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The lessons for The Vocalist Studio’s The Four Pillars of Singing are In-depth and scientific, if not a little too much. Still, teaching an ever-expanding list of lessons, warm-ups and vocal exercises, this is undeniably one of the top online singing courses to date for an affordably low price! Robert’s very active presence online creates an image of an approachable coach.


Course Outline

The course is actually extremely detailed, in-depth and scientific but there are plenty of terminologies that might be confusing to beginners.


Value for Money

For one payment and lifetime access to over 500+ hours of video and audio lessons, exercises, and warm-ups that are constantly improving over time? This online singing course has one of the best value for your money.


The Vocalist Studio’s packages are not only available digitally and online but you also get a physical copy of the book depending on the package you select. Learn singing anywhere, anytime.


Student Feedback

One of the most active communities in terms of online singing courses, it is extremely easy to find positive student feedback.

  • Covers all important vocal techniques
  • Course is affordable considering the number of lessons included
  • Payment plan if you cannot afford paying the full price up front
  • 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Lots of bonus content
  • Has a questions and suggestions section after each lesson
  • A “Members Section” that helps you connect with fellow singers
  • No visual aids
  • Aaron Anastasi’s camera presence is not very engaging

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As a best-selling author, Robert Lunte has written the book The Four Pillars of Singing. Now, using the methods he has discussed in his book, he created an intense, detailed online singing course for anyone interested in developing their voice. 

In this online singing lesson review, we will take a deep look into what Lunte’s online singing course has to offer, and if it truly deserves a top spot in the long list of singing workshops online.

What Is The Vocalist Studio & How Does It Work?

The Vocalist Studio is an online singing course produced by Robert Lunte, a best-selling author and vocal coach. The courses offered on his website revolve around his book: The Four Pillars of Singing boasts an in-depth explanation of singing techniques that will make you an amazing singer.

With over 500+ hours of high-definition video and audio recordings that teach students how to sing, The Vocalist Studio is every bit as internationally renowned as it claims to be. It also comes with quizzes and interesting exercises, books and even live coaching sessions with Robert Lunte himself.  

Who Is The Vocalist Studio Suitable For?

According to many reviews and testimonials online, The Vocalist Studio has helped them with improving their vocal abilities. The scientific and detailed approach to different vocal techniques and styles promised and delivered good results.

However, others claim that the lessons are better suited for intermediate learners.

Lunte uses a lot of technical terms he has derived from his book: The Four Pillars of Singing. Because of this, some have thought that perhaps the terms used can be quite hard to grasp for people who are only starting to learn the basics in singing.

What Makes The Vocalist Studio Unique?

One reason is that it is based on his book: The Four Pillars of Singing. This ensures that the techniques and lessons have been thoroughly researched and come from a scientific perspective. From the selection of packages on his website, there is an ebook or even a signed physical copy of his hardbound book that you can use for reference as you go through his lessons.

Another thing that sets this online singing course apart is the extremely personal approach towards both customers and potential customers alike. Robert Lunte has “connecting with his audiences” down pat. Not only is he extremely active in forums, responding to customers and queries, but his website also boasts a Live Chat option that connects you to Lunte directly.

How many online singing courses allow you to do this? Not a lot, that is for sure.

Depending on the package you get, you would also qualify for 1-3 private singing lessons with Robert Lunte live or via Skype, whichever is more convenient for you.

Last but not least, despite the already massive amount of content that you can access in just one payment, the company constantly adds more content for you to access over time. 

There is never a shortage when it comes to this online singing course.

Who Created The Vocalist Studio?

Robert Lunte is the owner and founder of The Vocalist Studio which is an internationally recognized voice training school based in Seattle. The book that he had authored: The Four Pillars of Singing has had over 10,000 sales and the method he used in his book is practiced in 175 countries.

He is a vocal coach with a passion to teach and improve his student’s voices through his own unique and detailed method. 

