What Are TREBLE CLEF Notes? How To Use & Draw Them

By James  •  Updated August 24, 2022

Treble ClefAs you begin to learn sheet music, you will encounter two types of clefs: the treble clef and the bass clef. Both clefs are necessary for knowing the pitch of the notes written on the staff. 

In this article, we will learn about the treble clef as well as tips on how to draw it.

What Is A Treble Clef?


This image above is a G-Clef (1). When illustrated, a G-Clef looks like a stylized letter G. When a G-Clef is placed on the second line of the staff (second from the bottom), it becomes a treble clef.


The treble clef is used when writing high pitched music. Musical instruments that are high pitched, such as the flute, violin, and even the guitar, are written in the treble clef. For instruments that use the grand staff like harps and keyboard instruments, the treble clef is used for the upper staff. Its purpose is to display all the high-pitched notes that are usually played by the right hand. 

Treble Clef Notes

Now that we know what G-clef looks liken and how it is used, it is time to take a look at the notes on its staff.

As you know from our beginner’s guide on how to read sheet music, each line and space on a staff represents a note. To make these notes easier to read, they are often written down as letters.

For the treble clef, the notes are as follows:

staff represents a noteStarting from the bottom, we have E on the first line. It is followed by F on the first space, G on the second line, A on the second space, B on the third line, C on the third space, D on the fourth line, E on the fourth space, and F on the fifth line. 

To many musicians, separating the notes on the line and the ones on the spaces make them easier to remember. Additionally, we can use mnemonics in order to remember the order of the letters on the staff. 

Treble Clef Line Notes

Treble Clef Line NotesThe notes on a treble clef’s lines are E, G, B, D, and F. If you would like to find out where these notes are on the piano, you can check our complete keyboard layout

Musicians use the mnemonic “Every Good Boy Does Fine” in order to remember it easier.

Treble Clef Space Notes

The notes on a treble clef’s spaces are F, A, C, and E. Unlike the notes on the line, there are no mnemonics used for this. It simply reads “Face”, as this is what the notes spell. 

Tip: An easy way to remember where to put a G-Clef on staff to turn it into a treble clef is by finding the line where the G-note is located. 

How to Draw The Treble Clef Sign?

Drawing the treble clef does not require any artistic skill. Here are top tips on how you can land the perfect G. 

Step 1:

Draw a filled circle about a line below the left side of the staff.

Draw The Treble Clef SignStep 2:

From the circle, make a curved line from under it and draw a slightly curved S-shape through the entire staff. Make sure that the end of this line reaches about a line above the staff.

curved S-shapeStep 3:

From the tip of the line on step 2, draw a hook facing right. Make sure that the curve at the bottom of the hook does not go past the last line of the staff. The tip of the hook must also not go past the second line of the staff.

second line of the staffStep 4:

For the final step, swirl the end of the hook into the curve to form a spiral. Make sure that the end of the spiral goes a bit past the second line of the staff but not touch the bottom of the hook. 

form a spiralAnd there you have it! That’s how easy it is to draw a G-clef on a staff. Now, you can start writing music for a high-pitched instrument and complete the first half of the music written on a grand staff.

Final Words

By now, you should be able to tell the difference between a G-clef and a treble clef and know their respective uses in music. Knowing all this makes it easier for you to improve your journey in music learning. 

As you possibly have experienced, many beginners think that reading sheet music and learning all the elements can seem intimidating. Some of them are put off by the idea of knowing all the notes and familiarizing all of them just to play music.  

But with guides and tutorials like this, one can guarantee to learn a thing or two about notes that are helpful to them at some point. Even a few tips on drawing treble clef notes can be very beneficial. 

Pair that with a good set of lessons, lots of practice, and dedication, anything is possible!

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