similar to other piano lessons like Playground Sessions and Flowkey, this online course incorporates a game-like feel to the way they teach piano, which makes it entertaining and interactive. This feature encourages its student base to keep learning, as they infuse fun at it.

It is a revolutionary program that allows you to connect your electric or MIDI keyboard to play their lessons. It can also utilize your device’s microphone if you are using an acoustic or grand piano so you can easily compare notes. 

Who Is Skoove Suitable For?

This online piano course designed its lessons for beginners ages 12 and up and younger students as long as they are under the supervision of their parents or coach. 

The lessons are set up to be a great foundation for new learners. The lectures include tips that they can definitely use as they progress to intermediate and even advanced lessons. 

What Makes Skoove Unique?

One thing that sets Skoove apart from others is the in-depth beginner lessons they give. They start with piano fundamentals and music theory. Afterward, they give students with popular songs that are modified to fit their skill level.

Another thing that makes it unique is its availability on all platforms. This includes PC, MAC, iOS and Android. It also allows you to play either acoustic or electric pianos and keyboards and lets you connect your electric or MIDI keyboard to it via USB. 

Additionally, it lets you utilize your device’s microphone for instant feedback as you play the notes displayed on the screen. However, many students complain about how this feature as it slows down their progress due to laggy feedback.

Despite this, Skoove is constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their content and platform by always updating their lessons and adding bonus videos and songs for students to learn.

Who Created Skoove?

Florian Plenge

Learnfield GmBH with Florian Plenge as the head, crowd-funded this project to make what Skoove it is today. Based in Berlin, Germany, the small but growing independent company has been featured in many magazines for their significant contributions to the world of music learning.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

The lessons in this program often use sections of popular songs for the lessons. Each video lesson is split into two screens, with the top being sheet music and the bottom being the positioning of your hands on the piano.

Get to know the song

So what is in the curriculum? If you are interested in the content of the lessons involved then you are in luck because this is exactly what we are going to find out in this Skoove piano lessons review.

Currently, this online piano lesson has over 19 courses and 300 videos! That does not end there, as this course regularly updates their content to ensure that their students always have something new to look forward to.

Piano Beginner 1, 2 and 3

Piano Beginner

This section of the course is for those who have had no previous experience in playing the piano. It tackles the fundamentals of piano playingall the things you will need to play a song and progress to more complicated lessons. Here is a quick overview of the lessons included:

  • Piano Beginners 1 – This section teaches you the proper posture while playing the piano. It also gives students a lesson in rhythm as well as basic notations. On top of that, students who have taken this course have improved in playing the five notes (notes you can play on your five fingers) as well as the black keys.
  • Piano Beginners 2 Skoove introduces playing with two hands fairly early in their curriculum. That part of piano playing is tackled at this level. Additionally, you get to learn about new hand positions as well as additional notes.
  • Piano Beginners 3 – The third part of this section teaches you all about intervals. By the end of this lesson, you will have a couple of songs to practice and apply.

Beginner Theory: Sight Reading

Blues and Boogie

This section teaches students all about sight-reading. Despite being marketed as an optional or supplementary course, some of the topics included in this lesson are part of the fundamentals beginners must learn before proceeding. This includes notes, musical staffs and rhythm.-

Piano Songs Beginner

Piano Songs beginner

This section gives beginners with 89 songs they can use for daily practice. The songs are tailor-made by the instructors to fit the student’s current skill level.

Piano Intermediate 1, 2 and 3

Once you have your beginner lessons mastered, Skoove lets you advance onto what they call “Piano Intermediate”. The name does not indicate that the lessons included here are for intermediate level players. They are still for beginners but just a tad more difficult than the first set of lessons. Here are the lessons included in this level:

Course Piano

  • Piano Intermediate 1 – This section includes an introductory lesson to chords and key signatures. Many students notice that some of the lessons here were already mentioned in Piano Beginners. However, this section gives them more context and addresses them in detail.
  • Piano Intermediate 2 – This section teaches you all about time signatures, chords and their inventions as well as dynamics. 
  • Piano Intermediate 3 – The third part teaches students all about both major and minor scales.