The Vocalist Studio is highly based off of his book and has received accolades as one of the most intricate and comprehensive online singing courses to date.

What Does the Program Consist Of?

It consists of over 500+ hours of video and audio content.

That is roughly around 170 videos teaching you how to sing better!

The lessons come with fun quizzes that you can do to improve your knowledge on top of your skills. The videos are also broken down into two categories: lectures, where Robert explains his theories and techniques and training, where you go through a series of activities to apply the lessons you will be learning from his lectures.

Depending on the package you select, you will receive an ebook copy or even a signed physical copy of his book: The Four Pillars of Singing which is the basis of his training regimen. 

Let us take a quick look at the available packages:

For a single payment, you get lifetime access to the course’s ever-expanding arsenal of lessons and bonus content. 

You might be asking, what are the contents of Robert Lunte’s course? Worry not, in this Four Pillars of Singing review, we will go through a brief overview of the course.

Preparing For Your Study and Training

From the moment you log into the course, you will find an overview of the lessons you will take under this course. Think of it as similar to a new student’s orientation.

Techniques and Myth-Busting

Here, Lunte begins to teach you about singing techniques and debunks all the myths that surround singing so you can start your training with a fresh mind and perspective.

The Vocalist Studio Methodology

In this module, Lunte connects his unique teaching style as well as his theories to his book, The Four Pillars of singing. He teaches students about bridging their vocal registers, specialized onsets, vocal modes, and siren, eventually going on to give onset training and exercises.

Onset Lectures

With the help of visual aids, Robert discusses the 8 specialized onsets he has developed. Each one has its own special function that helps develop your vocal strength and solve certain vocal issues a singer might face during training.

Step-by-Step Workflows

Here, Lunte goes even deeper into his onsets and divides them efficiently into smaller workflows. This helps any student who has a hard time understanding the onset concepts the ability to digest them properly, ensuring clear understanding.

Amplification Training

Students learn how to utilize the hardware, microphones, amplifiers and other equipment that singers might need during performances.

Vocal Range Training

The most sought-after aspect of singing is increasing one’s vocal range. Here, Robert Lunte helps his students increase their range without hurting their vocal cords in the process.

Looking at these screenshots, it is clear that the course uses a lot of terminologies that might not make sense to beginners but, with the aid of his book, Robert Lunte has developed quite a unique and interesting course that will help anyone with the drive and passion to learn to become the singer they have always wanted to become.

Is The Vocalist Studio A Reputable Online Singing Course? (Not A Scam)

According to The Vocalist Studio’s website, almost 17,000 have gone through this online singing course. The company, as well as Lunte himself, is very active on the internet which means there are plenty of testimonials online. To top it off, it is fairly easy to get in contact with Robert Lunte himself if you have any other questions. 

His book: The Four Pillars of Singing is also available on Amazon (1) which makes you eligible for buyer protection should you ever decide to purchase his book.

The Vocalist Studio Unbiased Text And Video Testimonials:

Here are a few helpful reviews for The Vocalist Studio:

The Four Pilat Testimony2

The Four Pilat Testimony3

According to the testimonials on The Vocalist Studio’s website. (2)

There are plenty of other testimonials (3) on his website along with several on their Facebook page (4) and in a forum (5), where Robert Lunte even provides feedback to one of his students. Of course, not a single online singing course goes without criticism. This Reddit thread (6) cracks down on Robert Lunte’s use of technical terms and singing voice:

Video Review & Results


Our Rating:

My Final Verdict

I rate Robert Lunte’s The Vocalist Studio: The Four Pillars of Singing 4.5/5.

With the long and still expanding list of lessons and exercise, there is no doubt that this online singing course is a progressive one. The pricing is fair considering all the course inclusions. The teaching method is unique, scientific, and extremely detailed.

Another impressive thing about The Vocalist Studio is its attention to customer relations and customer service. There is truly something…human…about the way they handle their business with students that gives Robert Lunte’s online singing classes its extra charm.

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