Superior Singing Method Review 2022: Does It Actually Work?

Superior Singing Method Reviews

If you are looking for affordable lessons that will teach you how to improve your voice then this online singing course is your best bet. However, while this course can provide help to anyone who has the will to study religiously on their own, it could use some improvements. The use of visual aids and an improved camera presence would make this course much more comprehensive.


Course Outline

The lessons are comprehensive and easy to understand, and the videos are of high quality. It lacks visual aids and, as an instructor, Aaron Anastasi is pretty dry.


Value for Money

For an affordable price and lifetime access, the Superior Singing Method, along with all the content included, plus bonuses is a decent investment for your money.


This online singing course, like others of its kind, is compatible with many different platforms for easy access.


Student Feedback

Some student comments sing praises to the pedagogy of Aaron Anastasi and how he makes singing simple for beginners, others do not seem convinced by the results because of his voice.

  • Covers all important vocal techniques
  • Course is affordable considering the number of lessons included
  • Payment plan if you cannot afford paying the full price up front
  • 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Lots of bonus content
  • Has a questions and suggestions section after each lesson
  • A “Members Section” that helps you connect with fellow singers
  • No visual aids
  • Aaron Anastasi’s camera presence is not very engaging

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If you are a self-taught singer, chances are that you have attempted to research many online singing courses. Now, I bet you are here for a detailed Superior Singing Method review and are probably wondering; does Superior Singing Method work? 

Whether you are here to find out what is included in this online singing lesson or if it really works, or simply curious about what people have to say about the Superior Singing Method, let us dive right in.

What Is The Superior Singing Method & How Does It Work?

This is a fairly popular online singing course created for aspiring singers who are interested in studying vocal techniques and styles on their own. The course spans for sixty days or eight weeks of lessons, exercises, and vocal warm-ups created to help improve the vocal prowess of anyone who avails the product. 

This online course is composed of eight modules along with two bonus modules and four supplementary courses tailor-made for male and female singers of all levels.

Who Is the Superior Singing Method Suitable For?

For aspiring singers of all levels. 

The detailed curriculum starts off simple and easy to follow for those who have only started in improving their singing skills. It then progresses further to refine the style and techniques of intermediate learners, teaching exercises and helpful warm-ups that will improve the way they vocalize. 

Finally, the added bonuses, which are plenty for this course, have useful advice for novice to advanced learners. They contain career-specific tips like how to market yourself as a singer, performance advice, and many more.

What Makes The Superior Singing Method Unique?

Aaron Anastasi’s online singing course is unique for a few reasons.

First, while a lot of online singing courses cover basic to intermediate techniques and then leave it at that, the Superior Singing Method pushes further. It continues above and beyond by providing useful career advice and performance tips for the advanced singer who might be looking for advice on how to proceed in their professional career. 

The modules in this course are helpfully separated to benefit either male or female singers, not ignoring the fact that the pitch and tone of voice are different for each gender. 

Secondly, every time you finish the daily lesson, you are allowed into a special section where you can ask Aaron Anastasi any question you might have for the lesson you just finished and be guaranteed an answer. 

Last but definitely not the least, this course does not only have amazing customer service but it also has a helpful members section that becomes accessible to you once you avail the course and logs in. 

In this section, you will have access to a community of professionals and fellow students who have chosen to learn under this online singing course.

Who Created The Superior Singing Method?

The Superior Singing Method is created by Aaron Anastasi who graduated from his Master’s Degree at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is an entrepreneur, producing several online courses, with the Superior Singing Method being the most popular.

Aside from being an actor and a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, he is also a prominent author with his book The Voice of Your Dreams dominating Amazon’s Top 100 in its first week of sales. 

As a professional singer with around 20 years of experience under his belt, Anastasi is someone who developed his singing voice from scratch. Because of this, he has the unique ability to empathize with his students. You can read more about him here (1).

What Does the Program Consists Of?

The program is divided into eight modules, with each one containing six video lessons for you to work on one day at a time. Along with each lesson is an exercise that you are highly encouraged to do so you get to practice what you have learned from the video lessons.


Module 1: Warm Up Exercises
For the first week, you will learn one to two exercises each day to help you improve your vocalization. These exercises are helpful in the following weeks as you progress through the entire course.

Module 2: Breath Management
In the second week, Anastasi introduces Appoggio, an Italian singing technique that focuses on breath support. While it is a rather controversial singing technique because breathing means differently for different people, he provides you with exercises that will help you breathe better while you are singing.

Module 3: Vocal Tone
The third week is especially useful for those who sing with a rather nasal tone. Anastasi helps you deviate from a nasal voice and gradually improve your tone to a fuller one.

Module 4: Pitch
In the fourth week, Anastasi talks about the pitch and all the factors you need to understand in order to keep improving it throughout your singing lessons. He goes over the more technical aspect of it such as sliding, muscle memory, and avoiding mumbling when you talk.

Module 5: Power and Resonance
In the fifth week, you will find that having a powerful voice is not always about volume but instead a better utilization of your chest voice; this is what Anastasi teaches, along with correct tongue placement. He also introduced a bunch of new exercises that better improve your voice from this point onwards.

Module 6: High Notes and Mix
In the sixth week, he goes about training your high notes and using your mixed voice. For intermediate singers, this is the most useful part of the course. Many intermediate-level singers find themselves enamored with this part.

 Module 7: Vocal Agility
In the seventh week, he gives you some very interesting exercises to train your vocal agility with scales and notes that jump around. This type of training proves effective for anyone who wants to have better vocal coordination and balance.

Module 8: Advanced Strengthening and Techniques
In the last week of the course, Anastasi provides lessons in various techniques such as falsetto, vibrato, as well as tips in strengthening your chest and head voice. 

Bonus Modules
The Superior Singing Method ends with useful supplementary courses that come with a 124-page PDF manual that provides useful tips on how to perform better on stage, how to market your own music and sing harmony.

How Can I Know If The Superior Singing Method Is Not A Scam?

Currently, the Superior Singing Method is one of the most popular online singing courses in the market and that is for a good reason. According to the official website (2), this online singing course has helped over 200,000 singers worldwide. 

Aside from being very popular, Anastasi constantly provides free vocal exercises for those who want to learn how to sing better. The company also has a very active Facebook page (3) and a responsive and helpful customer service.

The product boasts a 60-day refund window should you ever find yourself unable to improve while going through this course.

Superior Singing Method Real Unbiased Text and Video Testimonials

Many people wonder if the Superior Singing Method actually works and all over the internet, there are people who affirm that this online singing course has helped them in their vocal endeavors. Take for example this Quora thread (4).

In more critical places like Reddit, specifically this thread (5), people who have taken the course previously also have positive things to say.

Video Reviews & Results

Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

All in all, I rate Aaron Anastasi’s Superior Singing Method a 3.8/5.

The course is comprehensive and easy to follow so beginners would not have to worry about getting lost or become overwhelmed by the study material included. The knowledge shared through the Superior Singing Method also covers a wide range of information that simply helps and continues to help singers even in the intermediate and advanced stages of their training. 

Additionally, the amount of bonuses and exercises in this course truly gives you the best bang for your buck.

Like most online courses, it lacks the personal touch of a vocal teacher coaching you live in a studio. But the questions section, as well as the active community, gives you that needed interaction that makes for a great learning environment.

However, there is certainly a need for a revamp on the video lessons included in this online singing course. The way they are taught is rather dry and makes for a dull and rather boring learning session.

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