Piano Songs Intermediate

This section gives intermediate level students 79 songs that they can use to practice and apply the lessons they have learned in the previous lectures. 

Playing Styles

This section of the course gives students with lectures on how to play in specific styles. Each style teaches you additional lessons about how you can modify your piano playing to make it sound like it belongs to a certain genre. The styles available are:

  • Classic Piano – Aside from teaching students how to play classical songs, the lessons in this style also help in the development of your dynamic expression.

Classic Piano

  • Pop Piano – Learning pop piano will give you plenty of popular songs to add to your growing repertoire but also teaches you how to transpose chords and play them on the piano.

Pop Piano

  • Blues & Boogie Woogie Piano – This set of lessons help you improve your playing speed and accuracy. It also helps you learn how to add playful grace notes and walking bass to your playing.

Blues and Boogie

Piano Songs Advanced

Surprisingly, advanced piano songs come after style. This section gives students with 19 songs to listen to and learn. Despite the name, the songs taught in this section are not very difficult. They are fairly intermediate when compared to other piano skill levels . These songs, much like every other song that belongs to this online course, are modified by the instructors to fit the skill level of the students they are intended for. However, to a beginner, this can be seen as advanced. 

Chords and Scales

Chords and Scales

Personally, I believe this should have been included in the Piano Intermediate lesson. The teaching style of this part also surprised me because, instead of a lecture, students are met with a lesson that is taught through song application. 

This particular part of the course teaches chords and scales in song form. To most people, this sounds fun and exciting. However, it does not seem to reiterate the importance of chords and scales as fundamental in playing the piano. 

Keyboard For Producers

Keybaord for Producers

This one is a suitable lesson for people who are looking to produce and compose their own music.Truthfully, anyone interested in harmony, advanced theory, chord voicing and progressions, modulation, Mixolydian scale and many more will also find this useful.

Aside from the courses listed above, there are other courses specifically geared to teaching you how to play other music genres, such as Movie and TV Soundtracks, Rock, Holiday music and others.

How Can I Know If Skoove Is Not A Scam?

While this online piano course does not involve famous musicians or is not proactively advertised by famous companies, I can fully say with confidence that Skoove is not a scam.

Not only do they have a very active presence online on several social media channels, including Twitter (2), YouTube (3), Instagram (4) and Facebook (5). They also offer a free trial of their first 3 lessons (6) so you can see if their course is the right fit for you before committing and buying the premium version.

The company has been around since 2014 and has been in service the entire time, making improvements to their course as well as their website and mobile applications throughout the years.

Skoove Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials

Now let us take a look at some reviews about this online piano course from one of the most critical places on the internet: Reddit.

Skoove Testimonial1According to a Reddit user from this thread (7).

Skoove Testimonial2According to a Reddit user from this thread (8).

According to a Reddit user from this thread (9).

They also have some of their students tagging them on their official Twitter to talk about their experience using the program.


However, just like any other online course, not all the reviews for Skoove are positive.

Skoove Testimonial6

According to a user on this thread (10).

Video Reviews & Results
Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

For Skoove, I will give a rating of 3/5.

I think this way of learning the piano – turning it into a game-like experience – is a good call for the company. It generates even more interest and hooks a lot of people to the courses into learning the piano. Aside from that, it also makes piano lessons more affordable and easier to access for people who cannot leave their home or simply do not have a lot of extra time in their day to commit to piano lessons.

I like Skoove for their seemingly genuine desire to spread the joy of playing the piano to as many people as they can. Their recent decision of making several courses free makes them appear empathetic and sympathetic towards the lot of us who are trapped inside during this trying time. If you visit their YouTube channel, there are lots of free song tutorials that you can access as well. All these qualities add up to the image of a company who genuinely wants people to learn the piano.

However, the thing that bothers me about Skoove and their online piano lessons is the fact that a lot of them tend to glaze or even skip over the basics of piano and music theory. This kind of disregard for the essentials of piano playing can make it harder for beginners to improve, especially when they decide to get their piano coach.

Still, Skoove is constantly updating its content as well as its applications and website. Hopefully, in the future, we will see some more detail in music theory and techniques, as well as a revamp in beginner lessons to give a more stable foundation for pianists who are only starting.

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